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Strategic Visioning Workshop Outline


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A 2 day Workshop outline to discover the driving purpose of your company or brand. Facilitated by Invitro Innovation's Angela Koch in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan.
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Strategic Visioning Workshop Outline

  1. 1. OutlineStrategic visioning facilitation
  2. 2. Shared Purpose and Strategic Visioning Organisational Customer interests interests Organisations need to find common ground between their goals and that of customers, employees and other stakeholders. This common ground is a shared purpose held between the parties2  
  3. 3. mo and it’s customers Omo / Persil’suhumantween O purpose  A shared p rpose be centric WHY DOES OMO EXIST? To encourage parents to see the good in letting their kids get dirty HOW - What specialNESS, do they bring to the LAUNDRY CATEGORY? Omo XXX technology makes it easy to remove the marks left by regular outdoor and indoor play WHAT products and services do they deliver? Omo is a laundry detergent with XXX cleaning technology 3  
  4. 4. Approachto strategic visioning
  5. 5. Approach to strategic visioning Problem  Revelation  is  a  kind  of  psychological  shift  that  happens  within  each  person  as  they   realise  the  true  nature  of  the  organisational  challenges  and  the  risks  attached  to  doing   nothing.   A  kind  of  a-­ha  moment  not  that  different  to  the  more  famous  idea  a-­ha  moment.     Where  the  group  gives  its  tacit  approval  for  a  change  in  direction,  and  individuals  are  ?illed     with  energy  necessary  for  the  arduous  road  towards  a  solution.     5  5
  6. 6. Approach to strategic visioningVivid Thinking “We  can’t  solve  problems  by  using  the  same  kind  of  thinking     we  used  when  we  created  them”.  -­  Albert  Einstein   •  When  companies  attempt  to  solve  business,  marketing  or  branding  problems,  they  often   get  stuck  because  they  are  unable  to  generate  a  fresh  perspective  to  give  momentum  to   forward  movement.     •  Problem  Solving  requires  that  we  see  the  problem  with  a  new  clarity,  this  is  necessary  to   drive  commitment  to  solution  ?inding.   •  At  Invitro  Innovation  we  work  with  internal  stakeholders  to  create  a  ‘transformation’   from  within.   •  This  usually  involves  a  collaborative  workshop  process  which  uses  Visual  Problem   Solving  using  pictures  and  illustrations  to  drive     hyper-­clarity  on  the  problem.    6  
  7. 7. Outline of strategic visioning process   Proposing   Foundation  Work   Workshop   Post-­Workshop   Step  1   Step  2   Step  3   Step  4   Step  5   Step  6  Work  Stage   Interview     Brief  Core     Distribute   2  day     Distribute  set  of   Meeting  with  Core   Key     Visioning  team      detailed     Workshop   Visioning   Workshop  Notes    team  to  share   Executives     on  inputs  to      Agenda  with      Workshop    Pinal     workshop   participant     recommendation    +  logistic      matters   homework   7  
  8. 8. Foundation Work •  Its  essential  that  the  core  team  is  able  to  bring  quality  inputs  and  inspiration  to  the  Strategic   Visioning  Workshop.   •  The  following  broad  structure  is  proposed  in  approaching  the  Foundation  Work:     What  are  some  of  the   trends  in  our  ?ield?   What  are  the  inspirational   1. The Category examples  of  greatness   How  is  our  category  failing   customers?   •  ho  are  the  people  we   W What  is  our  Purpose?   must  delight?   Key  areas  of  strength  and   •  ow  are  they  changing?   H 3. The weakness   •  hat  are  their  pleasure   W 2. The People we serve Lens Organisation Opportunities  and   and  pain  points  in  their   Lens challenges  into  the  future?   interaction  with  the   category  and  ourselves?  8  
  9. 9. 2 day strategic visioning Workshop •  1  facilitator     •  Ideally  20-­24  participants  (Grouped  into  4  groups)     •  The  Strategic  Visioning  Workshop  is  ideally  held:     –  in  a  room  that  can  accommodate  4  tables  of  6  people,  each  table  having  its   own  ?lipchart.  to  allow  people  to  move  about,  and  to  be  able  to  paste   inspiration  and  ideas  on  the  walls.  9  
  10. 10. strategic visioning workshopSamples of Workshop Outputs Deconstructing the Current Issues10  
  11. 11. 2 day WorkshopStructure KEY DIVISION /DEPT START 1. The Category _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ STOP _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ 2. The 3. The People we organisation CONTINUE _________________________________ serve Lens Lens _________________________________ _________________________________ Defining the Impact of the New Re-thinking the Foundation Work Challenges/ Purpose on Organisational sharing Opportunity for the “customers served” Purpose for the Future Future and programs11  
  12. 12. Invitro InnovationOur Beliefs about Innovation Humans are hard wired to create, Organisations are not! We are all Innovators! LATENT “We cant solve problems using the same kind ability of thinking that created them” ALBERT EINSTEIN12  
  13. 13. About Invitro InnovationServicesWORKSHOPS INSPIRATION TRAINING1- 3 day Designed & facilitated A few hours Keynote 1- 4 dayWith documentation speech to a full Innovation day Training coursesDesign thinking deep dives -  90 min -9 habits of innovators Design ThinkingNew product concepting -  3 hour – Crash Course in Design An innovation frameworkIdeation workshops Thinking Innovation culture and competenciesCategory reinvention Innovation day Innovation strategy and processVision and values -  A custom designed innovation day Creative thinking & ideation designed to inspire and empower. Product and service innovation Staff experience ideation by working on real business challenges Brand innovation13  
  14. 14. Ideation and Innovation Clients14  
  15. 15. Where the magic happens Your Comfor t zone15