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Disrupting Burberry: How the Fashion Brand Can Use Mixed Reality

Burberry is in a state of flux. Using Microsoft's HoloLens, there may be a solution to transform how staff and shoppers engage with the fashion brand.

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Disrupting Burberry: How the Fashion Brand Can Use Mixed Reality

  1. 1. D I S R U P T I N G B U R B E R R Y : H O W T H E I C O N I C B R A N D C A N U S E M I X E D R E A L I T Y
  2. 2. What Burberry needs is a creative overhaul, not just a corporate shakeup Bloomberg
  3. 3. B U R B E R R Y T O D A Y The British fashion and beauty brand is in a state of flux.
  4. 4. B U R B E R R Y T O D A Y A decline in luxury spending saw a 3% fall in sales in July 2016 and flat revenues of £423million in the first quarter. HSBC chief executive Marco Gobbetti said in June 2017 that Burberry needs to reset, after a sharp fall in sales growth.
  5. 5. B U R B E R R Y T O D A Y Burberry has plans for £100 million of cost savings by 2019. Its operating margin currently trails behind its luxury peers. Analysts believes Burberry could become a takeover target if its turnaround fails.
  6. 6. B U R B E R R Y T O D A Y However, Burberry remains an innovative brand, pushing technological boundaries in-store and showing a commitment to disrupting the fashion industry.
  7. 7. The brand that is truly doing the best right now at blurring the physical and digital worlds is Burberry. Scott Davis, Forbes
  8. 8. B U R B E R R Y ’ S C O M M I T M E N T T O I N N O V A T I O N Burberry has proved time and again that it is keen to push the boundaries on and off the hangar.
  9. 9. Burberry has abandoned the traditional fashion calendar, eschewing seasonal runway collections in recognition of its modern global customer. Completely shifting the way the British luxury fashion brand produces, presents and sells its collections, Burberry hopes to convert buzz on the catwalk into instant sales. The seasonless calendar
  10. 10. RFID chips integrated into Burberry products unlock video content on smartphones, showing the processes involved in making the item, from sketches and pattern cutting to the customer’s name being engraved. The chips also trigger content to appear on digital mirrors inside Burberry’s flagship store when the customer visits. RFID chips
  11. 11. Burberry’s Beauty Box store - the brand's first till-free retail environment - has a digital runway nail bar that uses augmented reality to enable customers to digitally test different shades of nail polish. After selecting their skin tone, users place a bottle of nail polish on a platform to receive a virtual makeover, no testers necessary. Augmented Reality
  12. 12. Several of Burberry’s competitors have experimented with virtual and augmented reality. F A S H I 0 N ' S N E X T F R O N T I E R
  13. 13. DiorEyes is a bespoke VR headset that immerses in- store customers in the backstage area of a fashion show, watching make-up artists prepare models for the catwalk. Dior Charlotte Tilbury Louis Vuitton By applying real-time facial tracking and visualisation technology to the customer’s reflection, a touchscreen mirror allows customers to virtually try on Tilbury’s ten signature looks. A circus-themed campaign encouraged users with an augmented reality app to visit each of the participating LV stores in Japan and engage with interactive shop windows.
  14. 14. M I C R O S O F T H O L O L E N S In March 2016, Microsoft launched HoloLens, a pair of Mixed Reality smartglasses, running the Windows Mixed Reality platform under the Windows 10 operating system.
  15. 15. M I X E D R E A L I T Y Mixed Reality allows users to interact with digital holograms placed within the physical world. With Mixed Reality, every hologram that you see is informed by real-time positional data.
  16. 16. M I X E D R E A L I T Y Virtual objects can be placed on top of tables or against walls, for example, with high-level spatial mapping technology understanding the environment the holograms are situated in.
  17. 17. Luxury cognac house Rémy Martin worked with Kazendi to launch the first global Mixed Reality consumer experience in Los Angeles to convey the heritage of Rémy XO. Rémy Martin Air New Zealand Adobe Currently in beta, the airline is working on a program to help air stewards detect a passenger’s mood through visual and audio cues. Adobe is using Microsoft HoloLens to visualise sales data from Amazon Echo, providing both retailers with important insights and customers with a more personalised experience.
  18. 18. Burberry would be the first luxury fashion brand to use Mixed Reality.
  19. 19. W H Y T H E T I M E I S N O W F O R M I X E D R E A L I T Y The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. Whereas the introduction of mechanical production saw the labour force displaced, the new wave of technologies today are supporting staff and improving the way they work together. In turn, more creative and adventurous risks are being taken both in the design and the delivery of consumer products.
  20. 20. As well as giving birth to new consumer products, the technological innovations of the fourth industrial revolution have the potential to solve deeper systemic problems facing the fashion industry at large. K a t e A b n e t t , B u s i n e s s o f F a s h i o n
  21. 21. B U R B E R R Y A N D M I X E D R E A L I T Y We have hypothesised 3 potential use cases for Mixed Reality that would disrupt staff training, customer experience and brand engagement.
  22. 22. 3 U S E C A S E S Create with the ephemeral Deliver the in- store experience anywhere Launch a digital atelier 1 2 3
  23. 23. H O L O A T E L I E R Time is money, and so are materials. HoloLens allows for the famous Burberry check to be draped and cut without wastage.
  24. 24. HoloLens' spatial mapping allows for holograms to be intelligently situated within the environment. With this technology, virtual material with the Burberry check can be draped over physical items - mannequins or bags, for example - and played with in design studios without wasting expensive material. HOLOATELIER
  25. 25. H O L O T A I L O R Mixed Reality allows a bespoke service to come to the shop floor. Designing on the fly without need for physical assets to clutter the shop floor, HoloLens can become part of the sales assistant's arsenal.
  26. 26. Back in 2011, Burberry launched a bespoke online service for its iconic trench coat, offering a choice of seven different styles and a myriad of design details. In 2017, HoloLens allows such a service to come to the shop floor. Consumers can select different materials and details, seen in Mixed Reality, and get to see the final design on a virtual mannequin. Explored from all angles, it is a far more persuasive and evocative tool for those looking to spend thousands on a trench coat they can’t yet physically try on or touch. HOLOTAILOR
  27. 27. H O L O P O P U P Physical retail offers experience with huge overheads. HoloLens could bring holographic POS to pop-up stores to elevate physical products. 
  28. 28. Pop-up stores allows brands to enter new territory without putting down roots and minimising expense. Still, POS and specific branding is costly. While the physical garments can remain centre stage, HoloLens allows for fixtures and fittings to become virtual, with holograms removing the cost and time of set-up while still allowing for an immersive experience that sells the brand. HOLOPOPUP
  29. 29. T H E V A L U E O F I N N O V A T I O N “To not innovate is to die,” Apple chief Tim Cook told Bloomberg. A bold statement and a lesson learned by the likes of fallen giants Kodak, Blockbuster and Blackberry. Microsoft’s first Mixed Reality developer kits have begun shipping, and a variety of verticals have already utilised Mixed Reality with positive outcomes. Needless to say, brands looking to innovate should be considering integrating Mixed Reality into how they can best serve their staff and customers.
  30. 30. D I S R U P T I N G B U R B E R R Y : H O W T H E I C O N I C B R A N D C A N U S E M I X E D R E A L I T Y Interested in finding out more, or requesting a demo of HoloLens? Contact Colin Gentry, Head of Marketing For more information about Kazendi, visit the website: Follow us on Twitter: @Kazendi