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Servant Leadership


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Servant Leadership

  1. 1. Cindy M. Lambeth Polk State College Management and Leadership
  2. 2. Mother Teresa—”Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person” Martin Luther King, Jr.—”Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”
  3. 3. Mother Teresa Martin Luther King, Jr. • Teaching focused on unity instead of division • Believed what he was preaching • Did not take credit for accomplishments but accepted blame for failures • Made society’s most unimportant citizens feel important • Spent her life serving others • Showed care and concerned for others • Did not seek attention
  4. 4. A servant leader will possess the following qualities and skills:  Empathy  Humility  Authenticity  Stewardship  Empowers others  Listens  Provides Direction
  5. 5. A servant leader will make everyone on the team feel important. Followers will be able to voice concerns and ideas. This type of leader does not stand over the team making demands, but stands shoulder to shoulder to subordinates. The servant leader will focus on providing the team with the necessary tools to get the job done and developing the team. While being a servant to the team, the leadership role must not be forgotten. A leader must have a clear vision that is communicated to the team. The team must be given difficult yet attainable goals. The leader must recognize and reward outstanding work and not be afraid to cut a team member who is holding the team back. A good leader will have the same expectations for every member of the team.
  6. 6. Leadership Training Smith Enterprises, Incorporated realizes the importance of our associates. Happy associates are more productive and provide better service to our customers. A high turnover rate costs the company more money than keeping veteran associates The company has decided to invest in leadership training for all managers
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