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Target Corporation


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How target has marketed itself to the top.

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Target Corporation

  1. 1. TARGET CORPORATION Team Invictus Josie Clark Chris Hirschman Arlene Padilla Kathy Ring Esther Vittini
  2. 2. ON TARGET 350,000 Employees 65 Billion in Sales 301767 Stores Million Guest
  3. 3. ON TARGET Business Model Philosophy Marketing Experience Innovators Rowley, L. (2003). On Target: How the Worlds Hottest Retailer Hit a Bulls-Eye
  4. 4. ON TARGET Guest Household income: $64K 43% Children at home 57% College graduates Median age: 43
  5. 5. ON TARGET Marketing Branding Experience Innovators
  6. 6. ON TARGET
  7. 7. ON TARGET
  8. 8. ON TARGET Target Mission Unique Competition
  9. 9. ON TARGET Defining Target Great value Community Diversity Environment
  10. 10. ON TARGET Money Maker Preferred shopping destination Continuous innovation Exceptional guest experience Brand promise
  11. 11. ON TARGET Getting the Customers Pharmacy ClearRx Generic drugs Positive reputation Philanthropy Customer demand Apparel selection
  12. 12. ON TARGET Keeping the Customers Mix of stylish products Price Leadership Strong private label brands Keep in competition with Wal-Mart
  13. 13. ON TARGET Keeping the Customers Addressing demands of the customer Product and image One-stop shopping Technology
  14. 14. ON TARGET Creating Value Shopping experience Community programs Products Store layouts
  15. 15. ON TARGET Value to Deliver Registries Club Wedd Target Baby Redcard Giftcard
  16. 16. ON TARGET Current Ratio
  17. 17. ON TARGET Inventory Turnover Ratio
  18. 18. ON TARGET Total Capital Expenditures
  19. 19. ON TARGET Capital Expenditures
  20. 20. ON TARGET Conclusion “Expect More; Pay less”