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Mycvfactory Overview


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Mycvfactory offers great and simple resume templates: for students, executives or for any kind of profiles
Check it out!

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  • You can ask here for a help. They helped me a lot an i`m highly satisfied with quality of work done. I can promise you 100% un-plagiarized text and good experts there. Use with pleasure! ⇒ ⇐
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Mycvfactory Overview

  2. 2. who  are  we?   our  missions   our  clients   our  offers     contact  
  3. 3. who  are  we?
  4. 4. our  missions
  6. 6. HR  EXPERTISE   A tight team to combine experience & knowledge, with one unique objective: bring an added-value to your profile
  7. 7. Graphic  Innova=on   We use the latest graphic design tool for a perfect result. We chose to combine the IT performance to our human minds so we can deliver the best service ever.
  8. 8. Quality  &  Transparence   Mycvfactory possesses numerous & trustworthy partners to answer your requests, even the craziest ones, in time. We have one price, no surprises!
  9. 9. Social  Vision   Our first ambition is to help those who don’t know how to sell themselves. We coach them, we train them and we create a content that will get them noticed.
  10. 10. Page 12Altima – Benchmark our  clients
  11. 11. Mycvfactory  for  the  individual   Our clients can be individuals between 18 and 55 years old, looking for a new look for their resume, with a solid content that get them noticed
  12. 12. Mycvfactory  for  the  Corporates   You want to improve your social image? You have a social budget to spend? We cover your events, we train your teams on different subjects, we take care of your Directors’ Assessments They trust us:
  13. 13. ERDF  Event   May  2014    «  Relooke  ton  CV!  »    
  14. 14. Page 16Altima – Benchmark our  offers
  15. 15. CV template Because you worth it! You  can  download  these  CV  templates;   you  just  need  to  fill  in  your  details  and   adapt  them  to  suit  your  profile,   personality  and  ambi=ons.  
  16. 16. Made-to-measure Resumes For a resume that will get you noticed We will write your CV content and insert it into one of our CV templates. Our experts will focus on the style and substance of your CV in order to get interviews.
  17. 17. Coaching Service Learn how to sell yourself We call you over the phone/skype for a detailed CV consulting. We advise you on what’s best according to your profile
  18. 18. Cover Letter Service Learn how to synthesize This service allows you a hassle-free application: our team will write a cover letter focussing on your career structure and/or a particular job.
  19. 19. Crazy Offer Learn how to be creative This service gives your imagination free reign! Do you have an idea for an original CV that you would like to design? A photo shoot? A video CV? A CV with computer graphics? Contact us for a quotation!
  20. 20. Our missions & Objectives One last word before you leave…
  21. 21. Strategy Define together the most adapted formula, according to your profile & background. 1
  22. 22. Collect data We create a new CV based on an existing resume you’ll give us. You’ll also answer our professional questionnaire, available online. 2
  23. 23. Made-to-measure Our HR consultants and designers work hand by hand to deliver a great result. We bet on a solid content, with lots of figures & concrete facts. 3
  24. 24. Analysing Please don’t hesitate to come back to us once you’ve sent your resume to hundreds of people. Your feedback us always welcome! 4
  25. 25. Actions Once your CV into your pocket, then it is over to you to secure the role! Good luck! 5
  26. 26. Thank you Contact us contact@mycvfactory Pauline LAHARY: Founder & Sales Manager