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King of the Brand | The Art & Science of Brand/Community Building With Visuals


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King of the Brand | The Art & Science of Brand/Community Building With Visuals by Matt Siltala

Published in: Marketing
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King of the Brand | The Art & Science of Brand/Community Building With Visuals

  1. 1. @Matt_Siltala T H E A R T & S C I E N C E O F B R A N D / C O M M U N I T Y B U I L D I N G W I T H V I S U A L S
  2. 2. @Matt_Siltala Content with relevant photos or Infographics see a increase in page views versus content without images.
  3. 3. @Matt_Siltala Colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read content by
  4. 4. @Matt_Siltala Visual content is more than more likely to be shared on social media
  5. 5. @Matt_Siltala of senior marketing executives believing visual assets are core to how their brand story is communicated of online marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing
  6. 6. @Matt_Siltala The National Center for Biotechnology Information found in 2015, that the average attention span had dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to
  7. 7. @Matt_Siltala Luckily, visual content is consumed at a much faster speed than text
  8. 8. When it comes to making decisions we start with our emotions. Studies have shown that people are unable to come to a decision if they are not emotionally influenced in some way. @Matt_Siltala
  9. 9. @Matt_Siltala
  10. 10. @Matt_Siltala FANATICS We leverage UGC we find on social platforms like Instagram, and put the fans into our social updates.
  11. 11. @Matt_Siltala We use a tool called Pixlee to find these images, and get the permission. The images showcase the products we sell, and are more authentic than model pictures. FANATICS
  12. 12. @Matt_Siltala The WeAreFanatics blog posts in which we focus bringing stories for fans to enjoy. Highly visual content, as it tells the story better. FANATICS
  13. 13. @Matt_Siltala The jersey evolution posts are great examples as these appeal to all sorts of fans. Especially when it concerns a team which didn't win the championship since 1908, Cubs, fans do like the nostalgia of the content. FANATICS
  14. 14. FANATICS @Matt_Siltala
  15. 15. @Matt_Siltala Learning from what fans are searching for, we tailor the content to the search demand when we find a topic. Example: What does the GSH stands for on the Chicago Bears jersey. We leverage our Facebook Fan pages to distribute the content, and get high engagement on these. FANATICS
  16. 16. @Matt_Siltala FANATICS
  17. 17. @Matt_Siltala FANATICS
  18. 18. @Matt_Siltala H’What is Visual Content?
  19. 19. @Matt_Siltala
  20. 20. Visual content is blazing the path @Matt_Siltala
  21. 21. My wife said that she has not used Google to search for anything in over 2 years, and that she uses Pinterest because it gives her everything she is looking for in an easy to consume visual format. @Matt_Siltala
  22. 22. @Matt_Siltala VS
  23. 23. @Matt_Siltala
  24. 24. @Matt_Siltala The need a brand has for a community that supports and follows them
  25. 25. @Matt_Siltala Brands can no longer get away with “not being on social”
  26. 26. @Matt_Siltala Building your brand goes well beyond just the “branding” of your website. You need to have an identity on places like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  27. 27. @Matt_Siltala Have a strong purpose behind your visual content
  28. 28. @Matt_Siltala Identify needs and set goals
  29. 29. @Matt_Siltala Create content based on those needs and goals
  30. 30. @Matt_Siltala Is it sharable?
  31. 31. @Matt_Siltala Can you generate leads with it?
  32. 32. @Matt_Siltala Is it helping you build a community or brand?
  33. 33. @Matt_Siltala Are you generating sales?
  34. 34. Are you sparking a debate, conversation, or controversy? @Matt_Siltala
  35. 35. Earning links for your visual content is incredibly important for branding - Because links are important focus on creating visual content that will earn links. @Matt_Siltala
  36. 36. @Matt_Siltala
  37. 37. @Matt_Siltala
  38. 38. @Matt_Siltala
  39. 39. @Matt_Siltala
  40. 40. @Matt_Siltala
  41. 41. @Matt_Siltala
  42. 42. @Matt_Siltala
  43. 43. Who here wouldn’t mind links from Forbes, Huffington Post or even Allure or Esquire? @Matt_Siltala
  44. 44. @Matt_Siltala
  45. 45. So that is all fine and dandy Mat, but how can I do better with visual content? @Matt_Siltala
  46. 46. @Matt_Siltala Don’t make it complicated.
  47. 47. Are you missing easy branding victories with visuals? @Matt_Siltala
  48. 48. @Matt_Siltala Think Instagram, (Instagram Story) Snapchat (snapchat story) Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube live.
  49. 49. @Matt_Siltala
  50. 50. @Matt_Siltala Can live video expand your branding and community?
  51. 51. @Matt_Siltala
  52. 52. Instagram story: How will you position yourself? @Matt_Siltala (offer something unique to this channel only and followers will come)
  53. 53. @Matt_Siltala Richie Norton - (friend of mine shares how to grow business tips on his Instagram story updates) and you can only get these behind the scene ideas and tips from him on Instagram.
  54. 54. @Matt_Siltala
  55. 55. @Matt_Siltala
  56. 56. THINK How can I capitalize on something like this in my industry? @Matt_Siltala
  57. 57. @Matt_Siltala Think about it being a good place to build community, interact with customers, help them, answer questions, share and grow together - crowd source them
  58. 58. @Matt_Siltala
  59. 59. @Matt_Siltala
  60. 60. @Matt_Siltala
  61. 61. These visuals ain’t right for branding @Matt_Siltala
  62. 62. @Matt_Siltala
  63. 63. @Matt_Siltala
  64. 64. @Matt_Siltala
  65. 65. @Matt_Siltala Those kind of examples are not good for branding or community building
  66. 66. @Matt_Siltala Good examples for branding
  67. 67. @Matt_Siltala
  68. 68. @Matt_Siltala Speaking of beards…
  69. 69. @Matt_Siltala Again - think easy Branding Wins - This is a personal branding win
  70. 70. @Matt_Siltala
  71. 71. @Matt_Siltala
  72. 72. @Matt_Siltala
  73. 73. @Matt_Siltala
  74. 74. @Matt_Siltala So what does content like these previous examples do? It makes me want to follow them and be a part of their community. That leads to more of what they post in front of me, that leads to me be very familiar with them and when I need (or want) to purchase something in their industry - I will go to them.
  75. 75. @Matt_Siltala Community building
  76. 76. @Matt_Siltala Community building
  77. 77. @Matt_Siltala
  78. 78. @Matt_Siltala Where are we headed? What type of visuals will I start seeing more of in the future?
  79. 79. @Matt_Siltala
  80. 80. @Matt_Siltala
  81. 81. @Matt_Siltala
  82. 82. @Matt_Siltala
  83. 83. @Matt_Siltala
  84. 84. @Matt_Siltala
  85. 85. @Matt_Siltala When you can build a brand that the community grows, defends, adds value to - you have done your job.
  86. 86. @Matt_Siltala
  87. 87. @Matt_Siltala T H E A R T & S C I E N C E O F B R A N D / C O M M U N I T Y B U I L D I N G W I T H V I S U A L S