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Apple Watch Fitness App Development


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Tracks the cardio in real-time, Showcases statistics for calories burnt and heart rate, Motivates you to accomplish daily goals by pushing alerts, Provides new workout plans to burn fat, build, muscles or to gain strength. what else you need to start exercise? Credencys solutions offers an apple app development services to achieve your fitness goals.

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Apple Watch Fitness App Development

  1. 1. Fitness App The Ultimate Tracker of Fitness Regimen Apple Watch
  2. 2. Watches are, traditionally, timekeeping devices. How the hell can they relate to fitness?
  3. 3. Well, YES they can measure your movement and heart rate too.
  4. 4. This is what WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY is all about.
  5. 5. Did You Know?
  6. 6. 84 million people worldwide wear fitness trackers
  7. 7. Consumers will spend more than $2.2 billion on wristbands, arm bands, and other devices that track their every move and send that data to their smartphones. Source: Market Research Firm IHS Technology
  8. 8. Fitness apps are growing nearly twice as fast as any other category in the iTunes and Google Play stores. Source: Flurry
  9. 9. Global Smartwatch shipment is expected to reach 21 million in 2015. Source: Gartner Research A few more statistics to consider….
  10. 10. 61% of all wearable devices are fitness or activity trackers. 46% of people feel that their perception of tracking health has changed with smart watch.
  11. 11. What’s the PRESENT Like…
  12. 12. Going to a gym was hectic. You would work-out There for hours on equipment and be able to track how many miles you ran and calories you burnt.
  13. 13. But this is CHANGING fast
  14. 14. Problem People, today, are more demanding and need fitness solution that is more automated and connected.
  15. 15. Enter the FUTURE of Fitness
  16. 16. Wearable devices like Watch tell everything about your fitness activities right from nutrition to sleep.
  17. 17. With WATCHYou Can
  18. 18. Have a Personal Trainer 24*7 right on your wrist. Track every activity effortlessly. Compute how much workout you should do, all in real time. Plan and modify health exercises. Monitor your diet consumption anytime, anywhere.
  19. 19. The Anatomy of Apple Watch
  20. 20. Apple Watch Features Spin this to zoom in. Push to go home screen Apps are in new organic layout Contact friends button. Sensors can differentiate between a’ tap and a’ press, and detect Your pulse. There are six interchangeable bands.
  21. 21. What’s More… Taptic Engine Inbuilt health and fitness tracking Actionable notifications Native apps like calendar, music, map etc. Syncs with iPhone via GPS or Wi-Fi Built-in NFC Support for Apple Pay Accepts pressure-sensitive touch commands
  22. 22. Fitness Apps for Apple Watch A revolution for the health space
  23. 23. How Fitness Apps work? Track the inputs and Collect performance & health data Gather and compute The Data using Sensors or algorithm Sync through third party apps on mobile phones
  24. 24. Fitness App comprises of Activity App Workout App
  25. 25. Activity App Apple watch contains accelerometer that monitor movements. Three rings- Move, Exercise and Stand represent different activities. Apple watch show 3 rings Stand Exercise Move
  26. 26. Move Track how many steps you moved in the entire day.
  27. 27. Exercise Measure vigorous Activities like running, jogging, etc.
  28. 28. Stand Find out how often one stand up from sitting.
  29. 29. Tracks the cardio in real-time. Showcases statistics for calories burnt and heart rate. Motivates you to accomplish daily goals by pushing alerts. Provides new workout plans to burn fat, build muscles or to gain strength. Workout App
  30. 30. During exercise, heart rate sensors measure the heart rate. Your HEART RATE IS 152 KBP AT 8:12 A.M.
  31. 31. Accelerometer in watch along with GPS or Wi-fi in iPhone quantifies all kind of movements from jogging, walking, running, cycling to the biking.
  32. 32. Keep comprehensive record of goals and workout summary.
  33. 33. Other Functionalities Provides a special badge to the one when goal is achieved. Displays progress during workout, when you look at the watch. One can customize the daily goals suggested by app based on assigned goals and activities.
  34. 34. Why? Apple watch fitness app- A perfect solution!
  35. 35. Real Time Work Out Assists in health and fitness workout in real time. Based on user’s past activity suggests a goal to the user.
  36. 36. Tailor your goals Enjoy Flexibility Personalize the suggested goal, if it does not suit you. Free to design your own activities and set goals.
  37. 37. Display Detailed Measurement Quantify impeccably how much time, distance or speed you have travelled including calories burnt.
  38. 38. Don’t carry chest straps at gym It is cumbersome to use a chest strap to measure the intensity of the exercise. With Apple Watch Fitness App, you can keep them aside  With chest strap With apple watch
  39. 39. Inspire with alerts on the go Cheer the exerciser with timely messages. Push them to move ahead and achieve a goal.
  40. 40. What Else???
  41. 41. Seamless Diagnosis Apps can compute heart beats and check blood content like oxygen, hemoglobin & iron. These vitals help a lot in remote diagnostic. Your heart beat is normal, but should take more iron rich diet as there is lack of hemoglobin in your body
  42. 42. Monitor The Quality Of Sleep Now, check how sound you sleep. Using Accelerometer and heart rate sensors, apps can track transition between sleep cycles seamlessly.
  43. 43. Track the heart beat of a person far away When the heart beat of a person wearing Apple watch goes up or down than the normal heart rate, apps can transfer the message to the companion app on iPhone. From iPhone health app, automatically the information is sent to the third person via message or email. Hello, Mr. James BPM is getting high. He needs your help.
  44. 44. Monitor your diet Identify the nutritional value of the food eaten by taking a picture of food. Check the amount of fat, carbohydrate, protein or calorie you consume daily. Your calorie intake is 170 Cal
  45. 45. Let your friends know about your goal achievements. You can share the photos and workout moments in real time. Share the WORKOUT
  46. 46. Thank You! Let’s Talk
  47. 47. Let's elevate your brand to the next level