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Feedback from Sessions


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Feedback from Sessions

  1. 1. Recommendation from Lynn Erickson Author & International Consultant Concept Based Curriculum & Instruction “Chris is an excellent presenter. He organizes presentation materials so the messages are clear to his audiences. He speaks fluently and watches his audience to monitor their understanding. His upbeat personality and ability to relate to his audience make him a popular presenter. He has a strong background in both teaching and leadership positions and I recommend him highly as conference or workshop presenter for anyone who wishes to further their work with concept- based curriculum and instruction models.”
  2. 2. Recommendation: Sandra Wesson, Choice Program District Manager, School District of Palm Beach County “Due to the exceptional level of expertise and leadership demonstrated by Chris Overhoff in the work he has done within our school district as well as his accomplishments as a consultant and professional development leader nationally and internationally, I highly recommend Chris to any educational organization working to meet the goal of increasing teacher capacity leading to student success. Chris is an expert in all facets of concept based curriculum and instruction/assessment and since this is the curriculum framework for all IB programmes, he has successfully worked with teachers and administrators to improve fidelity of implementation of IB programmes for the last six years. His outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, knowledge and expertise for all areas of teaching and learning, and innovative presentation techniques all contribute to Chris being a huge asset for any organization that he serves.”
  3. 3. Recommendation: Dr. Sudha Govindswamy Sunder Curriculum Review at the International Baccalaureate “Chris is a dynamic and enthusiastic concept-based curriculum workshop trainer. Teachers enjoyed working with Chris and the workshop conducted by Chris was very thought provoking and interesting. I recommend Chris as a capable and knowledgeable colleague for concept based workshops.”
  4. 4. Recommendation: Michael Malnati Independent Educational Consultant, Colorado “Chris is a dynamic workshop leader. He has a passion for education, and he understands the need for quality professional development that leads to authentic professional growth for workshop participants. It is always a pleasure to work with Chris.”
  5. 5. Recommendation June 2014: Louann Bensinger Curriculum Specialist, Midland Public Schools Central Office “This PD (training) received our highest rating ever and with the strongest compliments of all PDs we have offered. Many of our teachers stated that it was the best training they had EVER attended ANYWHERE.”
  6. 6. Recent Participant Testimonial “Chris Overhoff created an inviting learning environment. He used inquiry to facilitate our learning. We were able to experience what our children experience. He was very understanding of our “low level” knowledge. We felt safe sharing our opinions with him and the rest of the class. He was well versed in the material and easily conveyed his knowledge. He was very friendly and kind.”
  7. 7. Recent Participant Testimonial “Excellent discussion and Chris made us do the thinking instead of just lecturing!”
  8. 8. Recent Participant Testimonial “Great instructional model, fantastic communicator and group facilitator, very friendly and patient, expert in linking to many aspects of current research.”
  9. 9. Recent Participant Testimonial “Chris modeled everything a good teacher would do in a classroom. The pacing was excellent, the materials were spot on, and I left the session inspired to teach.”