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The SURVIVAL could save your life



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This acronym is something we can use in every situation. Awareness is key. Having a positive attitude can make all the difference between surviving or not.

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The SURVIVAL could save your life

  1. 1. THE ACRONYM SURVIVAL is the key to remember in an emergency
  2. 2. S Size up situation, surroundings, yourself & your equipment. U Use all your senses; undue haste makes waste. R Remember where you are. V Vanquish fear and panic I Improvise V Value Living A Act like the natives L Live by your wits
  3. 3. SIZE Up Your Situation What are the dangers/threats, in order of priority? Learn as much as possible about larger situation.
  4. 4. SIZE Up Your Surroundings Tune in to your environment. You are part of a system. What is different? (is it me or do these guys look like meerkats?)
  5. 5. SIZE Up Your Yourself Have you, or a member of your team been hurt? What is your mental and physical status?
  6. 6. SIZE Up Your Equipment What do you have? What can you get? What condition is your equipment in? What do you have that is necessary? What can you do without? Do you already have a Grab-N-Go bag? If not, prepare one now! Check my free slideshow on that.
  7. 7. USE All Your Senses Look around. Listen. Smell. Feel. Check immediate vicinity.
  8. 8. UNDUE Haste Makes Waste Unless there is an immediate threat, think before making decisions or moving. Plan your next step. Decide if staying in place or moving is the smarter decision. Make sure you don’t leave anything useful behind if moving.
  9. 9. REMEMBER Where You Are Do you know where you are? Don’t become overly reliant on GPS Stay oriented. What are significant terrains features? Make sure everyone in your group knows where they are. Have an emergency rally point. Have a hide site/fallback position.
  10. 10. VANQUISH Fear and Panic Fear and panic kill. They cause you to make bad decisions. Act. Don’t react. Don’t let your imagination run rampant. Deal with the immediate problems.
  11. 11. VANQUISH Fear and Panic Fear drains energy. Proper preparation reduces fear. So PREPARE! Don’t be like the guy in Aliens (below) screaming “We’re all gonna die!”
  12. 12. IMPROVISE Look at what’s around you in terms of survival. How can things be used differently than intended? Be creative. Be open to input from all team members.
  13. 13. VALUE Living We are much more adaptable than we believe we are. Trust in this. Focus on the ONE thing you value in life above all else, and make that your motivation to survive.
  14. 14. ACT Like the Native Both human and animal. Those who inhabit an area have adapted to it. You need to also. Are there places they avoid? Things they don’t eat? Water they won’t drink? British SAS in the desert World War II
  15. 15. ACT Like the Native Treat locals with respect. Gain rapport. Remember, we’re animals too. And we’re predators. ADAPT
  16. 16. LIVE By Your Wits Learn basic skills NOW. Prepare NOW. Every day set your survival priorities.
  17. 17. THE ACRONYM SURVIVAL S Size up situation, surroundings, yourself & your equipment. U Use all your senses; undue haste makes waste. R Remember where you are. V Vanquish fear and panic I Improvise V Value Living A Act like the natives L Live by your wits
  18. 18. More Free Information I constantly update free, downloadable slideshows like this on my web site for preparation and survival and other topics. Also, I conduct Area Study workshops for those interested in properly preparing for their specific circumstances.
  19. 19. The guide on the left is the complete preparation and survival guide. The one on the right is a pocket-size manual with just the survival portion. Useful in your Grab- n-Go bag, car and kitchen drawer. SURVIVAL GUIDES
  20. 20. New York Times bestselling author, is a graduate of West Point and former Green Beret. He’s had over 80 books published, including the #1 bestselling series Green Berets, Time Patrol, Area 51, and Atlantis. He’s sold over 5 million books. He was born in the Bronx and has traveled the world. He’s lived on an island off the east coast, an island off the west coast, in the Rocky Mountains, the Smoky Mountains and other places, including time in East Asia studying martial arts. He was an instructor and course developer/writer for years at the JFK Special Warfare Center and School which trains Green Berets and also runs the SERE school: Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape.