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Breaking bad powerpoint


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Breaking bad powerpoint

  1. 1. Purpose  The purpose of Breaking Bad is to show how corrupt America is and that even innocent people like Walter White who is a teacher can be forced into doing things that aren’t legal or morally right to provide for themselves.
  2. 2.  In White’s (Bryan Cranston) situation he is an average person working as a teacher but then he gets diagnosed with lung cancer he is not able to pay for all the chemotherapy so he resorts to selling drugs for the money. Later on in the series, the money for the chemotherapy begins to be too much so he has to sell more drugs and then the audience watches him slowly become more corrupt
  3. 3. Form and Style  ‘Breaking bad’ has a running time of around 42 minutes and there are 7-16 episodes in each season (there are 5 seasons). The show mainly sticks to a task or problem that is spread over the whole season but there are also tasks the characters have to overcome during the episodes, an example of this is when Walter White (Bryan Cranston) an Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) have to dispose of Emilio’s body.
  4. 4.  The theme of breaking bad is about good and evil and in the end of the series no one gets away with their crimes and you will be punished. It also displays how everything you do has consequences and this helps the audience know when things are going to turn for the worse which adds to the tension of when things are going to get bad.
  5. 5. Content  The main characters are:  Walter White – Bryan Cranston  Jesse Pinkman – Aaron Paul  Skylar White - Anna Gunn
  6. 6.  Breaking Bad is set in different places in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  7. 7. Meaning  There is a hidden meaning in the series which is continuously displayed in the series through a pink teddy bear which has half of its face destroyed. Every time it is shown in the scene, it is linked to White making decisions that go against his morals.
  8. 8.  An example of this is that the teddy bear was shown in the episode when Jesse’s girlfriend starts to throw up on her own puke because of drugs, he lets her die because he thought she was only doing harm to Jesse.
  9. 9. Genre  The genre of breaking bad is a crime because a lot of the characters are killed because they are all related to the drug trade business so the DEA are trying to crack down on who is causing al the trouble to stop the death.
  10. 10.  There are also elements of a drama because the whole reason Walter White starts making and distributing drugs is to pay for his chemotherapy and provide for his family.
  11. 11. Target Audience  The target audience for breaking bad is aimed at people age 17 or above because of the mature themes that are displayed throughout the series, and the attention to detail with things such as the gore and the process of making the drugs.
  12. 12.  Although ‘Breaking Bad’ Had mature themes, there were toys made for children that were distributed in stores like ‘Toys‘R’us’. Some parents wanted the action figures or Jesse and Walter to be removed because she said kids are easily influenced so they may be exposed to the programme even though the age rating is meant for people 17 and older
  13. 13. Frequency  When breaking bad was aired, each episode of a season was played on a weekly basis. For example, the episodes on season one were aired on the 20th of January, 27th January, 10th February, 17th February, 24th February, 2nd march and the 9th march in 2008.
  14. 14.  The seasons are also aired once a year at almost the same, for example the first three seasons started being aired from January to March and the last two start being aired in July.
  15. 15. Production process  Idea – Original idea by Vince Gilligan  Development - Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould, Moira Walley- Beckett Thomas Schnauz, Sam Catlin and George Mastras all helped in writing the script for breaking bad  Pre-production – The series was filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico and was directed by Michelle MacLaren, Adam Bernstein, Vince Gilligan, Colin Bucksey, Michael Slovis, Bryan Cranston, Terry McDonough, Johan Renck, Rian Johnson, Scott Winant and Peter Gould.
  16. 16.  The main cast are Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, RJ Mitte and Bob Odenkirk.  Production – The cinematography was mostly done by Michael Slovis but people like Reynaldo Villalobos, Arthur Albert and Peter Reniers also helped out on episodes. Breaking Bad was originally show on the AMC network but then got shown on Sony picture television.
  17. 17.  Post-production – The main sound editors are Kurt Nicholas Forshager and Jeffrey Perkins and the Main editors are Kelly Dixon and Skip Macdonald.  Distribution – Breaking Bad was then distributed on netflix