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What happened in 1973? World Trade Center Opens and More


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The World Trade Center opens; Fedex is founded; Dark Side of the Moon; Yom Kippur War; Watergate; O.J. Simpson runs for a record and more.

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What happened in 1973? World Trade Center Opens and More

  1. 1. Dark Side of the Moon What Happened in is 1973?
  2. 2. What Happened in 1973?
  3. 3. Billie Jean King defeats Bobby Riggs. It is 1973 A.D.
  4. 4. A new company called FEDEX starts up. It is 1973 A.D.
  5. 5. The Last U.S. soldier leaves Vietnam (except for MIAs) It is 1973 A.D.
  6. 6. It is 1973 A.D.
  7. 7. Watergate It is 1973 A.D.
  8. 8. Construction begins on the Alaskan Pipeline. It is 1973 A.D.
  9. 9. O.J. Simpson rushes for over 2,000 yards. It is 1973 A.D.
  10. 10. It is 1973 A.D.
  11. 11. The NY Knicks become NBA champions (seriously). It is 1973 A.D.
  12. 12. It is 1973 A.D.
  13. 13. Godfather wins Best Picture It is 1973 A.D.
  14. 14. Bruce Lee dies It is 1973 A.D.
  15. 15. The Sydney Opera House opens. It is 1973 A.D.
  16. 16. Homosexuality is removed from DSM-II as a sexual deviation. It is 1973 A.D.
  17. 17. Travel back in time to Santiago, Chile. A U.S. backed coup d’etat topples a democratically elected government and ushers in a brutal military junta. 9-11-1973 A.D.
  18. 18. What if the Coup doesn’t turn out as planned? What if Allende doesn’t die? Did the terrorists 28 years later choose this date on purpose? The Mission
  19. 19. Free audiobook shorts on Soundcloud from the Time Patrol series. Click on box. Roland’s complete mission from Independence Day. 4 July 1863, at Gettysburg. HERE Mac’s complete mission from D-Day. 6 June 1944.
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  21. 21. Print Book Free downloadable Powerpoint slideshows on survival, history writing, and interesting information are available HERE
  22. 22. New York Times bestselling author, graduate of West Point and former Green Beret. He’s had over 75 books published, including the #1 bestselling series Green Berets, Time Patrol, Area 51, and Atlantis. He’s sold over 5 million books. He was born in the Bronx and traveled the world. He’s lived on an island off the east coast, an island off the west coast, in the Rocky Mountains, the Smoky Mountains and other places, including time in East Asia studying martial arts. He now lives peacefully with his wife and dogs.