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How We Hired Our First US Employee In Two Weeks

Questions: @clementdelangue on Twitter



How We Hired Our First US Employee In Two Weeks

  1. 1. How we hired our first US employee in two weeks? Text
  2. 2. 50%of our clients in the US (GitHub, MIT, Microsoft, ...)
  3. 3. How to source, select and hire the best candidate to join our team ASAP?
  4. 4. We spent as little time as we could on the job description (we’re looking for a rockstar, not just a position to fill)
  5. 5. We posted offers on AngelList - best place to find awesome candidates!
  6. 6. We exchanged emails with the 100most awesome candidates
  7. 7. We called the 30most awesome candidates once
  8. 8. We called the 10most awesome candidates twice
  9. 9. We met the 5 most awesome candidates in person (c’mon, NewYork is only 8 hours away from Paris)
  10. 10. We sent an offer to the 1 most awesome candidate (just two days later.The faster, the better!)
  11. 11. Lessons learned: * Don’t spend too much time on job descriptions * Leverage AngelList for sourcing * Interview by phone a lot * Meet just a couple of candidates in person * Move fast * ... (coming soon!)
  12. 12. Questions? @clementdelangue Job? Curious?