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Turning your passion into a thriving busines

How to turn your passion to a business

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Turning your passion into a thriving busines

  1. 1. By Angela Ihunweze(Mrs) CEO OF ANGELA ITAMBO COMPANY (Business plan/feasibility report consultants) 08033280453
  2. 2. A strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something
  3. 3.  Love for cooking  Loves to organize events  Loves to clean and have things in the home organized  Has an eye for creativity especially colour mixes  Loves children and can handle them  Loves to talk and people will understand  Loves to look good Question: What is your passion? Write in scale of 5 to 1(strongest to weakest)
  4. 4. A commercial activity that involves an exchange of what you have with monetary rewards consistently. However it must be moral, lawful and has the potential for growth Note: anything that doesn’t generate monetary rewards consistently could be either you are not keen on that or there is no real demand for it or you are addressing the wrong people.
  5. 5.  Assess your passion carefully, what can you do consistently excellent in and out of season?  Take your passion to the Master’s feet, as A Christain we are urge to take it to HIM He knows what is best for to be doing now? Jeremiah 29v11(I know the plans I have towards you there of good not evil to give you and expected end)  Wait on him, he will surely answer proverb 16v3
  6. 6.  Learn all you can about your passion especially the business and technical aspects of it so you can be excellent with the skill of serving your customers. 2tim 2v15( CHRISTAIN BIBLE)  Research about the industry you belong to, so as to know about its rules of engagement, market environment. Luke 14v28 ( CHRISTAIN BIBLE)  No matter your passion, to make it a business register it with Corporate Affairs Commission Mark 12 v27 ( CHRISTAIN BIBLE)  Prepare a business concept  Give yourself goals and checks and balances  Have an account for your business  Target the customers you wish to address, low class, small class. Medium, Large scale  Start small as humble as you can be  If possible use your business savings  Have a mentor
  7. 7.  Personal savings  Family  Trade credit based on trust  Sales representative(commission earned can help you start the actual business)  Partnership  Grants such as the follows:  Loans(single digit loans)
  8. 8.  Have Almighty God as your senior PARTNER  Acknowledge Him with your tithes and sponsoring what He cares about  He is your source and He expects you to love others as yourself(Please pay fair and speak kindly)  Be bold and be ready to move when He says  Set aside proceeds and in invest in your name,land, properties or bonds, donot hide your pot of oil
  9. 9.  Outdoor catering  Consulting  Baking  Interior design/furniture making  Crèche/daycare  Cleaning business  Fashion Label  Shoe production  Poultry  Catfish  Piggery  Rice milling and many more
  10. 10.  She is a pastor’s wife  She is a mother  She is the CEO of Angela Itambo company.  Their major business offerings are as follows: 1. Business plan/feasibility report/cashflow preparation 2. Business advisory 3. Business profile and proposal preparation 4. Publishing of E-business guides on several businesses.