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The Revelation Of The Real Accountant by The Gifted Accountant


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Accountants are not boring and monotonous bean counters with no sense of humor. They are not unfashionable and unstylish freaks without artistic taste. These are just society's stereotypes! In reality, accountants are completely different; they are extraordinary and wonderful individuals! The Gifted Accountant reveals to you: The Real Accountant!

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The Revelation Of The Real Accountant by The Gifted Accountant

  2. 2. Peopletendtocreatestereotypesvirtuallyforeverything. Accountantscouldnotbeanexceptiontothisrule. Followingaresomeofthetraitsthatsocietyattributes to... …The Stereotyped Accountant
  3. 3. The Stereotyped Accountant
  4. 4. The Stereotyped Accountant  He (or she) is a boring and monotonous bean counter with no sense of humor.  He has no prestige nor a high status.  He is an unfashionable and unstylish freak without artistic taste.  His profession is dull with no interesting or special history behind it.
  5. 5. The Gifted Accountant’s reaction and reply towards all these “beliefs”, is that… The Stereotyped Accountant
  6. 6. The Stereotyped Accountant …society’s stereotyped accountant is simply a
  7. 7. The Real Accountant
  8. 8. The real accountant The Gifted Accountant has decided to expose the falseness and hollowness of the stereotyped accountant, and reveal to the world… …THE REAL ACCOUNTANT!
  9. 9. The real accountant THE REAL ACCOUNTANT who…
  10. 10. The real accountant … has humor and wit! Hundreds of hilarious and clever jokes and anecdotes exist, which are inspired from the world of accountants… most of them created by accountants themselves!
  11. 11. The real accountant … has prestige and status! Numerous professional titles and certifications, like for example CPA, ACCA, ACA etc. put accountants to the highest and most prestigious levels among professionals.
  12. 12. The real accountant … is fashionable and has artistic taste! Accountants are pioneers of fashion as world’s first book of fashion was created by an accountant! Yes that’s right, Matthaus Schwarz (pictured), who was a German accountant, compiled the so called “Book of Clothes” between 1520 and 1560.
  13. 13. The real accountant … has a glorious and special history! The first person in history whose name we know, was an accountant named Kushim ! The name "Kushim" is recorded on the Kushim Tablet, an ancient Sumerian clay tablet recording transactions,that is now named for him. Kushim is considered to have been a record keeper who counted things for others— in short, an accountant.
  14. 14. The real accountant THE REAL ACCOUNTANT … this is who is! And the mission of The Gifted Accountant, is…
  15. 15. The mission Of The gifted accountant
  16. 16. The mission of The Gifted Accountant The Gifted Accountant has undertaken the mission…
  17. 17. The mission of The Gifted Accountant … to REVEAL, PROMOTE & PRAISE THE REAL ACCOUNTANT!
  18. 18. The mission of The Gifted Accountant
  19. 19. The mission of The Gifted Accountant by… …exhibiting his (or her) humor & wit!
  20. 20. The mission of The Gifted Accountant by… … acclaiming his qualifications & titles!
  21. 21. The mission of The Gifted Accountant by… … highlighting his elegance and taste!
  22. 22. The mission of The Gifted Accountant by… … honoring his unique & great history!
  24. 24. But who is “The Gifted Accountant”?
  25. 25. The Gifted Accountant is the brainchild of a professional accountant with artistic tendencies and creative ideas. It is an inspiration from the world of accountants…
  26. 26. The Gifted Accountant is an online store offering a wide variety of products like clothing, accessories, gifts and many more, with designs and artwork inspired from accountants’ universe. But it is also something more…
  27. 27. …it is a new, fresh and original online community, aspired to become a central point of contact, communication and expression for every accountant who is inspired by his/her profession and wishes to look at it through the lenses of art and creativity!
  28. 28. We invite you to join The Gifted Accountant in his quest for… THE REVELATION OF THE REAL YOU! Dear Fellow Accountants & Student Accountants
  29. 29.
  30. 30. “The Revelation of The Real Accountant, by The Gifted Accountant” © 2017 Christos Terzis The images used in this presentation are from the Public Domain or licensed under CC0. Certain information has been taken from Wikipedia. “The Gifted Accountant” brand name and logo are copyright protected.