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What happened in 1493?


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The Black Death had decimated the world. Papal Bull's are issued. Columbus returns from the New World bringing more than just news. What else was going on that year?

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What happened in 1493?

  1. 1. What Happened in 1493? The World’s Population is roughly 425 million. It was 450 million 150 years earlier, but the Black Death wiped out an estimated 75 million people.
  2. 2. It Is 1493 A.D. Maximilian I succeeds his father, Frederick III, as Holy Roman Emperor.
  3. 3. It Is 1493 A.D. Russian Prince Andrey Bolshoy dies. The icon below is for his wedding.
  4. 4. It Is 1493 A.D. Spain, having issued the Edict of Alhambra the previous year which demanded all Jews convert or be expelled, begins to suffer economically without many of it most successful and influential citizens.
  5. 5. It Is 1493 A.D. In the Papal Bull Inter Caetera, based on Columbus’ report on the New World, Pope Alexander VI decrees that all lands discovered 100 leagues or further west of the Azores are Spanish, those to the east are Portuguese.
  6. 6. It Is 1493 A.D. England places sanctions on Burgundy for harboring Perkin Warbeck, a pretender to the English throne.
  7. 7. It Is 15 March 1493. The Ides Christopher Columbus returns to Spain after ‘discovering’ the New World.
  8. 8. It Is 15 March 1493. The Ides But what else does his crew bring back with them? In history, they brought Syphilis from the New World. But the Shadow has a different plan for history.
  9. 9. Mac’s Mission: Ides of March For his 24-hour bubble in time on 15 March 1493 A.D., Mac is a monk. Apparently to stop an assassination attempt by the Cent Suisse, Swiss Guard, sent by the Pope.
  10. 10. Free audiobook shorts on Soundcloud from the Time Patrol series. Click on box. Roland’s complete mission from Independence Day. 4 July 1865, at Gettysburg. HERE Mac’s complete mission from D-Day. 6 June 1944.
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