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Effective Team Management - The Secret of Team Success


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Know how effective team management can lead to successful team work, which in turn can ultimately lead to the successful organization

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Effective Team Management - The Secret of Team Success

  2. 2. AGENDA Conclusion. What is effective team management? Why team management is necessary? Tips for effective team management. Team management from nature Conclusion.
  3. 3. What is effective team management?
  4. 4. Some tasks cannot be done alone Try using a pen with a single finger
  5. 5. Need other finger to hold it. Five fingers are managed to work in coordination
  6. 6. Managing a group of individuals is team management
  7. 7. Why team management is necessary?
  8. 8. Better outcomes Increased efficiency Better ideas Mutual support Increased competency Sense of accomplishment
  9. 9. For better outcomes
  10. 10. For increased efficiency
  11. 11. For better ideas
  12. 12. Mutual support
  13. 13. Increased competency
  14. 14. Sense of accomplishment
  15. 15. What are the tips for effective team management?
  16. 16. Avoid favoritism. Give credits when necessary. Let employees make mistakes. Communicate effectively . Set processes. Do not criticize Align group goals with organizational goals. Motivate your team Periodic assessments. Maintain discipline Manage conflicts. Do not take the decisions alone Tips for effective team management
  17. 17. Avoid favoritism.
  18. 18. Give credits when necessary
  19. 19. Let employees make mistakes
  20. 20. Communicate effectively
  21. 21. Set processes.
  22. 22. Do not criticize
  23. 23. Align team goals with organizational goals.
  24. 24. Motivate your team
  25. 25. Assess periodically.
  26. 26. Maintain discipline
  27. 27. Manage conflicts
  28. 28. Do not take the decisions alone.
  29. 29. What does nature teach us about team management?
  30. 30. Honey bees teach about division of work
  31. 31. Ants teach us about communication
  32. 32. Geese teach us about leadership
  33. 33. Effective Team Management Successful team work Successful organization Conclusion
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  35. 35. Thank you