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How Sephora Compares: A Digital Audit


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Digital audit of Sephora's current website, and social media platforms. All aspects have been benchmarked against current competitors digital presence. Recommendations available on how to close the gap between current state and desired state.

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How Sephora Compares: A Digital Audit

  1. 1. Sephora Audit Sephora logo vector free download. (2015, October 21). Retrieved April 03, 2018, from
  2. 2. Discovering the Business Objectives of Sephora Sephora is a chain of high-quality cosmetics stores, and a significant digital presence allows this company to communicate a prestige image, actively advertise new products, and quickly resolve customer complaints. The cosmetics industry is all about appearance, and the purpose of Sephora’s digital marketing presence is to build a brand reputation of beauty, elegance, and self-expression. Major competitors such as Shoppers Drug Mart and the Hudson’s Bay Company also sell a wide-variety of beauty products, but Sephora aims to differentiate itself in the digital realm through major celebrity endorsements such as Rihanna, eye-catching posts, and trendier products. Sephora also carries a distinct focus on its cosmetics products across all platforms, while competitors often lack a clear focus in this area. Sephora’s digital presence allows the company to boost online sales, and also advertise the brand’s image to promote future in-store visits. Photo Source: Makeup. (n.d.). Retrieved April 03, 2018, from
  3. 3. Target Market 3 Sephora’s Primary Target Market is: - Women - Under 34 years of age - No kids - More than high school education - Income under $20,000 or over $125,000 (US Dollars) - Interested in cosmetic products, use multiple daily à seek out - Care about their appearance, follow trends Sephora’s Secondary Target Market is: - Men between 20 and 40 years of age - Women between 35 and 50 years of age - Income over $40,000 (US Dollars) - Looking for quality and a variety of cosmetic products - Interested in cosmetics, use on at least a weekly basis Information from: Sephora Shopper Insights and Demographics. (n.d.). Retrieved April 03, 2018, from
  4. 4. Target Market – Competition 4 Sephora’s Primary Competition is: Sephora’s Secondary Target Market is: Main Competitors: Hudson’s Bay, other ‘High-End’ Department Stores, Shoppers Drug Mart - One stop shop for all high-end beauty needs (makeup, hair, perfume, skin) - Attracts customers looking for quality/higher end products in one place - These competitors all sell other products from clothes to groceries à are still the top of mind location for high end beauty needs - All offer online purchase options (although Shoppers Drug Mart has less online options), and have social media accounts with beauty focused posts to show a variety of brands - Attracts a more mature consumer, interested in a majority of products Secondary Competitors: MAC Cosmetics, NYX, Independent Beauty Suppliers - Destination for certain products (high-end), only sell makeup NOT skin or hair products - Attracts a younger consumer, or consumers focused on the ‘art’ of makeup - Offers products online through their website, and advertises through social media accounts, focusing on the unique new products offered
  5. 5. An In-Depth Analysis of Sephora’s Website Sephora’s website has a total engagement rate of 24.68 million, with a bounce rate of 33.31%. Out of this total traffic 84.12% is organic traffic whereas the remaining 15.88% is paid traffic. In terms of page speed, is ranked in the fastest third of all pages, and typically outperforms its competitors in both speed and optimization . Mobile Desktop Sephora Hudson’s Bay Shoppers Information received from ://,
  6. 6. Analyzing traffic by countries, maximum traffic is experienced in the United States (65.84%) followed by Canada (14.27%). Among traffic sources, traffic that is generated directly to the website is highest (49.87%) followed by traffic from search entries (33.30%). The other traffic sources are referrals, social media, displays and mail in this order. While generating the majority of their website users directly is a positive sign, Sephora may look to improve its social traffic by creating even more interactive posts, with calls to action to visit their site. Where Are Sephora’s Website Users Located? Information received from: 6
  7. 7. A Quick Analysis Of Sephora’s Checkout Process Shopping is made easier on with the help of Sephora’s shopping basket. The Checkout on is a four step customer- friendly process. Firstly the website will ask you to login to your account after which you have to enter your delivery details. Once this is done, you can confirm the items in your shopping basket and choose your desired payment method – credit/debit/PayPal. This checkout feature does not appear to be a major differentiator in this industry, but the speed and optimization of Sephora’s website makes this process convenient for customers. Website users are able to sign in, register, track their order, or find a store by clicking the top right portion of the main landing page. In contrast, Shoppers “find a store” feature is buried at the bottom of their site, making it difficult for customers to find this information. Photo Source: Makeup. (n.d.). Retrieved April 03, 2018, from 7
  8. 8. Sephora’s Social Media - Twitter 2,395,412 FOLLOWERS 101,215 TWEETS Sephora posts an average of 52 tweets per day. In the last 30 days, Sephora has tweeted 1,833 times. The most engaging hashtags used by Sephora in the last 30 days are #SephoraSkincare & #Dior. Sephora’s followers on Twitter are following an upward trend resulting in almost about 2.4 million total followers. Sephora is quick with their responses whenever mentioned, showing a higher B2C engagement, almost every tweet includes a link and a supporting visual. Shoppers Drug Mart has 75,434 followers, Hudson Bay has 157,034 followers and Mac Cosmetics has 1.50 million followers. Information received from:,, 8
  9. 9. Sephora’s Social Media - Instagram 9 Sephora’s Instagram page has a variety of bright pictures and videos: On pictures there are shoppable links to products featured in the post Over 14 million followers on main verified account – also accounts by country • Typically reach over 40k likes per post, 4-6 posts per day • Informal captions, lots of hashtags, emojis and tagging @Sephora or where the post was regrammed from Most photo’s are reposts by social influencers, or specific product brands High interaction with comments and responses Photo source: Sephora Instagram Account: @Sephora
  10. 10. Competitor’s Social Media - Instagram 10 Photo source: Hudson Bay Instagram Account: @hudsonbay Shopper’s Drugmart Instagram Account: @shoppersdrugmartofficial MAC Cosmetics Instagram Account: @maccosmetics Primary Competitions Instagram page has a dimmer appearance, with mainly pictures but some videos, more formal captions: • Hudson’s Bay: Mix of products in posts (beauty, clothes, Bay collection, etc) • Only shoppable links on clothing posts • One account with 150K+ followers, typically over 400 likes per post, mainly original content generated by Hudson’s Bay, 1 post a day • Shoppers: Mainly beauty products featured in posts • On some pictures there are shoppable link’s to products featured in the post • One account with 95K+ followers, typically over 400 likes per post, mainly original content generated by Shopper’s, 1 post a day Secondary Competition Mac Cosmetics has bright colourful posts: • Informal captions, use hash tags, tag, regram posts • 17 + M followers, 35K plus likes per post, 3-6 posts per day
  11. 11. 17.4 million likes and followers Accessible direct link to Sephora website Contact information is visible and the customer support service is fast and responsive 1 post in 1-2 days All post have visuals (images or videos) Sephora’s Social Media - Facebook The primary goal of Facebook for Sephora is to offer a forum for discussions of beauty — it's a place to discover products, find inspiration and discover beauty tips. Photo source: Sephora Official Facebook Page
  12. 12. Competitors' Social Media - Facebook Clear leader by likes, followers and engagements - Large number of “beauty junkies” prefer Sephora over its main competitors Shoppers and Hudson Bay Higher Engagement– number of shares and comments, still relatively low Sephora Canada’s Twitter Account does not have great stats in comparison to their main account especially in comparision with the competition #1 #2 #3 Information from Information from 12
  13. 13. Social Media - YouTube YouTube is a strong platform for Sephora due to the younger target market they reach (mainly under 25), Sephora has over 970,000 subscribers, post a video every other day on average Sephora’s YouTube channel has many “How To” videos, from how to use different products, how to choose products, how to prep your skins or do your hair and so on Competition such as Shoppers Drug Mart only has 7,000 subscribers, post once a month and Hudson’s Bay has under 2,000 with some beauty “How To” videos, no recent posts Information from Share of Subscribers Share of Interactions 13
  14. 14. Sephora’s Paid Digital Advertising SVP of Marketing at Sephora, said that “generally their digital catalog reaches people 20 times better than the print version” (“Sephora Mastered In-Store Sales By Investing in Data and Cutting-Edge Technology”, Johnson 2017) Sephora uses paid advertising for Google ads, Facebook and Instagram sponsored ads 84% of all traffic reaching Sephora’s website is through organic searches the other 16% reaches their website through clicking on paid advertisements Photo source: Sephora Official Facebook Page Information from: 14
  15. 15. Sephora’s Promoted Posts vs. Competitors Statistics Instagram Last Month Ratio of organic posts to promoted is similar to the competitors’ Promoted efficiency does not stand out from the competition – space to improve Facebook Last Month Less active page posting relative to competitors Heavier concentration on promoted posts Outstanding promoted efficiency Information from
  16. 16. Discovering the Gap Analysis for Sephora Sephora’s Current State • Sephora’s utilizes Facebook and YouTube to its full advantage, hosting live Q&As and providing calls to action through a link to the company’s online stores. • While their response rate is quick on both Instagram and Twitter, these posts are simply not as engaging as their interactive Facebook content. • Sephora’s website makes ordering a product incredibly easy, and a four-step customer friendly process complements an incredibly fast website. Sephora’s Desired State • Sephora’s Facebook posts are leading-edge, and the company would greatly benefit from holding their posts on other platforms to the same standard. • Regrams generate buzz on Instagram, but there are significantly less tutorials, Q&As, and calls to action to purchase the product. • Twitter posts often mimic the company’s Instagram posts, and providing more unique content to each platform would allow the company to tailor its posts to each audience. 16Photo Source: Official Twitter Account
  17. 17. Strategic Recommendations for Sephora information received from Photo Source: Makeup. (n.d.). Retrieved April 03, 2018, from Individual Strategy • Optimization on the desktop site is currently low, and Sephora should look to create additional displays to showcase popular products on the landing page. • A larger focus towards Facebook would allow Sephora to attract a more mature audience with significant disposable income. • Twitter and Facebook will be important accounts to maintain as some of their target market customers age and revert back to these accounts, do not want to lose these customers because you only target younger customers when products can be used at any age. • Sephora should look at better maintaining or getting rid of their country specific social media accounts as they are not maintained as well as their primary account. 17