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Case study brookfield airport


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Case study brookfield airport

  1. 1. Case Study Brookfield Airport Leandro Cordero Sergio Fernandez Mauricio Sanabria
  2. 2. Which are de most important?  Baggage problems  Check in and passport control  Signs very visibles
  3. 3. Which require immediate action and which can be delayed?  Parking problems, it is not a main problem because it doesn’t affect the flights  VIP lounge is not important and it is a matter if the airport authority can not modify the facilities
  4. 4. Which are more likely to be responsibility of the airlines  Baggage security  Public announcement
  5. 5. Which are more likely to be responsibility of the Airport Authority  TV Screens  Signs  Facilities  Car parking
  6. 6. To improve:  The car park the airport should make an alliance with a high quality cab company with moderated prices  The service of deliver and pick up the baggage, the airport should hire personal for this work, to help the users at the moment of deliver and pickup the baggage  The signs the airport authority must to put visible signs as big as possible
  7. 7. To improve  Check in and passport control services, the airport authority needs to extend the schedules, and night flights  VIP lounges, the airport should re condition those places no matter the space size but is very important the service in those places
  8. 8. Thanks!!!!