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"Shades of Teale," A Novel by Susan Crossman


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This presentation provides information about the new novel, "Shades of Teale," by author and corporate communications copywriter, Susan Crossman.

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"Shades of Teale," A Novel by Susan Crossman

  1. 1. Shades of TealeAn Introduction to the Novel By Susan Crossman
  2. 2. Shades of TealeShades of Teale is the inspirational story of onewoman’s bumpy journey through an unhappymarriage to a stronger understanding of her ownself-worth.
  3. 3. Shades of Teale“All intimate relationships arejourneys,” notes author SusanCrossman.“They start in one place andultimately take us somewherecompletely unexpected; alongthe way we learn surprisingthings about ourselves and ourplace in the world and that’sexactly what happens to mymain character, Teale Covey.”
  4. 4. Shades of TealeMs. Crossman notes that the novel also looks at thetricky balance between happiness and compromise in a marriage, and it details how Teale ends up walking out of who she really is, and into a world driven by her husband’s expectations.
  5. 5. Shades of TealeSusan Crossman began writing the novel after doingsome volunteer PR for a women’s shelter. She felt therewas a disconnect between a shelter overflowing withwomen and children and a community where the topic ofabuse was almost invisible.“It disturbed me,” she says.
  6. 6. Shades of Teale“I was meeting some dynamic women who seemed verystrong and capable, and yet they were hiding from themen they thought they loved.“The process of writing thisnovel was about my own desireto uncover the dynamics ofdomestic abuse; itsexistence makes absolutely nological sense at all.”
  7. 7. Shades of TealeEvery six days a woman in Canada is murdered by herintimate partner. Emergency shelters in this country provide refuge for 3,000 women and2,500 kids 2,500 children every day.
  8. 8. Shades of TealeMs. Crossman’s writingstyle is probing and full ofirony. She uses masterfulturns of phrase to weavea story that is by turnsentertaining and sobering.
  9. 9. Shades of TealeSusan Crossman is a freelance writer with 30 years ofexperience in the fields of journalism, government andcorporate communications, public relations, marketing,editing and creative writing.
  10. 10. Shades of TealeThrough her business, Crossman Communications, shewrites newsletter and web content, corporate bios, blog posts, speeches, and custom content upon request.
  11. 11. Shades of TealeOn the personal front,Susan Crossman is thewidowed mother of threechildren between the agesof 11 and 25.They all like to write!
  12. 12. Shades of Teale For more information about the novel, “Shades of Teale,” please visit www.shadesofteale.comTo find out more about Susan Crossman’s businesswriting, please visit
  13. 13. Shades of TealeTo contact Susan Crossman directly, pleaseemail her at“Shades of Teale” is available through amazon.caand