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Out Of The Tunnel


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A slideshare featuring a lesson to all regarding what might appear bizarre has many reasons and causes behind it. I will leave it to you to grade this slideshare.
By the way, a very nice piece of music accompanies this show; Music: Rakhmaninov

Out Of The Tunnel

  1. 1. by Chiqita Out Of The Tunnel
  2. 3. On board a train and in one of its compartments sat an elderly man and next to him by the window, sat his son, a young man of about 25 years old.
  3. 5. Sharing the same train compartment was another couple, a man and his wife.
  4. 7. As the train whistled and the engine started to gain speed, the young man appeared happy and excited and while glaring out of the window, exclaimed:-
  5. 8. The father smiled and nodded in confirmation to his son’s outburst remark. “ Look Dad, look the trees are moving behind our train.”
  6. 10. The other couple listened to the dialogue that took place between father and son and found it a bit odd. How can a 25 year old man act so childish. Then suddenly the young man, unable to control his excitement, said:-
  7. 11. “ Look, Dad, at the clouds up above, they are traveling with our train.” The couple continued to be astonished and at the same time disturbed to the bizarre dialogue shared between father and son.
  8. 13. Then it started to rain and the young man stuck his hands outside the train window and uttered a scream: -
  9. 14. “ Dad! It’s raining and the rain droplets are touching my hand, Look!”
  10. 15. At that point the couple could no longer contain themselves and whispered to the old man advising him to seek a specialized doctor’s advice.
  11. 16. As the train emerged from the dark, obscure tunnel to the bright sunlight, the father said: -
  12. 17. “ We just came from the doctor’s clinic where he removed my son’s bandages. Today is the first time in his life to be able to see."
  13. 18. The End Music: Rahmaninov