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DWCC slide share How wineries should be paying for reviewer content

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Presentation on communicators learning how to value their skills, as presented at #DWCC15

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DWCC slide share How wineries should be paying for reviewer content

  1. 1. How wineries should be paying for on-line content Damien Wilson | Martin Wiederkehr | Winsor Dobbin | Richard Siddle
  2. 2. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value Today’s WIPE list • The two sides of this dichotomy • Wine Businesses want publicity • Wine Communicators want ??? • Be clear about what you’re looking for • A wine critic • A wine blogger • A wine journalist • If you aren’t clear on what you’re after, then don’t expect someone else to be responsible for telling you…
  3. 3. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value Wine Critics – Someone pays them to drink and review wine
  4. 4. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value Wine Blogger – People read because of the articles written on wine
  5. 5. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value Wine Journalist – Someone pays them to create interest in wine
  6. 6. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value Today’s panel discussion • You’re all either in one of those categories, or you have been/want to be • Here’s the view of what is expected of you from the other side • Wine producer – Martin WIEDERKEHR, CEO of Cave de Genève, and representative of Swiss Wine Promotion • Food and Travel blogger – Winsor Dobbin, a three-decade journalist who has one of the most popular Food, wine and travel blogs in Australia • Wine journalist – Richard Siddle, an almost decade-long editor of one of the UK’s leading publications in the wine trade • They will present the sector’s perspective on how valuable you are as communicators.
  7. 7. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value Wine Producer – Martin WIEDERKEHR
  8. 8. Does a winery needs journalists and bloggers etc. ? 20.10.2015 Copyright by Martin Wiederkehr
  9. 9. 2 DO I NEED JOURNALISTS, BLOGGERS, ETC. FOR MY BUSINESS ? Are my wines bad, not interesting or just uniform? Am I not a very interesting person? Am I am at the right production place? YES, but why ? YES, we need journalists, bloggers etc. as much as the other parts from the marketing mix. 21/10/2015 Copyright by Martin Wiederkehr
  10. 10. 3 YES I WANT... BUT WHY – LET’S WORK WITH A MODEL Timeline Margin % of the products (hypothetiqu e) 100 years ago Viticul turist Client 25-50 50 years ago Viticul turist Cellarmaster Client 30-60 30 years ago Viticul turist Cellarmaster Winetrader Client 40-90 15 years ago Viticul turist Cellarmaster Winetrader Marketing specialist Client 45-150 Today Viticul turist Enologist Marketing specialist Winetrader Distributor Client 50-300 Tomorrow Viticul turist Enologist Marketing specialist Logistic specialist Distributor Marketing specialist Trading Client ? The complexity of Wine Buisiness Model has been treamendously increased in the past 50 years. 21/10/2015 Copyright by Martin Wiederkehr
  11. 11. 4 ANALYSIS OF THE CHANGES Into a more sophisticated added value chain From a simple producer into an complex multi-wine-artist (Viticulturist to Cellarmaster to Enologist) at the Tech Departements From a Farmer to a Agro - Marketing Entrepreneur (Economic. Dept.) From a simple «manufacture to sell» company to a complexe «Taylor principal company» (Scientific management) In the last hundred years a wine company moved : Changement also meant «CHANGE MANAGEMENT» in Education etc. 21/10/2015 Copyright by Martin Wiederkehr
  12. 12. 5 DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PROMOTION AND SALES – EASY TO UNDERSTAND – IF YOU LEARNT IT Education in this complex Wine Business is not following as quick as the market evolves. 21/10/2015 Copyright by Martin Wiederkehr
  13. 13. 6 PROMOTIONAL IMPACT FOR A COMPANY LIKE LA CAVE DE GENÈVE SA Implement the connections with journalists, bloggers, etc. Implement the connections with the Editors and Propietors of the Magazines Coordinates the advertising campaigns Put the wines ahead as «Swiss Wines» Organizing Promotional Activites Makes sure that the financial substrates is generated (Growers & Politics) «sells» the product «Swiss Wine» in the best possible way Defines Strategies (Domestic and Export Markets) with the regional Directors Swiss Wine Promotion = Make Swiss Wines succesful 21/10/2015 Copyright by Martin Wiederkehr
  14. 14. 7 PROMOTIONAL IMPACT FOR A COMPANY LIKE LA CAVE DE GENÈVE SA Copyright by Martin Wiederkehr Implement the connections with journalists, bloggers, etc. Implement the connections with the Editors and Propietors of the Magazines Coordinates the advertising campaignsPut the wines ahead as «Swiss Wines» Organizing Promotional Activites Makes sure that the financial substrates is generated (Growers & Politics) «sells» the product «Swiss Wine» in the best possible way Defines Strategies (Domestic and Export Markets) with the regional Directors Swiss Wine Promotion = Make Swiss Wines succesful Important Very important for everybody Very important for me 21/10/2015 Copyright by Martin Wiederkehr
  15. 15. MEASURING SUCCES FOR A WINE COMPANY LIKE LA CAVE DE GENÈVE SA 8 Survey’s - Costful but interesting Emotional measuring - Returning by clients - Feeling (look and feel) Rational measuring - Click’s, Like’s, Fan’s, Rebounds, frequency of the pages, etc. - Measurement of number of medals (Inflation of wine tastings around the world) - Value measurement by reader (print products) - TURNOVER of the COMPANY 21/10/2015 Copyright by Martin Wiederkehr
  16. 16. 9 AND BY THE WAY… Are we talking too much…… And drinking less and less…………. 21/10/2015 Copyright by Martin Wiederkehr
  17. 17. 10 RESULTS Marketing and Communication will be more and more important in the future in wine business YES we need much more MARKETING in the future And YES we need more quality consumers to taste, drink and appreciate our wines = EXPERIENCE  EDUCATION 21/10/2015 Copyright by Martin Wiederkehr
  18. 18. 11 ANNEXES 21/10/2015
  19. 19. 10 HOW MUCH SHOULD I PAY FOR JOURNALISTS OR BLOGGERS? Nothing, some bottles, cash, holidays, etc.? Everything exists – Should you maybe think of a Charter (Charta) for wine bloggers? Problems: misunderstanding – lack of respect – jealousy – doubting/lack of trust = lack of communication And believe me: every one of them lie occasionally! 21/10/2015 (Interview with 10 producers and traders in the wine business in CH – Turnover ann: approx. 200 Mill. sFr) Copyright by Martin Wiederkehr
  20. 20. 12 PAID JOURNALISTS AND BLOGGERS IN CH - A HYPOTHESIS (Interview with 10 producers and traders in the wine business in CH – Turnover ann: approx. 200 Mill. sFr) 20 years ago In 10 yearsToday Journalist BloggerWineproducer 21/10/2015 Copyright by Martin Wiederkehr
  21. 21. 13 MARTIN WIEDERKEHR PERSONAL CV Kontakt Martin Wiederkehr La Cave de Genève SA 1242 Satigny Switzerland Age 51 Nationality Swiss Since 2009 CEO La Cave de Genève SA 1242 Satigny (Geneva) 2004-2009 Head Category Management & Marketing transGourmet Schweiz AG Howeg Winterthur 400 Mio. CHF annual Turnover 1998-2004 Head Purchasing, Production and Logistics, COO C. August Egli AG / Haecky AG Zürich-Leimbach and Reinach BL 70 Mio. CHF annual Turnover 1992-1998 Enologist Researcher and Head Winemaker Federal Institute for Viticulture and Enology, Wädenwil 1983-1991 Vitivulture Apprentiship and BS in Enology and in Business Administration 21/10/2015 Copyright by Martin Wiederkehr
  22. 22. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value Food and Travel Blogger – Winsor DOBBIN
  23. 23. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value What can wine bloggers do to help improve their perceived value to the wine trade?
  24. 24. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value Confessions of a Food and travel writer Start by broadening their [writing] horizons • Few consumers are interested in tasting notes in isolation • Consumers want to learn how wine fits in with their everyday life • They see wine, food and travel as all going together Most writers struggle because they focus on topics that interest a tiny part of the market
  25. 25. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value So how can bloggers pitch themselves more effectively than they are now?
  26. 26. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value Think more laterally with who you pitch to Identify publications beyond the usual suspects • Lifestyle overlaps far more effectively than wine journals • Stories behind the wines are a source of additional interest • Remember that even wine people have travel and other interests as well Wine businesses are complicit in overlooking this area of opportunity • Remember that samples are sent with the aim of inducing a sale • If sales aren’t made by tasting notes, learn to include details that are also of interest to those reading the tasting notes So, don’t focus only on the wine. For wine’s sake…
  27. 27. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value Next step, how do wine bloggers work at capturing the interest of publishers?
  28. 28. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value Editors have to be able to rely on you… Your reputation is everything • Bloggers already have that if they have an audience Editors need reliable and professional delivery of copy • Fit submissions into their format • Time is their lifeblood Less of their attention on your work means more work for you
  29. 29. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value What about getting your name out to the wine trade?
  30. 30. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value Work on your awareness with wineries They’re not spending their time trying to find you • Or … not all the time, anyway • Communicate with the regional associations, tourism businesses and restaurants • If you have a regional identity, make sure that it’s a well known identity • Especially important if you write for a special interest Remember that they’re only aware of you if you tell them about yourself. Don’t rely on word-of-mouth, make it your word-of-mouth
  31. 31. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value How should bloggers set wineries’ expectations, and measure their own success?
  32. 32. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value With the tools that their readers use… Expectations are always high • With experience, you can improve your ability to match expectations with your capabilities • Remember how your influence may be used in the distribution channel • Be seen by consumers, and show your work to wineries Social media isn’t the latest thing, but you need to know how it works for you and your audience
  33. 33. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value And how long should all this take for me to create value for my reputation?
  34. 34. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value Editors want you to work out So be topical • Reliable • Dependable • Consistent And you’ll get there in good time
  35. 35. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value Wine Journalist – Richard SIDDLE
  36. 36. Why Wine Companies Need To Pay For Good Content RICHARD SIDDLE WWW.RICHARDSIDDLE.COM
  37. 37. What’s happening to content online?
  38. 38. If video killed the radio star
  39. 39. Internet doing the same to journalism
  40. 40. Numbers of journalists going down • 6,000 fewer journalists in UK in 2015 vs 2014. • 64,000 journalists against 70,000 • But 18,000 more PRs in last two years • 37,000 to 55,000 in last two years
  41. 41. Journalism becoming “churnalism” • Magazines, newspapers, websites: all cutting staff from Daily Telegraph to New York Times • Online has fast become the race to the bottom • Publishers not prepared to pay for quality journalism – rely on churning press releases • “Click Bait” articles to get the most number of hits online.
  42. 42. “Top of the Pops” type journalism
  43. 43. Most read articles about wine • 21 reasons why WINE drunk will always be your favourite drunk 820,200 shares • A glass of wine is equivalent to an hour in the gym, says new study 637,200 shares • Wine ice cream is now something you can eat and get drunk on 601,300 shares • Wine as a bedtime snack helps with weight loss 600,500 shares
  44. 44. Falling standards in wine media • Wine magazines are cutting staff, costs • Happy to reprint press releases. • Demand just to fill space • Rely on “Top 10” and “Did you know?articles to drive traffic • Pressure from commercial interests taking over from editorial integrity
  45. 45. So to stand out you have to be good
  46. 46. Master of wine? Master of writing? • Smaller budgets & less commissions • Potentially bad news for wine writers • We will all have to work a lot harder • Need to look at the skills you have • How good are you at selling them?
  47. 47. Don’t expect a fortune • £250 per 1,000 words for mag feature • Website stories £40-£100 depending • Day rates for subbing/writing £150 a day • Reporter £20-24k a year • Senior/News editor £28k-£30k • Deputy £30-£34 • Editor £35k…upwards depending on frequency
  48. 48. But there are new publishers in town
  49. 49. Wineries are now content makers • Not good enough to just make great wine. That’s the day job. • Success will be based on how they communicate. Tell their story • How they promote themselves • How they stand out and be heard
  50. 50. Technology changing everything • 73% of people in world own mobile phone • 51% of content read online is via mobile 75% of online activity be via a smartphone by 2018 (Enders) • One in two online orders will be via mobile phone by 2016 (LeShop) • We use our smartphone to carry out 221 daily tasks.
  51. 51. Everything is getting smarter
  52. 52. Smartphone: connecting everything • Smartphone is becoming the remote control of our lives • Connected technology is becoming the norm in fridges, ovens, washing machines, cars • Before you get home from work can can put a wash on, run a bath and get food ready
  53. 53. We’re becoming personal data banks • Everything we do, buy & search is going to be recorded on our own personal data banks • Retailers, brand owners, wine producers will want to get their hands on that data • Offer incentives based on our personalised deals, offers based on your individual needs • But do you know what to do with that data?
  54. 54. I’ll tell you want I want, what I really want
  55. 55. Demand for personalised content • Consumers will expect to receive personalised communications relevant to them • They won’t go looking for it • They will either: 1) expect you to find them. Need to improve IT 2) Rely on social media/friends to share it with them
  56. 56. Do you have the skills in your business?
  57. 57. Who are you going to call?
  58. 58. Get it wrong and you don’t exist • When it comes to online content. You get what you pay for • Go cheap and risk not being seen at all • Only 38.5% of online content is created by humans • 62.5% comes from robots, spammers and hacking tools • Half of all TV adverts on the internet are never seen (Solve Media)
  59. 59. Need for us all to raise our game • There is going to be a massive new opportunity for quality content online • Big wins for those who get it right based on consumer experience and knowledge • Losers will be those who don’t take it seriously. • Fail to invest, fail to exist
  60. 60. Wineries & writers working together • That big opportunity is there for both wine writers/journalists and wine companies • But both have to change the way they behave • Writers need to think about not just writing about wineries, but FOR them. Big change • In the past journalists have looked down at commercial writing. Not real journalism.
  61. 61. Blurring of journalism/PR is normal
  62. 62. Rules are changing fast • Fewer opportunities in traditional journalism • Blurring between editorial and advertorial • Have to re-think our role as writers • Use our skills in new commercial ways • We have the ability to make a big difference • Wine businesses use PR to do PR and journalists/writers to tell their story
  63. 63. You need a Clark Kent in your business
  64. 64. Thanks… Can’t promise Superman But can try to help @richardsiddle
  65. 65. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value Each communicator role has a value • Critical reviews can be effective for interested consumers • But, most are ignored • And this service is increasingly being provided for free… • The blogger already has a specialized audience • Who are active • Who exhibit loyalty • The wine journalist is valued by their ability to generate an audience • Blending wine into fascinating stories • Journalism is the skill, wine is the medium
  66. 66. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value Talk Consumer on wine Three images taken from a trade member’s timeline illustrates the point • Image 1 – Wine review… • Image 2 – Less information, much more traction: Wine interesting • Image 3 – It’s not only wine. Remember that you’re a person, so try to communicate like one. You can’t be all wines for all people. Focus on communicating with those who like what you can make interesting Start by talking with them, instead of at them
  67. 67. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value Remember that everything on the web is freely available… This was from last year • Harpers: ‘You need to be professional’ • Attracted 15 comments, & 2 more articles • Was the most read and commented article for more than a week! • Two high profile bloggers in the US felt compelled to join in the conversation But bloggers didn’t like being told that wineries expect more than ‘comping’ press trips Your credibility is key: Bloggers are very influential. If you can’t find a story after your visit, just be frank and honest about it. • They deserve as much, and you gain credibility The messenger has your interests at heart
  68. 68. Damien Wilson/DWCC2015-Content-Value For further details, photograph this slide • You’re a communicator – so communicate • No-one’s telling you to forego your principles • But if you receive hospitality or payment, there is a tacit expectation that connecting with you will help the winery develop a more public profile • Understand your influence and audience, and communicate these with the wine trade for a better relationship IMAGE TAKEN FROM: HTTPS://GOO.GL/CTVLF4
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Presentation on communicators learning how to value their skills, as presented at #DWCC15


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