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Chanakya's Chant by Ashwin Saghi - A Contagion Case Study


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Chanakya's Chant by Ashwin Saghi - A Contagion Case Study

  1. 1. The Digital Infection
  2. 2. Ashwin Sanghi is a thriller/fiction author who has written books with historical, theological and mythological themes. Some of his notable works include The Rozabel Line (2008), Chanakya's Chant (2010) & The Krishna Key (2012). Chanakya's Chant Ashwin Sanghi
  3. 3. Ashwin Sanghi was already one of Westland’s best-selling authors when he tasked us with creating a property which would extend the shelf life of the successfully launched – Chanakya’s Chant and build up to the release of his third book – The Krishna Key. Chanakya's Chant | Ashwin Sanghi TASK
  4. 4. Our first thought was to create a comic titled Chanakya’s Chant of the Week’ . Using Chanakya as the propeller for the series, the weekly strip featured witty observations on current affairs in the trademark sarcasm of the character • We shared this comic on our social properties and on Ashwin’s blog on IBNLive • Live Chats with the author and footage of his appearances kept the audience engaged through the year • We gave fans even more incentive to review the book through a special review contest where the top 10 reviews were selected to be added to the next print run of the book SOLUTION Chanakya's Chant | Ashwin Sanghi
  5. 5. The popular ‘Chant of the Week’ comic strip property that built up Ashwin as a personality and a brand beyond an author SOLUTION Chanakya's Chant | Ashwin Sanghi
  6. 6. The Krishna Key: • We kick started the campaign to promote The Krishna Key with a specially produced trailer which we promoted on all digital assets • Custom Tabs on Ashwin’s blog homepage as well as Facebook conveyed relevant information about the book, links for purchase as well as free chapters • A week prior to the launch, we shared a hand sketched ‘Krishna visual’ containing the 27 names of Lord Krishna, stating the upcoming release with subtlety. This went viral • To round it all of, we live- streamed the launch event at Crosswords for the first time to all his fans merging the digital audiences with the ones at the event. SOLUTION Chanakya's Chant | Ashwin Sanghi
  7. 7. SOLUTION Chanakya's Chant | Ashwin Sanghi
  8. 8. Chanakya’s Chant Ashwin Sanghi • Chanakya’s Chant turned into a brand of sorts reinforcing Ashwin as one of Westland’s leading authors alongside Amish Tripathi • The Krishna Key stayed on the bestseller bookshelf even 8 months after the book’s release • At over 4 lakh followers (during the retainer period), Ashwin had one of the largest author fan bases in the country RESULT