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Material design

Android Material Design. New age for amazing apps.
Tips and tricks.

The 3rd Dnepropetrovsk Android Practice Leaders Community Meet-Up, that took place ob Sept 18, 2014.

Ilya Lisovoy, a true fan of mobile development and Android developer in particular, tells about:

- new android philosophy in material design

- beauty volume and shadows of UI elements

- new android views : RecyclerView, CardView, Palette

- animations and activity transition effects

The presentation will be interesting for all Android developers.

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Material design

  1. 1. Ilya Lisovoy
  2. 2. USEFUL Links Introduction to Material Material for Android Apps with material Contents
  3. 3. USEFUL Links Visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology. This is material design.
  4. 4. USEFUL Links Goals
  5. 5. USEFUL Links Material is metaphor Graphic Motion provides meaning Principles
  6. 6. USEFUL Links Motion animation
  7. 7. USEFUL Links Responsive Interaction
  8. 8. USEFUL Links Meaningful Transitions
  9. 9. USEFUL Links Delightful Details
  10. 10. USEFUL Links Style
  11. 11. USEFUL Links Color Pallete
  12. 12. USEFUL Links UI Color Application
  13. 13. USEFUL Links Typeface Roboto
  14. 14. USEFUL Links How to use font
  15. 15. USEFUL Links Flat design for icons
  16. 16. USEFUL Links Use more place for image
  17. 17. USEFUL Links More real things in material design
  18. 18. USEFUL Links Focus on main
  19. 19. USEFUL Links No effects for photo
  20. 20. USEFUL Links Scale layouts for all devices
  21. 21. USEFUL Links Metrics
  22. 22. USEFUL Links Flat and real dynamic design
  23. 23. USEFUL Links Material in android
  24. 24. USEFUL Links Apply the Material Theme
  25. 25. USEFUL Links Customize color in theme
  26. 26. USEFUL Links The material theme is only available in the Android L Developer Preview. Compatibility
  27. 27. USEFUL Links RecyclerView
  28. 28. USEFUL Links ViewHolder by default Layout manager ItemAnimator RecyclerView
  29. 29. USEFUL Links RecyclerView example
  30. 30. USEFUL Links Shadows Rounded corners Box for content CardView
  31. 31. USEFUL Links Pallete Bitmap Vibrant color (Normal, Light, Dark) Muted color (Normal, Light, Dark)
  32. 32. USEFUL Links Shadows
  33. 33. USEFUL Links Shadow evaluation
  34. 34. USEFUL Links Touch feedback Reveal effect Curved motion Activity transitions View state changes Animations
  35. 35. USEFUL Links RippleDrawable class ?android:attr/selectableItemBackground android:colorControlHighlight Touch feedback
  36. 36. USEFUL Links Touch feedback
  37. 37. USEFUL Links Activity transitions
  38. 38. USEFUL Links Material design from Google Material design for android Angular material design Apps with material design Useful links 523420/
  39. 39. Questions time
  40. 40. ilya.lisovyy Thank you for Attention id=227112207 Contact information