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     dra5 version 27 sept 2009 

  © Prof. Pierre Lévy, CRC, FRSC 
      University of OKawa 
Cyberspace Evolution
      Interconnec-on between ideas (via seman-c tags). "
            Uniform Seman-c L...
Computational Collective Intelligence

 Seman-c       global meta‐      group of 
   Space                                ...
Toward a CI Science 

    scien-fic observatory / digital mirror of CI 

Layers of Seman-c Processing 

               Points (USLs): 6 primi-ves, sequences of 3L primi-ves (0⩽L⩽6),  
The Three Bodies of Collec/ve Intelligence 

                VIRTUAL BODY 

               SEMANTIC BODY 
The Nature of Collec-ve Intelligence 

                    group of transforma-on                 seman-c space 


  *M:**          *T:**                  *B:**               *S:** 
Noun. En&ty.     Thing.            ...
Governance / values 
                          Rights / duties
                          Will networks


* O: **
                Layer 0
    process, bi-polarity
     U:                      A:
   primitive  ...
* M: **
                       Layer 0
nounishness, representation, ternarity

       S:                 B:               ...
Layer 0
                     63 Primitive Categories

       * / E: / U: / A: / S: / B: / T: / I: / F: / O: / M: **

                                          information in general
/U:+M: /A:+M:
                          collective intelligence networks
                                        layer 0
/E:+U:+M: /E:+A:+M:
                     fictitious networks of collective intelligence
         F:O:.             F:M:.

         O:O:.             O:M:.
        generate            act

                         O:U:.                O:A:.

                    O:S:.              O:B:.              O:T:.
                        S:O:.               B:O:.             T:O:...
                    M:S:.             M:B:.             M:T:.
E:F:O:.                                             E:F:M:.
                      logical strategy                        ...
                 logical construction
                  E:O:U:.         E:O:A:.
                construction    co...
              E:O:S:.     E:O:B:.      E:O:T:.
            comparative comparat...
                      logical inference
                    E:M:U:.         E:M:A:.
                  inference ma...
               E:M:S:.       E:M:B:.       E:M:T:.
               distrib. ...
     Case indicators for verb clauses

   E:E:S:.              E:E:B:.            E:E:T:.
  nominative,      dativ...
                                           control sensori-motor experience

                      O:O:.U:.-    ...
                        O:O:.y.-    ...
                  O:O:j.-            O:O:.g.-  ...
                                                              provide resources for action
                                                        gain empowerment
                     y.O:O:.-        ...
                   O:M:.y.-      O:M:.o.-       ...
                                             create a work of the mind
                       O:M:.j.-        ...
                                               move / accomplish a physical action

                     O:O:.wo.- O:O:.wa.- O:O:.wu.- O:O:.we.-
                                                            undermine human development
                                                   generative mutation
                    j.O:O:.-          g...
                                                                               condition of activity
                      j.M:O:.-       ...
                                                                    obstacle (complementary of *M:M:.M:O:.-**)...
                                                                            resources of meaning
                                                                         basis of human development
                                                                          creation-innovation cycle


                                                 how / manner
                                       why / because / reason / cause / role
E:F:.M:M:.-                                                            E:M:.M:M:.-
 where / place                         ...
E:F:.M:M:.-                                                             E:M:.M:M:.-
 where / place                        ...
E:F:.M:M:.-                                                     E:O:.M:M:.-
where / place                  where / place a...
E:F:.M:M:.-                                                        E:O:.M:M:.-
where / place                     where / p...

               improvement of collective intelligence
    yyweh                 yoweh                yeweh     ...

                                                                         organized knowled...

                                           layer 3 objects of knowledge A
 s.o.-y.y.-'       b....
IEML- English Dictionary
IEML- English Dictionary
IEML- English Dictionary
IEML- English Dictionary
IEML- English Dictionary
IEML- English Dictionary
IEML- English Dictionary
IEML- English Dictionary
IEML- English Dictionary
IEML- English Dictionary
IEML- English Dictionary
IEML- English Dictionary
IEML- English Dictionary
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IEML- English Dictionary

Material completo que deu origem à apresentação do Pierre Lévy no Cibercultura 10+10

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IEML- English Dictionary

  1. 1. IEML‐ENGLISH DICTIONARY  dra5 version 27 sept 2009  © Prof. Pierre Lévy, CRC, FRSC  University of OKawa 
  3. 3. Cyberspace Evolution Semantic Space Interconnec-on between ideas (via seman-c tags). " Uniform Seman-c Locator = IEML * concept address ** Collaborative societies of semantic agents, subject-centric computation. 2015  Collective intelligence growth. Augmentation of sense-making. Web Interconnec-on between documents (+ data) Uniform Resource Locator = h;p:// page address. Centralized search engines, browsers. 1995  Global multimedia public sphere. Internet Interconnec-on between computers. Internet Protocol = server address. Routers, user-friendly PC applications 1980  Personal computing. Virtual communities. " Digital media convergence. Computer Interconnec-on between transistors. Computer memory = bit address. " Operating systems, programming languages 1950  Augmentation of arithmetical and logical processing.
  4. 4. Computational Collective Intelligence Seman-c  global meta‐ group of  Space  IEML / USLs  language  concepts  global meta‐ WWW  linked data  HTTP / URLs  database  global meta‐ society of  Internet  computer  automata  TCP / IP  symbolic  pervasive comp.  Compu-ng  Chips / OS  manipula-on  (mobiles, things,  Bits addresses  automata  robots...)   Augmenta-on  Objects in  Addressing  of CI  rela-on  system 
  5. 5. Toward a CI Science  Cyberspace  scien-fic observatory / digital mirror of CI  Reflexive Collec-ve Intelligence  driver of human development  Human Development  prosperity, health, educa-on, security, peace,  environment, cultural heritages, research, innova-on... 
  6. 6. Layers of Seman-c Processing  Points (USLs): 6 primi-ves, sequences of 3L primi-ves (0⩽L⩽6),   categories, catsets, USLs  FORM  (syntax)  Perspec-ves: series, matrices, trees  Terms: dic-onary = correspondence points/natural language +  network of seman-c rela-ons between terms  COLOR  (seman-cs)  Texts (USLs with a meaning): Gramma-cal rules for the  genera-on of texts automa-cally transl. into nat. languages   Circuits: networks of texts  LUMINOSITY  (pragma-cs)  Flows: circula-on of seman-c energyn in circuits, following the  rules of informa-on economy games 
  7. 7. The Three Bodies of Collec/ve Intelligence  VIRTUAL BODY  SEMANTIC BODY  USLs: points in IEML space  Perspec?ves: series, trees, matrices  ENERGY BODY  Circuits: graphs of USLs  Flows: economic, electric, neural... models  DATA BODY  Data  Mul?‐Media  3D+t. Addresses  Rep of VB  User‐controlled  automatable  func?ons 
  8. 8. The Nature of Collec-ve Intelligence  group of transforma-on  seman-c space  DIGITAL MEDIA  form : virtual essence  ECOSYSTEM  color : actual essence  (self‐observa-on)  symbolic bodies  luminosity : virtual existence  data : actual existence  SYMBOLIC  CI  COGNITION  subjec-ve experience : virtual presence   GAMES  (observer)  objec-vity : actual presence  techno‐biological environment  material bodies  3D MATERIAL  molecular machines  ECOSYSTEM  par-cles / waves  (phenomena)  group of transforma-on  unified field 
  9. 9. LAYER 0 
  10. 10. IEML PRIMITIVES  *M:**  *T:**  *B:**  *S:**  Noun. En&ty.  Thing.  Being.  Sign.   Ternarity.   Referent.  Interpreter.  Signifier.  *F:**  *O:**  *A:**  *U:**  Fullness.  Verb. Process.  Actualiza&on.  Virtualiza&on.  Bipolarity.    Plus.  Minus.  *I:**  * E:**  Complete primi&ve set.  Emp&ness.  Informa&on.  Silence. 
  11. 11. REMARKABLE PRIMITIVE CATEGORIES IN STAR   CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN BINARY / HEXAGRAMS / STAR / *ENGLISH  Null Set  *I:**  No seman9cs. Unfit for tagging.  Complete set. Informa9on.   Compu9ng use only.  111111  000000  *E:**  *F:**  Emp9ness.  Fullness.  000001  111110  *O:**  *M:**  Bipolarity. Process. Verb.  Ternarity. Representa9on. Noun.  000110  111000  *U:**  *A:**  *S:**  *B:**  *T:**  Virtualiza9on.  Actualiza9on.  Sign.  Being.  Thing.  Minus.  Plus.  Signifier.  Interpreter.  Referent.  000010  000100  001000  010000  100000 
  12. 12. Governance / values Rights / duties Will networks ETHICAL CAPITAL  Arts Finance Sciences Competence Knowledge networks Power networks EPISTEMIC  PRACTICAL  CAPITAL   CAPITAL  Collective Intelligence CULTURAL  CAPITAL  BIOPHYSICAL  CAPITAL  Messages Equipment / technology Medias Health / environment Documentary networks Bodily networks SOCIAL CAPITAL  Trust Social roles Personal networks
  13. 13. WILL  COLLECTIVE  Collective INTELLIGENCE  Intelligence PEOPLE 
  14. 14. * O: ** Layer 0 verbishness process, bi-polarity U: A: primitive primitive virtualize actualize variable operator heaven earth yang yin emptiness phenomena intelligible perceptible transcendence immanence type occurrence minus plus
  15. 15. * M: ** Layer 0 nounishness, representation, ternarity S: B: T: primitive element primitive element primitive element sign being thing sem. adressing ƒ evaluation ƒ indexation ƒ signifier interpreter referent proposition judgement state of things intelligence intellect intelligible grammar dialectic rhetoric price property utility teachings community ultimate nature legislative judiciary executive
  16. 16. Layer 0 63 Primitive Categories * / E: / U: / A: / S: / B: / T: / I: / F: / O: / M: ** I: O: M: information in verbishness, bi-polarity nounishness, ternarity general Diagram */U:+M: /A:+M:** */E:+U:+M: /E:+A:+M:** CI Networks CI networks fictictious CI networks
  17. 17. *I:** information in general layer 0 F: fullness, non-fiction O: M: process, verbishness, bi-polarity representation, nounishness, ternarity. U: A: S: B: T: virtual actual sign being thing E:+O: E:+M: E: fictitious process fictitious representation emptiness, E:+U: E:+A: E:+S: E:+B: E:+T: silence, illusion, fiction fiction of virtuality fiction of actuality fictitious sign fictitious being fictitious thing
  18. 18. /U:+M: /A:+M: collective intelligence networks layer 0 O:+S: O:+B: O:+T: sign networks being networks thing networks U:+M: U:+S: U:+B: U:+T: networks of networks of networks of powers virtual networks knowledge will/rules A:+M: A:+S: A:+B: A:+T: actual networks networks of networks of people networks of bodies documents
  19. 19. /E:+U:+M: /E:+A:+M: fictitious networks of collective intelligence layer 0 E:+O:+S: E:+O:+B: E:+O:+T: fictitious sign fictitious being fictitious thing networks networks networks E:+U:+M: E:+U:+S: E:+U:+B: E:+U:+T: fictitious virtual fictitious networks fictitious networks fictitious networks networks of knowledge of rules of powers E:+A:+M: E:+A:+S: E:+A:+B: E:+A:+T: fictitious actual fictitious networks fictitious networks fictitious networks networks of documents of people of bodies
  20. 20. LAYER 1 
  21. 21. F:F:. F:O:. F:M:. O:O:. O:M:. O:F:. generate act M:O:. M:M:. M:F:. mutation basis
  22. 22. LAYER 1  verbs 
  23. 23. O:O:. generate O:U:. O:A:. generate into the generate into the virtual actual U:U:E:. U:A:E:. U:O:. wo. wa. generate from the generate operate virtual possibles A:U:E:. A:A:E:. A:O:. wu. we. generate from the perceive reconstitute actual
  24. 24. O:M:. act O:S:. O:B:. O:T:. act according to act according to act according to sign being thing U:S:E:. U:B:E:. U:T:E:. U:M:. y. o. e. act virtually know want can A:S:E:. A:B:E:. A:T:E:. A:M:. u. a. i. act actually express commit do
  25. 25. LAYER 1  nouns 
  26. 26. M:O:. mutation S:O:. B:O:. T:O:. sign in mutation being in mutation thing in mutation S:U:E:. B:U:E:. T:U:E:. M:U:. j. h. p. virtual mutation signifier mutation signified mutation referent mutation S:A:E:. B:A:E:. T:A:E:. M:A:. g. c. x. actual mutation document mutation personal mutation material mutation
  27. 27. M:M:. basis M:S:. M:B:. M:T:. basis for sign basis for being basis for thing S:S:E:. S:B:E:. S:T:E:. S:M:. s. b. t. sign in basis thought language memory B:S:E:. B:B:E:. B:T:E:. B:M:. k. m. n. being in basis society affect world T:S:E:. T:B:E:. T:T:E:. T:M:. d. f. I. thing in basis truth life space
  28. 28. LAYER 1  auxiliaries 
  29. 29. E:F:O:. E:F:M:. logical strategy gradient adverb E:F:U:. E:F:A:. E:F:S:. E:F:B:. E:F:T:. logical may logical must less medium more E:O:O:. E:O:M:. logical construction variation E:O:U:. E:O:A:. E:O:S:. E:O:B:. E:O:T:. construction construction comparative comparative comparative may must minus medium plus E:U:O:. E:U:U:. E:U:A:. E:U:M:. E:U:S:. E:U:B:. E:U:T:. deconstructive interrogation? negation quality worse as good better mood variation E:A:O:. E:A:U:. E:A:A:. E:A:M:. E:A:S:. E:A:B:. E:A:T:. constructive quotation affirmation quantity a few / medium a lot / very mood variation slightly quantity, equality E:M:O:. E:M:M:. inference distribution E:M:U:. E:M:A:. E:M:S:. E:M:B:. E:M:T:. inference may inference must distrib. distrib. distrib. plus minus medium E:S:O:. E:S:U:. E:S:A:. E:S:M:. E:S:S:. E:S:B:. E:S:T:. hypothesis possibility condition time never sometimes always if distribution E:B:O:. E:B:U:. E:B:A:. E:B:M:. E:B:S:. E:B:B:. E:B:T:. belief credibility authority frequency rarely usually, often distribution regularly E:T:O:. E:T:U:. E:T:A:. E:T:M:. E:T:S:. E:T:B:. E:T:T:. conclusion by logical by experience, space nowhere somewhere everywhere then, therefore necessity from the facts distribution
  30. 30. E:O:O:. logical construction E:O:U:. E:O:A:. construction construction may must E:U:O:. E:U:U:. E:U:A:. deconstructive interrogation? negation mood E:A:O:. E:A:U:. E:A:A:. constructive quotation affirmation mood
  31. 31. E:O:M:. variation E:O:S:. E:O:B:. E:O:T:. comparative comparative comparative minus medium plus E:U:M:. E:U:S:. E:U:B:. E:U:T:. quality worse as good better variation E:A:M:. E:A:S:. E:A:B:. E:A:T:. quantity a few / medium a lot / very variation slightly quantity, equality
  32. 32. E:M:O:. logical inference E:M:U:. E:M:A:. inference may inference must E:S:O:. E:S:U:. E:S:A:. hypothesis possibility condition if E:B:O:. E:B:U:. E:B:A:. belief credibility authority E:T:O:. E:T:U:. E:T:A:. conclusion by logical by experience, then, therefore necessity from the facts
  33. 33. E:M:M:. distribution E:M:S:. E:M:B:. E:M:T:. distrib. distrib. distrib. plus minus medium E:S:M:. E:S:S:. E:S:B:. E:S:T:. time never sometimes always distribution E:B:M:. E:B:S:. E:B:B:. E:B:T:. frequency rarely usually, often distribution regularly E:T:M:. E:T:S:. E:T:B:. E:T:T:. space nowhere somewhere everywhere distribution
  34. 34. E:E:M:. Case indicators for verb clauses E:E:S:. E:E:B:. E:E:T:. nominative, dative, beneficiary accusative, direct subject (to) object E:E:O:. Case indicators for noun clauses E:E:U:. E:E:A:. Attribute of the Genitive (of) noun
  35. 35. LAYER 2 
  36. 36. LAYER 2  verbs 
  37. 37. O:O:.F:.- control sensori-motor experience O:O:.U:.- O:O:.A:.- O:O:.S:.- O:O:.B:.- O:O:.T:.- control audio control touch control visual control physical / control motor experience experience experience chemical experience experience wo.F:.- wo.U:.- wo.A:.- wo.S:.- wo.B:.- wo.T:.- modulate control sound control force control size, color, control smell taste, control orientation phenomena shape cook / brew / lead position in space chemical processes wa.F:.- wa.U:.- wa.A:.- wa.S:.- wa.B:.- wo.T:.- display sensori- display / broadcast display signature / display / display / broadcast display movement motricity voice / sound track / imprint broadcast image smell taste / drive, dance, etc. wu.F:.- wu.U:.- wu.A:.- wu.S:.- wu.B:.- wu.T:.- feel / recognize hear / recognize touch / recognize see / recognize smell / taste / recognize auditive forms haptic or tactile visual forms recognize chemical movement / forms forms manipulation forms we.F:.- we.U:.- we.A:.- we.S:.- we.B:.- we.T:.- shut off sensori- make silence / insulate / protect hide / protect insulate from thermic create foundation / motricity insulate from sound from contact from vision / chemical changes unmovable base (insulate from mvt)
  38. 38. O:O:.O:M:.- work O:O:.y.- O:O:.o.- O:O:.e.- O:O:.u.- O:O:.a.- O:O:.i.- work on knowledge work on principles work on skills work on work on work on communication commitment equipment wo.O:M:.- wo.y.- wo.o.- wo.e.- wo.u.- wo.a.- wo.i.- identify key-points get one's bearing in establish principles identify follow find one's fitting choose the of one's activity knowledge competencies communication place equipment threads wa.O:M:.- wa.y.- wa.o.- wa.e.- wa.u.- wa.a.- wa.i.- master one's master knowledge stick to principles master find / show cultivate one's use the equipment activity competencies information character wu.O:M:.- wu.y.- wu.o.- wu.e.- wu.u.- wu.a.- wu.i.- exert critical questioning accepted question oneself assess reorient into discern characters test the equipment judgement knowledge competencies communication modes we.O:M:.- we.y.- we.o.- we.e.- we.u.- we.a.- we.i.- renew the activity rebuild knowledge renew objectives renew refresh one's renew one's renew the competencies documentation commitments equipment
  39. 39. O:O:.M:O:.- govern O:O:j.- O:O:.g.- O:O:.h.- O:O:.c.- O:O:.p.- O:O:.x.- govern the govern the govern the govern/ grow govern the govern the symbolic syst. communication meaning of the the community relation with the technical syst. enterprise objectives wo.M:O:.- wo.j.- wo.g.- wo.h.- wo.c.- wo.p.- wo.x.- monitoring envisage other reflect on other think about reflect on redefine reflect on alternative symbolic syst. communication other possible possible objectives possible frameworks modes meanings communities techniques wa.M:O:.- wa.j.- wa.g.- wa.h.- wa.c.- wa.p.- wa.x.- improve the improve improve deepen the renew the meet the improve the frameworks symbolic syst. communication meaning of the community objectives technical system system activity wu.M:O:.- wu.j.- wu.g.- wu.h.- wu.c.- wu.p.- wu.x.- assess the assess the assess assess re-assess the measure the assess the frameworks symbolic syst. in communication interpretation community distance to the technical system use mode mode objectives we.M:O:.- we.j.- we.g.- we.h.- we.c.- we.p.- we.x.- unify the unify the unify unify the unify the unify objectives unify the frameworks symbolic syst. communication meaning of the community technical system activity
  40. 40. O:O:.M:M:.- provide resources for action O:O:.s.- O:O:.b.- O:O:t.- O:O:.k.- O:O:.m.- O:O:.n.- O:O:.d.- O:O:.f.- O:O:.l.- PRFA through PRFA through PRFA through PRFA through PRFA through PRFA by tuning PRFA through PRFA through PRFA through intellectual language play time mastering generosity emotional to the cosmos concern for the body spatial extension openness fluidity truth wo.M:M:.- wo.s.- wo.b.- wo.t.- wo.k.- wo.m.- wo.n.- wo.d.- wo.f.- wo.l.- cultivate brain storming augment remember plant seeds of change change world meditate on experiment new make room / experience linguistic social change emotional representation alternative bodily habits reorganize variation resources patterns truths wa.M:M:.- wa.s.- wa.b.- wa.t.- wa.k.- wa.m.- wa.n.- wa.d.- wa.f.- wa.l.- cultivate having concern express oneself take risks act for the sake sublimate cultivate one's experiment cultivate one's increase range strenghth of for action through acts of society emotions motivation physical energy of action action wu.M:M:.- wu.s.- wu.b.- wu.t.- wu.k.- wu.m.- wu.n.- wu.d.- wu.f.- wu.l.- cultivate increase increase poetic understand cultivate social being aware of cultivate clarity observe cultivate body increase one's perception intellectual sensitivity causes awareness emotions of meaning awareness overall view subtleness sensitivity we.M:M:.- we.s.- we.b.- we.t.- we.k.- we.m.- we.n.- we.d.- we.f.- we.l.- cultivate cultivate cultivate manage setting-up social cultivate accept peer adopt a satisfy primary increase sustainable intellectual information timetable bonds emotional evaluation measurement needs working capacity balance balance system equilibrium system
  41. 41. O:M:.O:O:.- gain empowerment y.O:O:.- o.O:O:.- e.O:O:.- u.O:O:.- a.O:O:.- i.O:O:.- assume identity use law control exhibit create / initiate equip O:M:.wo.- y.wo.- o.wo.- e.wo.- u.wo.- a.wo.- i.wo.- gain in creative assume a work's use intellectual exploit a talent / publish/exhibit create a scientific / equip scientific / power responsability property law gift original work artistic work artistic activity O:M:.wa.- y.wa.- o.wa.- e.wa.- u.wa.- a.wa.- i.wa.- gain in economic assume a use administrative possess an exhibit products of create a company equip a company power corporate identity / commercial law economic good / a economic activity / economic capital activity O:M:.wu.- y.wu.- o.wu.- e.wu.- u.wu.- a.wu.- i.wu.- gain in citizen assume one's use criminal law keep watching / express oneself in lead a political / equip a territory / empowerment personal identity organize the media action collectivity transparency O:M:.we.- y.we.- o.we.- e.we.- u.we.- a.we.- i.we.- gain in family assume family use family law control birth give support / create a familiy equip a household empowerment tradition / identity help in family
  42. 42. O:M:.O:M:.- perform O:M:.y.- O:M:.o.- O:M:.e.- O:M:.u.- O:M:.a.- O:M:.i.- perform in perform in perform in perform in perform in perform in will knowledge ability expression society concrete things y.O:M:.- y.y.- y.o.- y.e.- y.u.- y.a.- y.i.- perform on master a establish explicitate / analyse interrogate learn knowledge basis knowledge field priorities formalize o.O:M:.- o.y.- o.o.- o.e.- o.u.- o.a.- o.i.- perform on will aim at an make an choose specify campaign (com) lead basis objective application e.O:M:.- e.y.- e.o.- e.e.- e.u.- e.a.- e.i.- perform on exercise a synthetize design / plan deliberate demand give ability basis competence u.O:M:.- u.y.- u.o.- u.e.- u.u.- u.a.- u.i.- perform on respond adhere to ideas judge communicate promise lend expressive basis a.O:M:.- a.y.- a.o.- a.e.- a.u.- a.a.- a.i.- perform on teach follow offer / supply keep one's word contract sell social basis i.O:M:.- i.y.- i.o.- i.e.- i.u.- i.a.- i.i.- perform on obtain / get (a compute take borrow buy manufacture concrete basis position)
  43. 43. O:M:.M:O:.- create a work of the mind O:M:.j.- O:M:.g.- O:M:.h.- O:M:.c.- O:M:.p.- O:M:.x.- work on medium work on discourse work on work on oneself work on the work on method / interpretation subject project y.M:O:.- y.j.- y.g.- y.h.- y.c.- y.p.- y.x.- consider possible examine possible consider possible examine possible examine one's examine possible review possible productions media discourses meanings obstacles subjects methods o.M:O:.- o.j.- o.g.- o.h.- o.c.- o.p.- o.x.- orient one's choose a form of choose one's choose an orient one's personal choose a subject orient into the production expression discourse interpretation path steps of the work e.M:O:.- e.j.- e.g.- e.h.- e.c.- e.p.- e.x.- master one's master a medium make a discourse follow a method of prepare oneself for being equal to a make tools one's production one's own interpretation change subject own u.M:O:.- u.j.- u.g.- u.h.- u.c.- u.p.- u.x.- communicate one's analyse one's deliver a speech state the meaning commit oneself to explain one's explain one's work production language change subject a.M:O:.- a.j.- a.g.- a.h.- a.c.- a.p.- a.x.- commit into one's assume one's style commit oneself to defend an accept one's get involved in get involved in production one's discourse interpretation transformation one's subject one's work i.M:O:.- i.j.- i.g.- i.h.- i.c.- i.p.- i.x.- acchieve/ improve refine one's elaborate one's elaborate an coming to term with construct one's work with matter one's production language discourse interpretation one's obstacles subject
  44. 44. O:M:.F:.- move / accomplish a physical action O:M:.O:.- O:M:.M:.- move in relation to center provoque a physical shift O:M:.U:.- O:M:.A:.- move move centripetal centrifugal y.F:.- y.U:.- y.A:.- y.S:.- y.B:.- y.T:.- perform fold / wrap unfold / sort / tie / attach dig / pierce / topological moves unwrap differentiate sculpt U:M:.F:.- o.F:.- o.U:.- o.A:.- o.S:.- o.B:.- o.T:.- objective manipulate receive send bring / catch / grasp keep moves valuable objects carry e.F:.- e.U:.- e.A:.- e.S:.- e.B:.- e.T:.- (dis)place objects pull push disperse gather build / combine u.F:.- u.U:.- u.A:.- u.S:.- u.B:.- u.T:.- move oneself in come go fly / travel swim / travel walk / travel space through air through water on land A:M:.F:- a.F:.- a.U:.- a.A:.- a.S:.- a.B:.- a.T:.- subjective perform digest / excrete breathe drink eat moves metabolic assimilate function a.F:.- i.U:.- i.A:.- i.S:.- i.B:.- i.T:.- perform a hit throw lift jump run physical action energetically
  45. 45. O:O:.O:O:.- live O:O:.wo.- O:O:.wa.- O:O:.wu.- O:O:.we.- sprout flourish produce fruit wane wo.O:O:.- wo.wo.- wo.wa.- wo.wu.- wo.we.- go through the being initiated celebrate get used mourn symbolic cycle wa.O:O:.- wa.wo.- wa.wa.- wa.wu.- wa.we.- go through the eat / rest / wake up strive fall asleep daily cycle entertain wu.O:O:.- wu.wo.- wu.wa.- wu.wu.- wu.we.- go through the age be a child be young be mature growing old cycle we.O:O:.- we.wo.- we.wa.- we.wu.- we.we.- go through the make love / be born give birth die reproductive cycle conceive
  46. 46. O:M:.M:M:.- undermine human development O:M:.- b.O:M:.- t.O:M:.- k.O:M:.- m.O:M:.- n.O:M:.- d.O:M:.- f.O:M:.- l.O:M:.- neglect thought misuse act off the beat undo the despise shrink the neglect weaken the neglect space language society emotions world exactitude body y.M:M:.- y.s.- y.b.- y.t.- y.k.- y.m.- y.n.- y.d.- y.f.- y.l.- obscure intelligence negl. intellectual not abstracting forget ignore ignore ignore ignore facts intoxicate ignore limits discipline relations emotions principles oneself o.M:M:.- o.s.- o.b.- o.t.- o.k.- o.m.- o.n.- o.d.- o.f.- o.l.- dim human have predudices misunderstand be late / break social be be narrow lie inflict suffering provoke chaos / existence procrastinate bonds unconcerned minded confusion e.M:M:.- e.s.- e.b.- e.t.- e.k.- e.m.- e.n.- e.d.- e.f.- e.l.- lack ability neglect the codes be incoherent offend be victim of threaten be a follower be technically neglect the undertake one's passions incompetent body impractical act. u.M:M:.- u.s.- u.b.- u.t.- u.k.- u.m.- u.n.- u.d.- u.f.- u.l.- undermine semiotic disfigure / deface soliloquize counterfeit / use jargon manipulate take refuge in lack precision shun one's soil function forge emotions anonymity sensations a.M:M:.- a.s.- a.b.- a.t.- a.k.- a.m.- a.n.- a.d.- a.f.- a.l.- undermine social interpret literally interrupt imitate / stir up conflict abandon corrupt be superficial assault transgress function transmission plagiarize i.M:M:.- i.s.- i.b.- i.t.- i.k.- i.m.- i.n.- i.d.- i.f.- i.l.- undermine block up / off interrupt brake /smash steal use weapons provoque disturb be sick / be catched in a technical function interfaces communicat. / pierce accident mechanism injuried trap
  47. 47. LAYER 2  nouns 
  48. 48. M:O:.O:O:.- generative mutation j.O:O:.- g.O:O:.- h.O:O:.- c.O:O:.- p.O:O:. x.O:O:.- generative generative generative generative generative object generative language change message change meaning change personal change change material change M:O:.wo.- j.wo.- g.wo.- h.wo.- c.wo.- p.wo. x.wo.- mut. of the reflection turning initiation / new conversion personal transition of transformative universe of point name maturation interests / chance possibilities attention M:O:.wa.- j.wa.- g.wa.- h.wa.- c.wa.- p.wa. x.wa.- action mutation change of feed-back situation reversal alliance shift change of new vehicle / justifications objective new tool M:O:.wu.- j.wu.- g.wu.- h.wu.- c.wu.- p.wu. x.wu.- perception new perception gestalt switch existential bodily creation / new instrument mutation grid discovery transformation destruction of an of observation object M:O:.we.- j.we.- g.we.- h.we.- c.we.- p.we. x.we.- reconstitution consequences of context variation situation family event irreversible mutation of mutation actions reframing consequence natural environment
  49. 49. M:O:.O:M:.- condition of activity M:O:.U:M:.- M:O:.A:M:.- condition of virtual activity condition of actual activity M:O:.y.- M:O:.o.- M:O:.e.- M:O:.u.- M:O:.a.- M:O:.i.- condition of condition of condition of condition of condition of condition of knowledge will power enunciation social integration efficiency j.O:M:.- j.y.- j.o.- j.e.- j.u.- j.a.- j.i.- actualizing linguistic hypothesis / unconscious power invention / learning strategic thinking process (virtual) conceptual disclosure recognition generation of community's improvement S:O:.O:M:.- framework formul. ideas language activity condition in sign g.O:M:.- g.y.- g.o.- g.e.- g.u.- g.a.- g.i.- actualizing expressive gathering / assimilation of expression of organization of participation to tactical mobility process (actual) categorization of the unconscious power: order / ideas the community's improvement data by the ego decree conversation h.O:M:.- h.y.- h.o.- h.e.- h.u.- h.a.- h.i.- actualizing semantic attendance to a acceptance of conquest of clarifying the adherence to the relevant process (virtual) learning inst. / impulses / legitimacy meaning of the values of the interpretation of B:O:.O:M:.- school liberation message community facts activity condition in being c.O:M:.- c.y.- c.o.- c.e.- c.u.- c.a.- c.i.- actualizing personal obtaining a degree acceptance of seizure of power esablishment of personal fit behavior process (actual) /credit prohibitions / relations betw. identification to renunciation interlocutors the community p.O:M:.- p.y.- p.o.- p.e.- p.u.- p.a.- p.i.- actualizing referential contemplation of contemplation familiarization context taken contemplation of modeling / process (virtual) a knowledge object of the object of with the domain into account the community rehearsal T:O:.O:M:.- desire of competence activity condition in thing x.O:M:.- x.y.- x.o.- x.e.- x.u.- x.a.- x.i.- actualizing material experience / enjoyment exercise of power publication / doing things with manufacturing / process (actual) experimentation delivery people execution
  50. 50. M:O:.M:O:.- transformation j.M:O:.- M:O:.g.- M:O:.h.- M:O:.c.- M:O:.p.- M:O:.x.- transformation in transformation in transformation in transformation in transformation in transformation in knowledge expression will society ability concrete things j.M:O:.- j.j.- j.g.- j.h.- j.c.- j.p.- j.x.- transformation on intellectual new question priority change learning nouvelle analyse évolution du knowledge basis mutation transformation formalisme g.M:O:.- g.j.- g.g.- g.h.- g.c.- g.p.- g.x.- transform. on new response discourse mutation change of ideas renouvellement nouvelle transformation du expressive basis voeu / promesse déliberartion crédit h.M:O:.- h.j.- h.g.- h.h.- h.c.- h.p.- h.x.- transformation on new choice new ethical mutation chgt de direction / modification des nouvelle will basis communication management spécifications candidature form c.M:O:.- c.j.- c.g.- c.h.- c.c.- c.p.- c.x.- transformation on teaching renouvellement de changement de social bond évolution de l'offre changement de social basis transformation la confiance personnel mutation propriétaire p.M:O:.- p.j.- p.g.- p.h.- p.c.- p.p.- p.x.- transformation on new synthesis nouveau jugement nouv. conception évolution de la shift of power exchange ability basis / plan demande x.M:O:.- x.j.- x.g.- x.h.- x.c.- x.p.- x.x.- transformation on computation debt nouvelle obtention nouvelle sharing production concrete basis evolution transformation acquisition mutation
  51. 51. M:O:.M:M:.- obstacle (complementary of *M:M:.M:O:.-**) M:O:.s.- M:O:.b.- M:O:.t.- M:O:.k.- M:O:.m.- M:O:.n.- M:O:.d.- M:O:.f.- M:O:.l.- initial obstacle obstacle in language obstacle in time obstacle in affective / obstacle in obstacle in truth obstacle related obstacle in space community ethical obstacle vitality deficiency / rigor to people deficency imperfection j.M:M:.- j.s.- j.b.- j.t.- j.k.- j.m.- j.n.- j.d.- j.f.- j.l.- poetical obstacle slip of tongue / redundancy archaism syntaxical error / banality / unfelt cliché / platitude wooden speech / lack of aesthetic absence of echo articulation lexical inappro- expression cant / echolalia sensibility / response deficiency priatness g.M:M:.- g.s.- g.b.- g.t.- g.k.- g.m.- g.n.- g.d.- g.f.- g.l.- obstacle related to noise transmission error untimely / lack of interest from malicious gossip inertia in attitude calculation censorship / intellectual communication inappropriate the public / for the / contempt / behavior mistake message betrayal myopia / rigidity expression medium h.M:M:.- h.s.- h.b.- h.t.- h.k.- h.m.- h.n.- h.d.- h.f.- h.l.- spiritual obstacle confusion manipulation / forgetfulness betrayal of the spirit inconsistency opportunism cultural breaking off / fondamentalism manipulative / the tradition between speech and coarseness / severing / xenophobia language act poorness c.M:M:.- c.s.- c.b.- c.t.- c.k.- c.m.- c.n.- c.d.- c.f.- c.l.- socio-political fanaticism / ultra- discrimination based obsolescence sclerosis of the persecution / political hypocisy / personal failure / exile obstacle conservatism on prejudices / relation / bond harrassment stagnation deception defeat language of exclusion or hate p.M:M:.- p.s.- p.b.- p.t.- p.k.- p.m.- p.n.- p.d.- p.f.- p.l.- economic obstacle lack of means / bad reputation / loss / waste / breach of contract / exploitation lack of economic lack of economic theft, unfair illusion of self- want / poverty rejection from the capital erosion company closing initiative information and competition sufficency consumers down / bankruptcy training x.M:M:.- x.s.- x.b.- x.t.- x.k.- x.m.- x.n.- x.d.- x.f.- x.l.- technical obstacle flawed design isolation / lack of deficiency in lack of human industrial dispute obsolescence / flawed execution non repaired expulsion / common language / coordination and resources / conflict at work wear breakdown / housing or lack of resources inefficiency habitat comunication tools management destruction
  52. 52. M:M:.O:O:.- resources of meaning s.O:O:.- b.O:O:.- t.O:O:.- k.O:O:.- m.O:O:.- n.O:O:.- d.O:O:.- f.O:O:.- l.O:O:.- sources of sources of sources of sources of sources of sources of sources of sources of sources of meaning in meaning in meaning in meaning in meaning in meaning in the meaning in rigor meaning in the meaning in thought communication memory community affective relation relation to the body liberty / cosmos responsability M:M:.wo s.wo.- b.wo.- t.wo.- k.wo.- m.wo.- n.wo.- d.wo.- f.wo.- l.wo.- intellectual sources strategy intellectual bringing together school of thought appeal of the spiritual exercise intellectuel intellectual freedom of of mening exchange unknown constraint gymnastics thought M:M:.wa s.wa.- b.wa.- t.wa.- k.wa.- m.wa.- n.wa.- d.wa.- f.wa.- l.wa.- practical sources of tactic negotiation / unexpected community of audacity practical wisdom ethical constraint physical activity freedom of meaning coordination events / chance actions / prudence mouvement M:M:.wu s.wu.- b.wu.- t.wu.- k.wu.- m.wu.- n.wu.- d.wu.- f.wu.- l.wu.- aesthetic sources of analysis of aesthetic main thread community of taste for life creative aesthetic brilliance of freedom of meaning perceptions encounter shared tastes imagination constraint perceptions expression M:M:.we s.we.- b.we.- t.we.- k.we.- m.we.- n.we.- d.we.- f.we.- l.we.- sources of meaning concern for the media climate regularity residential acceptance of cultural roots technical leisure / economic in sustainability environment community constraints constraint entertainment / responsability break / relaxation
  53. 53. M:M:.O:M:.- basis of human development S:M:.O:M:.- B:M:.O:M:.- T:M:.O:M:.- sign in basis for HD being in basis for HD thing in basis for HD s.O:M:.- b.O:M:.- t.O:M:.- k.O:M:.- m.O:M:.- n.O:M:.- d.O:M:.- f.O:M:.- l.O:M:.- thought language memory society affect world truth space life actualized actualized actualized actualized actualized actualized actualized actualized actualized M:M:.y.- s.y.- b.y.- t.y.- k.y.- m.y.- n.y.- d.y.- f.y.- l.y.- intelligence organized formal memory relational emotional knowledge of knowledge of body awareness of knowledge intelligence management intelligence intelligence principles facts intelligence limits M:M:.U:M.- M:M:.o.- s.o.- b.o.- t.o.- k.o.- m.o.- n.o.- d.o.- f.o.- l.o.- basis for HD value concern for taste for right time desire for emotional thirst for truth value living body / space thought language social bond involvement cosmos sentient being organization into the virtual M:M:.e.- s.e.- b.e.- t.e.- k.e.- m.e.- n.e.- d.e.- f.e.- l.e.- ability mastery of reasoning ability to self-control / negotiation leadership / technical know- sensorimotor engineering codes / ability / convince / grammar ability / rhetoric how / ability / competence / grammar dialectic rhetoric dialectic grammar dialectic rhetoric M:M:.u.- s.u.- b.u.- t.u.- k.u.- m.u.- n.u.- d.u.- f.u.- l.u.- semiotic image speech mark symbol symptom name pointer sensation trace function M:M:.A:M.- M:M:.a.- s.a.- b.a.- t.a.- k.a.- m.a.- n.a.- d.a.- f.a.- l.a.- basis for HD social function interpreter storyteller scribe chief parent judge researcher healer guardian into the actual M:M:.i.- s.i.- b.i.- t.i.- k.i.- m.i.- n.i.- d.i.- f.i.- l.i.- technical interface medium container gift toy fire / measurement organ knot / function transformation instrument connection technology technique
  54. 54. M:M:.M:O:.- creation-innovation cycle (complementary with *M:O:.M:M:.-**) s.M:O:.- b.M:O:.- t.M:O:.- k.M:O:.- m.M:O:.- n.M:O:.- d.M:O:.- f.M:O:.- l.M:O:.- CIC project communication inscription in social dimension affective / ethical sustainable truth / exactness personal manifestation in constraints of a time of a CIC of a CIC reverberations of transformations / rigor connexion of a space of a CIC CIC a CIC resulting from a constraints of a CIC CIC CIC M:M:.j.- s.j.- b.j.- t.j.- k.j.- m.j.- n.j.- d.j.- f.j.- l.j.- poetic CIC poetic project / semiotic artistic tradition re-created expression / réveil language originality / aesthetic vibe / influence network poetic dimension innovation / reference language poétique des sustainable distinct connection of an artistic / of a CI project community émotions transformation expression between persons poetic work M:M:.g.- s.g.- b.g.- t.g.- k.g.- m.g.- n.g.- d.g.- f.g.- l.g.- communication CIC com. project / message content traditional or re-created public empathy with the change of public documents or faithful message diffusion com. dimension or substance recurring theme or media public behavior messages quality spokesman / graph of a CI project community representative M:M:.h.- s.h.- b.h.- t.h.- k.h.- m.h.- n.h.- d.h.- f.h.- l.h.- cultural CIC cultural project / context spiritual heritage re-created coherence acculturation cultural fruitful encounter migration cult. dimension reinterpretation community of between speech refinement of a CI project spirit and action M:M:.c.- s.c.- b.c.- t.c.- k.c.- m.c.- n.c.- d.c.- f.c.- l.c.- political CIC political project / ability to gather political legacy or renewed social people's respect political evolution authenticity election / country / pol. dimension of people tradition bond appointment / territorial a CI project personal victory projection of political creation M:M:.p.- s.p.- b.p.- t.p.- k.p.- m.p.- n.p.- d.p.- f.p.- l.p.- economic CIC economic project consumers accumulation / renewed rendered service market evolution business commercial skills network / eco. dimension conversations gain, benefit economic intelligence relationship / of a CI project about the product partnership contact M:M:.x.- s.x.- b.x.- t.x.- k.x.- m.x.- n.x.- d.x.- f.x.- l.x.- technical CIC tech. project / collaborative calendar / renewed project atmosphere of transformation of rigorous satisfied user moving / local tech. dimension environment budget of a team collaboration the practical technical arrangement of a CI project project universe procedure
  55. 55. LAYER 2  auxiliaries 
  56. 56. E:F:.O:.O:.- pronoun E:U:.O:O:.- E:A:.O:O:.- E:S:.O:O:.- E:B:.O:O:.- E:T:.O:O:.- demonstrative possessive first person second third person / index person E:F:.wo.- E:U:.wo.- E:A:.wo.- E:S:.wo- E:B:.wo- E:T:.wo.- my / your / you singular number this, this one I / me it E:F:.U:O:.- its singular indifferent E:F:.wa.- E:U:.wa.- E:A:.wa.- E:S:.wa.- E:B:.wa- E:T:.wo.- number our / your / plural number these us you plural them their E:F:.wu. E:U:.wu.- E:A:.wu.- E:S:.wu.- E:B:.wu.- T:.wu.- my / your/ I / me / us him / he / male gender this male you male E:F:.A:O:.- his (M) male them (M) neutral E:F:.we. E:U:.we.- E:A:.we.- E:S:.we.- E:B:.we.- E:T:.we.- gender my / your / I / me / us her / them female gender this female you female her (F) female (F)
  57. 57. E:F:.O:M:.- conjugation E:O:.O:M:.- E:M:.O:M:.- participation mood tense /time / when E:U:.O:M:.- E:A:.O:M:.- E:S:.O:M:.- E:B:.O:M:.- E:T:.O:M:.- passive active future present past E:F:.y.- E:U:.y.- E:A:.y.- E:S:.y.- E:B:.y.- E:T:.y.- indicative known knowing will know know now has known mood E:F:.U:M:.- E:F:.o.- E:U:.o.- E:A:.o.- E:S:.o.- E:B:.o.- E:T:.o.- delarative optative wanted willing will want want now would mood mood E:F:.e.- E:U:.e.- E:A:.e.- E:S:.e.- E:B:.e.- E:T:.e.- abilitative enabled abling will be able can now could mood E:F:.u.- E:U:.u.- E:A:.u.- E:S:.u.- E:B:.u.- E:T:.u.- expressive expressed expressing will express express now has expressed mood E:F:A:M:.- E:F:.a.- E:U:.a.- E:A:.a.- E:S:.a.- E:B:.a.- E:T:.a.- performative promisive commited commiting will commit commit now has commited mood mood E:F:.a.- E:U:.i.- E:A:.i.- E:S:.i.- E:B:.i.- E:T:.i.- imperative be done be doing will execute execute now should mood
  58. 58. E:O:.M:O:.- how / manner (inflection-adverb-conjunction-preposition-article) E:O:.S:O:.- E:O:.B:O:.- E:O:.T:O:.- manner of comparison manner of orientation manner of existence E:O:.j.- E:O:.g.- E:O:.h.- E:O:.c.- E:O:.p.- E:O:.x.- manner of manner of manner of manner of manner of manner of resemblance identity tropism (virtual) choice (actual) definition presence (actual) (virtual) (actual) (virtual) E:U:.M:O:.- E:U:.j.- E:U:.g.- E:U:.h.- E:U:.c.- E:U:.p.- E:U:.x.- negative (by) contrast/ other / unlike avoiding / anti / against indefinite / a / without manner but turning back to some E:A:.M:O:.- E:A:.j.- E:A:.g.- E:A:.h.- E:A:.c.- E:A:.p.- E:A:.x.- positive manner (by) analogy same / like / searching / pro / for- definite / the with as heading to support
  59. 59. E:M:.M:O:.- why / because / reason / cause / role (inflection-adverb-conjunction-preposition-article) E:M:.S:O:.- E:M:.B:O:.- E:M:.T:O:.- formal cause / role functional cause / role existential cause / role E:M:.j.- E:M:.g.- E:M:.h.- E:M:.c.- E:M:.p.- E:M:.x.- virtual formal actual formal virtual functional actual functional virtual existential actual cause cause cause cause cause existential cause E:S:.M:O:.- E:S:.j.- E:S:.g.- E:S:.h.- E:S:.c.- E:S:.p.- E:S:.x.- specification set element operator operand whole part cause E:B:.M:O:.- E:B:.j.- E:B:.g.- E:B:.h.- E:B:.c.- E:B:.p.- E:B:.x.- interaction mutation selection operation variable patient agent cause E:T:.M:O:.- E:T:.j.- E:T:.g.- E:T:.h.- E:T:.c.- E:T:.p.- E:T:.x.- realization structure matter machine state goal / for- mean cause purpose
  60. 60. E:F:.M:M:.- E:M:.M:M:.- where / place where / place: path orientation (first cutting by substance of the attribute) (adverb-preposition-conjunction) E:M:.S:M:. E:M:.B:M:. E:M:.T:M:. beginning (S: @12) intermediary (B: @12) termination (T: @12) E:M:.s.- E:M:.b.- E:M:.t.- E:M:.k.- E:M:.m.- E:M:.n.- E:M:.d.- E:M:.f.- E:M:.l.- structure dynamic relative space structure dynamic relative space structure dynamic relative space beginning beginning beginning intermediary intermediary inter. termination termination termination (S: @22) (B: @22) (T: @22) (S: @22) (B: @22) (T: @22) (S: @22) (B: @22) (T: @22) E:S:.M:M:.- E:S:.s.- E:S:.b.- E:S:.t.- E:S:.k.- E:S:.m.- E:S:.n.- E:S:.d.- E:S:.f.- E:S:.l.- graph orientation origin source departure channel stream travel end well arrival E:B:.M:M:.- E:B:.s.- E:B:.b.- E:B:.t.- E:B:.k.- E:B:.m.- E:B:.n.- E:B:.d.- E:B:.f.- E:B:.l.- subjective orientation in open at the left far at the limit medium bet. near in closed at the right at the place / space lft / rgt space here E:T:.M:M:.- E:T:.s.- E:T:.b.- E:T:.t.- E:T:.k.- E:T:.m.- E:T:.n.- E:T:.d.- E:T:.f.- E:T:.l.- in/out orientation from out of outside by (itinerary, through (a inter / to into inside vehicle) limit) between
  61. 61. E:F:.M:M:.- E:M:.M:M:.- where / place where / place: path orientation (first cutting by attribute of the substance (adverb-preposition-conjunction) E:M:.M:S:. E:M:.M:B:. E:M:.M:T:. structure orientation (S: @22) dynamic orientation (B: @22) relative space orientation (T: @22) E:M:.s.- E:M:.k.- E:M:.d.- E:M:.b.- E:M:.m.- E:M:.f.- E:M:.t.- E:M:.n.- E:M:.l.- structure structure structure dynamic dynamic dynamic relat. space relat. space relative space beginning inter. term. beginning intermediary term. beginning inter. term. (S: @21) (B: @21) (T: @21) (S: @21) (B: @21) (T: @21) (S: @21) (B: @21) (T: @21) E:S:.M:M:.- E:S:.s.- E:S:.k.- E:S:.d.- E:S:.b.- E:S:.m.- E:S:.f.- E:S:.t.- E:S:.n.- E:S:.l.- graph orientation origin channel end source stream well departure travel arrival E:B:.M:M:.- E:B:.s.- E:B:.k.- E:B:.d.- E:B:.b.- E:B:.m.- E:B:.f.- E:B:.t.- E:B:.n.- E:B:.l.- subjective orientation open at the limit in closed space at the left center at the right far near at the palce / here E:T:.M:M:.- E:T:.s.- E:T:.k.- E:T:.d.- E:T:.b.- E:T:.m.- E:T:.f.- E:T:.t.- E:T:.n.- E:T:.l.- in/out orientation from by (itinerary, to out of through (a into outside inter / inside vehicle) limit) between
  62. 62. E:F:.M:M:.- E:O:.M:M:.- where / place where / place according to axial orientation (first cutting by substance of the attribute) (adverb-preposition-conjunction) E:O:.S:M:.- E:O:.B:M:.- E:O:.T:M:.- high / face (S: @12) plain / core (B: @12) low / back (T: @12) E:O:.s.- E:O:.b.- E:O:.t.- E:O:.k.- E:O:.m.- E:O:.n.- E:O:.d.- E:O:.f.- E:O:.l.- direction relative to a relative to whole direction relative to part relative to direction relative to part relative to (S: @22) part (B: (T: @22) (S: @22) (B: @22) whole (S: @22) (B: @22) whole (T: @22) (T: @22) @22) E:U:.M:M:.- E:U:.s.- E:U:.b.- E:U:.t.- E:U:.k.- E:U:.m.- E:U:.n.- E:U:.d.- E:U:.f.- E:U:.l.- vertical axis up onto at the top, at horizontal at same level half the down under at the bottom, the head direction as height at the foot E:A:.M:M:.- E:A:.s.- E:A:.b.- E:A:.t.- E:A:.k.- E:A:.m.- E:A:.n.- E:A:.d.- E:A:.f.- E:A:.l.- horizontal axis ahead in front of before to the core / in the middle during back behind after center of
  63. 63. E:F:.M:M:.- E:O:.M:M:.- where / place where / place according to axial orientation (first cutting by attribute of the substance) (adverb-preposition-conjunction) E:O:.M:S:.- E:O:M:B:.- E:O:.M:T:.- direction (S: @22) relative to part (B: @22) relative to whole / spatialized time (T: @22) E:O:.s.- E:O:.k.- E:O:.d.- E:O:.b.- E:O:.m.- E:O:.f.- E:O:.t.- E:O:.n.- E:O:.l.- high / face plain / core low / back high / face plain / core low / back high / face plain / core low / back (S: @12) (B: @12) (T: @12) (S: @12) (B: @12) (T: @12) (S: @12) (B: @12) (T: @12) E:U:.M:M:.- E:U:.s.- E:U:.k.- E:U:.d.- E:U:.b.- E:U:.m.- E:U:.f.- E:U:.t.- E:U:.n.- E:U:.l.- vertical mood up horizontal down onto at same level under at the top, at half the at the bottom, direction / as the head height at the foot E:A:.M:M:.- E:A:.s.- E:A:.k.- E:A:.d.- E:A:.b.- E:A:.m.- E:A:.f.- E:A:.t.- E:A:.n.- E:A:.l.- spatialized time ahead to the core / back before in the middle behind in front of during after mood center of
  64. 64. LAYER 3 
  65. 65. LAYER 3  verbs 
  66. 66. OMOM|weh improvement of collective intelligence yyweh yoweh yeweh yuweh yaweh yiweh clarify knowledge define problems propose solutions secure intellectual innovate in social transfer knowledge property rights matters in practical field oyweh ooweh oeweh ouweh oaweh oiweh orient research deepen vision educate filter information assert values orient production eyweh eoweh eeweh euweh eaweh eiweh provide research establish norms and solve problems provide information enrich the draw / stimulate tools standards search tools community investments uyweh uoweh ueweh uuweh uaweh uiweh specify information summarize for produce didactic bring consistency cultivate collective listen / invite governance material memory someone to address ayweh aoweh aeweh auweh aaweh aiweh invest in research govern cultivate human open public space create trust organize the work development load iyweh ioweh ieweh iuweh iaweh iiweh provide intellectual create opportunities invest in business speak out look after the guarantee tools infrastructure compatibility
  67. 67. LAYER 3  nouns 
  68. 68. M:M:.o.-{O:M:.}{O:M:.}-s.y.-' organized knowledge A s.o.-y.y.-s.y.-' b.o.-y.y.-s.y.-' t.o.-y.y.-s.y.-' k.o.-y.y.-s.y.-' m.o.-y.y.-s.y.-' n.o.-y.y.-s.y.-' d.o.-y.y.-s.y.-' f.o.-y.y.-s.y.-' l.o.-y.y.-s.y.-' epistemology diffusion / history of sciences / sociology arts / art/science critic encyclopedia reflexive thought esthetics museology popularization art history sciences s.o.-o.o.-s.y.-' b.o.-o.o.-s.y.-' t.o.-o.o.-s.y.-' k.o.-o.o.-s.y.-' m.o.-o.o.-s.y.-' n.o.-o.o.-s.y.-' d.o.-o.o.-s.y.-' f.o.-o.o.-s.y.-' l.o.-o.o.-s.y.-' management sciences social/ organisational institutional memory political sciences social criticism legal sciences accounting human ressources org. charts / communication management directories s.o.-e.e.-s.y.-' b.o.-e.e.-s.y.-' t.o.-e.e.-s.y.-' k.o.-e.e.-s.y.-' m.o.-e.e.-s.y.-' n.o.-e.e.-s.y.-' d.o.-e.e.-s.y.-' f.o.-e.e.-s.y.-' l.o.-e.e.-s.y.-' ergonomy education and history of trades professional professional skill taxonomy science of tests physical education labour market training studies associations orientation exams s.o.-u.u.-s.y.-' b.o.-u.u.-s.y.-' t.o.-u.u.-s.y.-' k.o.-u.u.-s.y.-' m.o.-u.u.-s.y.-' n.o.-u.u.-s.y.-' d.o.-u.u.-s.y.-' f.o.-u.u.-s.y.-' l.o.-u.u.-s.y.-' semiology linguistics history of socio-linguistics philology lexicology / information sciences musicology semantic cartography communication dictionaries s.o.-a.a.-s.y.-' b.o.-a.a.-s.y.-' t.o.-a.a.-s.y.-' k.o.-a.a.-s.y.-' m.o.-a.a.-s.y.-' n.o.-a.a.-s.y.-' d.o.-a.a.-s.y.-' f.o.-a.a.-s.y.-' l.o.-a.a.-s.y.-' sociology social psychology genealogy civil society studies psychology biographies / diaries statistics demographics social network cartography s.o.-i.i.-s.y.-' b.o.-i.i.-s.y.-' t.o.-i.i.-s.y.-' k.o.-i.i.-s.y.-' m.o.-i.i.-s.y.-' n.o.-i.i.-s.y.-' d.o.-i.i.-s.y.-' f.o.-i.i.-s.y.-' l.o.-i.i.-s.y.-' scientific theory of scientific imaging predictive model research and medicine chemistry experimental / biology physics nature development observational protocol
  69. 69. M:M:.o.-{O:M:.}{O:M:.}-' layer 3 objects of knowledge A s.o.-y.y.-' b.o.-y.y.-' t.o.-y.y.-' k.o.-y.y.-' m.o.-y.y.-' n.o.-y.y.-' d.o.-y.y.-' f.o.-y.y.-' l.o.-y.y.-' scientific scientific artistic/scientifi scholar controversial scientific taxon paradigm / rule of taste / presented object method communication c discipline community object episteme poetic art s.o.-o.o.-' b.o.-o.o.-' t.o.-o.o.-' k.o.-o.o.-' m.o.-o.o.-' n.o.-o.o.-' d.o.-o.o.-' f.o.-o.o.-' l.o.-o.o.-' economic collective institutional political regime social problem law / rules financial collaborator personal data sustainability representation identity transparency s.o.-e.e.-' b.o.-e.e.-' t.o.-e.e.-' k.o.-e.e.-' m.o.-e.e.-' n.o.-e.e.-' d.o.-e.e.-' f.o.-e.e.-' l.o.-e.e.-' work conditions perofessional trade corporation vocation competence competence physical employement development level developement s.o.-u.u.-' b.o.-u.u.-' t.o.-u.u.-' k.o.-u.u.-' m.o.-u.u.-' n.o.-u.u.-' d.o.-u.u.-' f.o.-u.u.-' l.o.-u.u.-' signification natural communication manner of ancient word / file music semantic language system speaking litterature morpheme network s.o.-a.a.-' b.o.-a.a.-' t.o.-a.a.-' k.o.-a.a.-' m.o.-a.a.-' n.o.-a.a.-' d.o.-a.a.-' f.o.-a.a.-' l.o.-a.a.-' human way of thinking lineage social movement soul personal life social, human people network collectivity economic data population s.o.-i.i.-' b.o.-i.i.-' t.o.-i.i.-' k.o.-i.i.-' m.o.-i.i.-' n.o.-i.i.-' d.o.-i.i.-' f.o.-i.i.-' l.o.-i.i.-' conditionned scientific image cause and effect technology tech cure chemical empirical fact biological physical possibility relation process phenomenon phenomenon phenomenon