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Digital Marketing Strategy Guide


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Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

  1. 1. DigitalmarketingstrategyguideCLOUDSPOTTINGdigital marketing strategy guide
  2. 2. CLOUDSPOTTINGdigital marketing strategy guideOverviewA digital marketing strategy isthe content plan that ensures anydigital marketing efforts aretailored to your target audience,in order to maximise return oninvestment.Your audience may be arriving atyour website or online content viaa desktop, a tablet or as isincreasingly common, from amobile device. To be fullyaccessible, you should consideroptimising your content acrossmultiple platforms.700,000Apps have been developedfor iphone and android(AllThingsD)@36%Of marketingemails wereopened on amobile last year(2012)(Knotice)If you want to succeed in thedigital space, it is vital you focuson what you want tocommunicate, who you want tocommunicate it to and howyou’re going to communicate it.Our digital marketing strategyguide is your one-stop-shop forunderstanding digitalengagement and helping you todefine a successful digitalstrategy for your company.1in5minutes spentonline isattributable tosocial mediasites (Comscore)
  3. 3. CLOUDSPOTTINGdigital marketing strategy guideOur ‘Digital Marketing StrategyGuide’ will take you throughwhat we see as the key 5stages of preparation for yoursuccessful digital strategy.The digital landscape isforever shifting. Don’t standstill as you may just get leftbehind.1//ResearchtheBattlefield2//Setthegoal3//Plantheattack4//Gatheryourweapons5//Reviewgainsandlosses
  4. 4. CLOUDSPOTTINGdigital marketing strategy guideResearch thebattlefieldNo amount of research is too muchresearch.To successfully recognise andunderstand your target audience, youmust get to know them inside out,finding out how, when, why andwhat material they are accessingonline.Join blogs and forums where yourtarget audience hang out and observethe demographic (age, gender, socialstatus, income etc).Look at what your competitors aredoing, chances are, you’re targetingthe same people.Information is power.Know your EnemiesRecognising your market competitorswill help you:- Differentiate yourself in an increasinglycrowded and competitive market- Understand their strengths and moreimportantly, exploit theirweaknesses.//1Know your Allies For B2B companies, knowing youraudience may mean looking at yourtarget company’s business model,financial situation, size, industry etc.For B2C companies, you should lookfor your target audiences socialcharacteristics, buying tendencies,influences etc.
  5. 5. CLOUDSPOTTINGdigital marketing strategy guide //1By defining your target audience demographic (age, gender, socialstatus, income etc.), understanding their buying decisions and theway they access your content, you can tailor your marketing materialspecifically for them, capitalizing on being able to personalise yourcontent. This helps define your brand and differentiate yourselves fromthe competition.Get up-closeand personal£50k+InfluencedbyFashionblogs5andunderusestabletandmobiletoaccesscontent
  6. 6. CLOUDSPOTTINGdigital marketing strategy guideThe digital landscape is forevershifting and if you stand still, you mayjust get left behind.Understand where you are excellingin the digital marketing landscape,where you can do better and howyou can adapt for the future. Beproactive, active and reactive inyour approach. By understandingthese three points, you can setinformed goals for your company toachieve, improving your marketingattempts in the long term:Understand thebattlefield//1If you know where you’re excelling indigital marketing, don’t rest on yourlaurels, do it better. If you don’tsomeone else will. (PROACTIVE)If you know where you need toimprove in your digital strategy, focuson this and excel. (ACTIVE)Be adaptable and look out for thelatest trends. Being first to marketdoesn’t always guarantee success,but you must know when it’s right foryou and don’t get left behind.(REACTIVE)
  7. 7. CLOUDSPOTTINGdigital marketing strategy guidespecificmeasurableattainablerelevanttimelyYou can’t measure success unless you’ve setspecific targets and objectives. (Smart Insights)It’s not good enough to say “we want to increasesocial engagement”.By what channel?By what quantity?Over what time frame?All of your goals must be attainable andrealistic. Consider whether an objective is tooambitious and if it needs breaking down intomore manageable goals.Everything you do should be relevant to yourcustomer behaviour. Decide, do you want to:Maintain your current customers?Increase the amount your currentcustomers purchase from you?Or, gain new customers?Set theobjectives://2
  8. 8. 5000+CLOUDSPOTTINGdigital marketing strategy guide //2Set theobjectives:Good quality market research is essential to help you define your areasof improvement and set business objectives.Structuring your areas of improvement to attain business objectives iswhere Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) make their first appearance;these are the factors that are measurable. For example, if you’relooking to increase engagement, KPI’s might include:Number of bookmarks% of time spent on siteNumber of Facebook commentsTwitter retweetsNumber of email subscriptionsThe list goes on.
  9. 9. CLOUDSPOTTINGdigital marketing strategy guidePlan the attackBy this point you should already be equiptwith a strong knowledge of :Where you are performing well in digitalmarketing and where you’re not.Who your target audience isWho your industry competitors areWhat others are doing and how theyare doing itNow it’s time to plan what you’re going todo...As mentioned earlier, if you know whoyour competitors are, you’ll have someidea of how to differentiate yourself.Remember, your brand identity goes along way beyond just your logo andwebsite design. You must consider:How your brand makes yourcustomers feelBrand tone of voiceCompany/brand personalityYour services, products, prices,customer service policy etc.Brand values & philosophy//3
  10. 10. As mentioned earlier, if you know who your competitors are, you have some idea of how todifferentiate yourself in the crowded marketplace for your industry. However, it is your targetcustomers that should be the strongest influencing factor on your brand, because:It is your target customers that your company needs to engage to drive salesIt is your target customers’ demographics and buying habits that will determine whoyou are, and therefore what your brand isYour brand then affects how you communicate/sell to these target customers successfullyCLOUDSPOTTINGdigital marketing strategy guide //3Wait...Why do your customers chooseyour company above others?(if the answer doesn’t come easily, then you shouldreconsider your digital brand identity.)
  11. 11. COMPETITORSSOCIALMEDIACLOUDSPOTTINGdigital marketing strategy guideGather yourweaponsYouve done your research. You knowwho you are and what you do as acompany. Now you have to spread theword to your target audience.This means integrating your digitalbrand across ALL marketing channels,social media outlets and platformsappropriate and available to you - i.e.consider optimising your site formobile/tablet to reach moreconsumers.The final piece of your digital marketingstrategy jigsaw is to decide whichanalytic services you are going to use inorder to monitor your performance andKPI’s (Econsultancy).//4700,000Apps have been developedfor iphone and android(AllThingsD)@36%Of marketingemails wereopened on amobile last year(2012)(Knotice)43%of marketers aretipping mobileoptimisation aspivotal in digitalmarketing for2013 (Econsultancy)
  12. 12. CLOUDSPOTTINGdigital marketing strategy guideThe infinite galaxy of social mediacan be a scary one. With such anabundance of social channelsavailable worldwide, you need toselect carefully the mostappropriate ones for yourcompany. No one-size-fits-all, sodon’t try and take on more thanyou can manage by creating socialprofiles that aren’t relevant to yourown target audience.(i.e. If your target market is 13 yearold boys interested in action figures,you’re probably not going to findthem on Linked In!)There’s noOne-size-fits-all There are oversocial media channelsworldwide//4
  13. 13. CLOUDSPOTTINGdigital marketing strategy guide //5It is important to review your gains andlosses regularly to ensure you’re on trackto reach your goals.With increasing access now to freeservices such as Google Analytics, it’snever been so easy to measure yourprogress online.This can be a time consuming process ifdone daily so you may wish to out sourcethis part of your Digital Marketing Strategyto a specialist third party, which can oftenresult in more detailed, accurate andfrequent measurements.Either way, analytics and KPI recordingsout sourced or carried out in-house, youshould then apply and review your findingsagainst your original business objectives.Review gainsand lossesFindingsHave I achieved myobjective?No YesGreat! Now, how can wedo even better goingforward?Back to the drawingboard! Where did we gowrong? How can we fixit?
  14. 14. CLOUDSPOTTINGdigital marketing strategy guideCan’t ‘talk the talk’?Then you’ll haveto ‘walk the walk’.Getting your Digital Marketing Strategyright is vital to staying ahead in one verycrowded and competitive game. If you’renot responsive to digital trends and easilyaccessible to your customers, you canguarantee someone else will be there tosteal the limelight.Like it or not, digital engagement is theway forward and many household nameshave struggled to adapt to this new wayof thinking. With each leading brand fallingfrom the high street, there’s an onlinealternative ready to take it’s place andwipe the tears of it’s newly inheritedcustomer base.JessopsContinued to struggle with competition fromonline rivals and the prevalence of smartphones now equipt with camera technology.(The Independant)CometDidn’t move with the times. It was caught outby lower priced online rivals and didn’t havethe pulling power in-store to lure customers.(Channel Register)
  15. 15. BlockbusterInitially came unstuck due to Netfilx - postal andonline DVD rentals - eating into it’s customerbase (Business Week). The online rentalmarket is becoming increasingly crowded withrival services and the popularity of streamingfilms over the internet is booming. (BBC)HMV“Could have been successful enough to havetaken on Amazon, had it gone online 10 to15 years ago” (Design Week). However, youcannot bypass the fact that “nobricks-and-mortar record store group hassuccessfully resisted the onslaught of digitalmusic downloads” (Robert Plummer, BBC)CLOUDSPOTTINGdigital marketing strategy guideIn the case of these last two retailers, Econsultancy sums it up by noting that the companies and those incharge of them, failed to recognise and act on the increasing importance of online and how thatwould affect their business. In truth, this statement probably applies to all other struggling retailers as well.Turning a blindeye
  16. 16. Have you gota digitalmarketingstrategy inplace?CLOUDSPOTTINGdigital marketing strategy guide@Leedswebagency/cloudspottingagency/
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