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Cloud Foundry Foundation Overview


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An overview of Cloud Foundry - the techn

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Cloud Foundry Foundation Overview

  1. 1. Cloud Foundry Foundation 2015 Overview Sam Ramji, CEO
  2. 2. §  People have changed how they consume and use information §  Information and commerce must be ubiquitously available §  The volume and variety of devices in use are exploding §  The rate of change in what people want is continuously increasing §  Speed of innovation is the new competitive advantage Why Does Cloud Foundry Exist?
  3. 3. §  Cloud Foundry is an open standard for cloud applications §  It is open source, multi-cloud, and multi-vendor §  It is hardened production infrastructure for global enterprises §  It is designed to make devops the normal state of computing §  It is built for fast-cycle innovation of cloud applications What is Cloud Foundry?
  4. 4. Customer Applications Internal Applications Mobile Applications Elastic Runtime Browser Mobile IoT DevicesEnd Users Services Core Services (MySQL / RiakCS) Provider-Specific Services User Provided Service Instances Operations Logging Scaling Platform Deployment Health Monitoring Infrastructure AWS OpenStack VMware vSphere Other…
  5. 5. §  For business: •  speed to market + higher rate of user adoption §  For development: •  scalable microservices + continuous deployment §  For operations: •  faster cycle time + higher reliability §  For everyone: •  it’s Open Source = No Vendor Lock-in What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Foundry?
  6. 6. §  Organizations are adopting Cloud Foundry because: •  fast is now a necessity, not a nice-to-have •  Cloud Foundry makes faster easy. §  Building on Cloud Foundry doesn't just mean reducing costs, it also means expanding revenue. To put it another way…
  7. 7. Vision and Mission
  8. 8. §  We see a world of cloud computing that is: •  ubiquitous and flexible, supporting public, private, and hybrid deployment of applications. •  portable and interoperable, enabling users and developers to move their applications wherever they need to go. •  vibrant and growing, underlying a massive ecosystem of applications and developers based on an efficient marketplace. Cloud Foundry Foundation Vision
  9. 9. §  Our purpose is to make Cloud Foundry the leading application platform for cloud computing worldwide. §  The Cloud Foundry Foundation exists •  to drive the global awareness and adoption of Cloud Foundry as an open source project, •  to grow a vibrant community of contributors, and •  to create coherence in strategy and action across all member companies for the sake of the project and its users. §  We will do this by marketing the economic and technical activity of the entire Cloud Foundry community; governing with fairness, energy, and optimism; and growing a massive ecosystem based on application and skills portability. Cloud Foundry Foundation Mission
  10. 10. Linux Public OpenStack J2EE Buildpacks Garden Windows Private VMware .NET Containers Docker vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. The Tyranny of “Or”
  11. 11. Linux Public OpenStack J2EE Buildpacks Garden Windows Private VMware .NET Containers Docker and and and and and and The Power of “And”
  12. 12. Drive Awareness and Adoption of Cloud Foundry as a Platform First-ever worldwide attitudes & perceptions study of Cloud Foundry (“WW A&P”) Common marketing, partner, and evangelism content catalog, “rolling thunder” PR supported by all members 5 top-tier industry/community events with impact, 450 Cloud Foundry community events worldwide Grow Contribution to Cloud Foundry to support an Ecosystem 10 dojos established across North America, Europe, India, China, and Japan PMCs set and reach goals for portability and interoperability; establish specific projects for security, integration, and multitenancy High developer NSAT across committers and contributors Build a Commercial Ecosystem on Cloud Foundry Certification program established with at least 5 certified Cloud Foundry providers and 3rd party validation Ecosystem mapped across horizontal and vertical layers, 4 working groups established, 4 ISVs recruited Docker and OpenStack integrations in common use with high sysadmin NSAT; large body of free, open content showing app templates and best practices in multiple languages 2015 Goals
  13. 13. CEO Ramji Technology Childers Marketing & Ops Davis Brand& Comms Maney PR & AR Backstrom Ecosystem Monson Technical Evangelism Peters Chief of Staff Frank Organization: Cloud Foundry Foundation Core team of fully-dedicated long-term professionals paid by Cloud Foundry Foundation revenue.
  14. 14. CEO Zemlin CMO MacPherson Events Manager Brown PR/AR Cloer CRO Woster Inbound Husser Contracts Preston CIO Westmoreland IT Staff Lindsay CFO Farnell HR Smiley Facilities Bishop Bus Dev Dolan PMO Kempke Counsel Copenhaver Extended Organization: Linux Foundation Extended team of experienced open source foundation professionals supporting Cloud Foundry.
  15. 15. Who We Are Together
  16. 16. Cloud Foundry Foundation Membership Platinum Gold Silver
  17. 17. §  Your engagement is critical for all of us: •  Virtuous cycle of the Cloud Foundry ecosystem depends on engagement and public awareness •  Continued growth and development of our ecosystem is critical to our continued success as a project and as a foundation §  A voice in the project is critical for you: •  Prevent vendor lock-in •  Ensure your voice is heard on business matters •  Influence the project roadmap We Can’t Do It Alone. Neither Can You.
  18. 18. §  We see a human community that is: •  PRAGMATIC and focused on exchanging practical experience. •  DIVERSE and inclusive of people across race, gender, orientation, and lifestyle. •  RESPECTFUL and committed to listening to thoughtful and honest perspectives. The Cloud Foundry Community
  19. 19. §  Leverage Billions of Dollars in Shared R&D Effort §  Quarterly Global Market Research §  Prioritize Roadmap and PMC §  Clear Path to Contribution through Dojo Program §  Membership-wide Marketing & Communications Programs §  Special Interest Groups (SIGs) §  Special Access to Members and Events §  Strategy Council §  User Advisory Board §  Cloud Foundry Marketplace Benefits of Membership
  20. 20. §  Enables members to target marketing, evangelism & business development resources for maximum return §  Global survey measuring awareness and adoption of PaaS and Cloud Foundry §  Quarterly strategic survey research with massive sample size and global reach §  8 Geographies •  US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, China, Japan, South Korea §  5 Languages •  English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean §  Distributed across 4 major IT Decision Maker (ITDM) roles •  Line-of-Business (21%), IT Managers (27%), Developers (27%), Operations (26%) Quarterly Global Market Research
  21. 21. Project Management Leadership Council Responsibilities ▪  Managing overall roadmaps across PMCs ▪  Management of the overall release cycle integration ▪  Defining and enforcement of overall development, testing, and quality policies Project Management Committees + Council PMC Leads PMC Council PMC Chair Executive Director Project Lead(s) PMC Members PMC Lead Member Representative(s) One per organization who has at least one Dedicated Committer within any Active Project under the PMC Project Management Committee Responsibilities ▪  Coordinate project themes ▪  Approve Project Lifecycles (I.E. incubation to active) ▪  Approve new projects ▪  Provide point of arbitration for issues
  22. 22. §  Fastest path to Dedicated Committer status •  Six weeks of collaboration §  A learning experience beyond anything offered in the industry! •  Master Cloud Foundry by working shoulder to shoulder on the open-source project with other Dedicated Committers •  Learn the project inside and out §  Build longstanding relationships with other Dedicated Committers •  Streamlining the remote experience after the Dojo §  Expand developer expertise •  Extreme programming, paired development, and a highly disciplined agile practice •  Graduates go home prepared to integrate new practices into in-house development efforts Clear Path to Contribution - Dojo Program
  23. 23. §  Relationship Kick-off •  Press announcement •  Ongoing media opportunities §  Global Summit Participation (multiple cities, globally) •  Speaking/Presentations •  Booth presence •  Early access to sponsorship opportunities §  Global Industry Events •  Booth presence + community engagement •  Access to events §  Ongoing Engagement •  Bi-Weekly Marketing Working Group •  Thematic collateral and “programs in a box” Global Marketing & Communications Programs
  24. 24. Why We Are Inspired
  25. 25. We live in an age of open source datacenters
  26. 26. Carrier Networking Datacenter Networking Datacenter Operating Systems Hardware Virtual Machines Operating Systems Application Platforms Programming Frameworks Containers
  27. 27. Working together we can change the world.