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Anne-Marie Slaughter - 2015 AICD Conference - Hot Spots and Blind Spots


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Ukraine, Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Israel. What’s happening in the world’s hot spots and where are things headed? What are people missing?

Dr. Slaughter begins with a conventional geopolitical analysis of what’s at stake. She then explains what we are not seeing — the many factors and trends, which are critical in causing or resolving the crises, that are being ignored or distorted.

Providing an overarching framework — the chessboard and the web — Dr. Slaughter describes the elements of a geopolitical analysis and the elements of a networks and flows analysis focusing on people, trade, energy, climate, and information technology. Political analysts tend to operate entirely on the chessboard while economic analysts tend toward the web. Both frameworks are necessary, she argues, when assessing global risks.

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Anne-Marie Slaughter - 2015 AICD Conference - Hot Spots and Blind Spots

  1. 1. Australian Institute of Company Directors
  2. 2. RATIO= Country World CINC = TPR + UPR + ISPR + ECR + MER + MPR 6 WHERE • TPR = total population of country ratio • UPR = urban population of country ratio • ISPR = iron and steel production of country ratio • ECR = primary energy consumption ratio • MER = military expenditure ratio • MPR = military personnel ratio
  3. 3. • People • Trade • Energy • Climate • Digital connections