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Title Sussex Magazine Autumn Special 2016 - issue 11


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Title Sussex Magazine Autumn Special 2016 - issue 11

  2. 2. 6SUSSEXNOTES 10PEOPLE&PLACES 47FASHION 61FOOD&DRINK 73CULTURE 80KIDS&FAMILIES 89BUSINESS 95PROPERTY CONTRIBUTORS Giles Paley-Phillips, Amanda Horlington, Danny Cobbs, Joe McGann, Nick Mosley, Tazz Gault, Lisa Moore, Kirsten Chick, Jake West, Rimante Boguzaite, Natalie Denton, Olivia Reid, Tate Slyfield, Rhys Wilson-Plant COVERSHOT: ©hamara/Adobe Stock  CONTENTS  RENEE ZELLWEGERShe’s back and she’s single once again. With the release of Bridget Jones’ Baby we caught up with the hopeless romantic Renee Zellweger to talk about the new film and Bridget’s quest for love in our weddings spectacular WEDDINGSWe’ve got everything you’ll need to make your magical day a success from our bridal beauty range to out favourite fashion items as well as our beautiful bridal gowns, our countdown to the big day and the best venues for the after party CHRISTMAS PARTIESThe festive season may seem a long way off right now but if you want to make sure your Christmas party a special one then you better book your venue soon and we’ve got everything you could need to help you get the best from your celebration 73CULTUREAs the kids go back to school we take a look at the new school grading as well as how you can help them with the transtition of changing class or school, along with all our regulars from Danny Cobbs and Giles Paley-Phillips 41 21 73 18
  3. 3. Sam Harrington-Lowe Managing Editor As the managing editor Sam is responsible for the content of all the Title publications and works diligently to develop the brand and support relationships with all partners and clients. Daniel White Deputy and Digital Editor As deputy and digital editor Dan writes feature interviews and articles, edits copy and runs the Title website. Dan is the man for all online queries or contact. Gemma Windham Advertising & Marketing Manager As our main media sales person Gemma is responsible for building new relationships and securing excellent ad campaigns covering the whole of Sussex, working with the team to ensure the right outcome. Matthew Ryan Business Development Matt is our go-to man on the streets of Sussex and from motors to construction, Matt has it covered, working with clients to generate the perfect campaign to promote their business. He’s also a dab hand with a camera. Bruce Kennedy Head Designer Bruce is not only the most experienced of our design team but is also in charge of our creative direction, designing the publication and ensuring cohesion throughout the magazine and the brands. Charlotte Horlock Graphic Designer As part of our design team Charlotte is responsible for liaising with our clients and our sales and editorial teams to ensure our clients get the look and feel they desire from their campaigns. ED'S LETTER Ah… Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, here comes autumn. It’s always a bit sad to see the summer slowly disappear, but autumn brings its own lovely warmth. An excuse to scuffle through leaves with the dog, or snuggle up a bit in the evening; warm socks and pyjama bottoms. Bottle of red wine and a good book. Ah, who am I kidding? TV box sets and series… and way too many welsh rarebits. Anyway, I digress. Welcome to our lovely, loving issue of Title Sussex. You’ll no doubt have seen from our gorgeous cover that this is a wedding special, and there’s tons for brides and grooms to read through. But we also take a good look at schools as terms start back again and open days happen, and do our best to demystify the change to GCSEs that’s coming. Our fashion shoot this issue is a bit other-worldly, like a landscape on Mars, and I love it! And just in case you were thinking that was a bit weird, how about planning your Christmas party. We’ve got some hints and tips to help you plan the best hoedown. Enjoy this issue. We’re well into our Winter Wonderland issue, coming up next, and already thinking about the next season! But welcome autumn and your soft hues. Happy reading. Sam x @TitleSussex titlesussex Firefighters all over the county washed cars for charity. Heart = melted After the devastating loss of Ruby Doo pug, welcome to Alice Pickle! They would have loved each other Thrilled to be sponsors of Brighton & Hove Biz Awards. What a cracking night Title Sussex Magazine, Hove House, 1 Hova Villas, Hove, East Sussex BN3 3DH Tel: 01273 257037 | | All material in this publication is strictly copyright and all rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. The views expressed in Title Sussex Magazine do not nec- essarily represent the views of Title Media Ltd. The contents of this magazine are believed to be correct at the time of going to press, however, we cannot endorse, and readers should not rely solely upon the accuracy of any statements or claims contained herein. EDITOR@LARGE
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  5. 5. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 6 S U S S E X N O T E S
  6. 6. T I T L E S E C T I O N 7 S U S S E X N O T E S
  7. 7. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 8 S U S S E X N O T E S
  8. 8. T I T L E S E C T I O N 9 S U S S E X N O T E S
  9. 9. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 10 T I T L E S O C I A L GOODWOOD HOUSE Chichester West Sussex PO18 0PX T: 01243 755000 In preparation for this year’s Goodwood Revival the Title Team popped along to the Vintage Market and Dance at member’s club The Kennels on 13 August. With plenty of stalls selling all manner of vintage items it was easy to get ‘Revival Ready’, while hairdressers and make-up artists were on hand if you were looking to create an authentic hair-style for the event. By the time the evening rolled around we were more than ready for a good twist and shake and The Vintage Dance was a great opportunity to try out our vintage items we picked up. With plenty to drink and an endless array of swinging tunes from the 1920s all the way through to the 60s, it was a wonderful day and the perfect way to get us in the mood for more revival fun. VINTAGE MARKET &DANCE
  10. 10. T I T L E S E C T I O N 11 T I T L E S O C I A L
  11. 11. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 12 LODGE HILL TENNIS COURT LAUNCHThe newly-refurbished Lodge Hill Centre tennis court in Pulborough was officially opened on July 15 as the Chairman of Lodge Hill Supporters, Mrs. Hilary Tupper, cut the tape.The day featured inspirational talks about the history and future of the centre, which has served to provide educational activities for children and young people since 1946. Oh, and cake! MEMORABLE MOMENT Jamie Gordon's inspirational talk on the ChallengeU programme that offers a programme for young people who have become disengaged with society or education. Photos: Graham Franks T I T L E S O C I A L Theribboncuttingfortheofficialopeningofthetenniscourts byChairofSupportersatLodgeHillHilaryTupper,theMayorof BognorRegisPatDillon,andtrusteesandfriendsofLodgeHill Chair of Supporters at Lodge Hill Hilary and David Tupper with Bridget Youatt and Ruth and Andrew Vivian Words of introduction from Jamie Gordon Head of Activities at Lodge Hill Tea and a cream cake for Sonia Pastoe A busy day for Lodge Hill Events Manager Niall Cossins Cake inspections! The newly refurbished court A cup of tea for Caroline Mudford courtesy of Maggs Marshall Mixed doubles on the new tennis court with the Mayor of BognorRegis Pat Dillon and Chair of Supporters at Lodge Hill Hilary Tupper
  12. 12. T I T L E S E C T I O N 13 T I T L E S O C I A L Photos: Graham Franks
  13. 13. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 14 R L Austen’s owner Mandy Sargeant with her team Hannah Tuckey admires the Rolls-Royce at Goodwood House Rolex Day-Date Range A busy ballroom at Goodwood House R L A U S T E N A T G O O D W O O D H O U S E R L Austen Jewellers showcased the new Rolex and Tudor collections for 2016 at the historic Goodwood house on 21 July. Guests were treated to wine and delicious food and also had a chance to have a peek at the elegant Italian jewellery by Fope, as well as being offered guided tours of the Goodwood House. MEMORABLE MOMENT An unforgettable ride in the Rolls-Royce! Photos: Graham Franks T I T L E S O C I A L Magician Matt Parro! Julian and Zoe Sammut From Fope, Will Coupland, Valentina Bertoldo and Silvia Rigon R L Austen’s manager Graeme Hughes Paul Marlow with Elaine and Steve Oldfield
  14. 14. T I T L E S E C T I O N 15 T I T L E S O C I A L The spirit of the 60s was brought back to Brighton at the Mods Weekender on 26-29 August. Capturing the spirit of the era, a wave of scooters, parkas and flags descended on the seafront, taking many down memory lane and making some of us wish we were born a few decades earlier. MEMORABLE MOMENT The collection of heavily-adorned Vespas and Lambrettas had us desperate to get our scooter license! Photos: Graham Franks Scooters on display Left: a very mod scooter Right: Sharp dresser John Gibson Jack, Seajays and VinnyMichael, Andrew and GrahamDave Darren Mod Roy Amos M dS WEEKENDER
  15. 15. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 16
  16. 16. T I T L E S E C T I O N 17 An actor’s life for me Each month Joe McGann explores the ups and downs of an actor’s life… “Imagine if two hundred plumbers turned up to give you a quote and a short demonstration... ...and you can begin to understand the plethora of choices which only make any decision more difficult rather than exacting.” I’moftenaskedthequestion,“I’dlove to getinto acting,howcanIget ajob?”andwhen Icangive an answer,Iusuallysay,“Firstyouneedto secure an audition.” It’sanoddthing,theaudition.Peculiartomyprofession atleast inits frequency,andone which will always bringwithit bothhopeandfearin equal measure.It’s widely knownthat thereare many more actorsthan jobs,so it’s easytoseethatthose jobsare going to beoversubscribedand therefore highly competitive. Imagine iftwo hundred plumbersturnedupto give youa quoteandashortdemonstration of how they woulddothejobonoffer,andyoucan beginto understandthelogistical nightmares and plethoraof choices whichsurely only serves to make any decision moredifficult rather than exacting. Those luckyactors whoactually getcalledto be seenareissuedwiththeinformationaboutthe role andusually ascript,or atleastascene ortwo from theproject tobepreparedforthe meeting,along withthe songs andsheetmusic if requiredand,most importantly,the time andplace of the audition. Ontheday,allprepared,yougo to the meeting.It’s difficult to tellhowmany people you’ll be seeing atthe meeting- sometimes there’sjustone casting assistant, othertimes it canbe you,the directorandan actor employedtoreadinwith the hopefuls.Auditionsfor bigmusicals willbesplitinto three - dancing,singing andacting- whichwillinvolve learning routinesin front ofthechoreographer,thenperforming aprepared auditionsong- ifyougetthrough those rounds,you getacrackat someacting. Allauditions involvetheconundrumof trying to guess whatit is youcandothatwill catch the eye of the decisionmakers andsowill landyou the job.There aresomeobvious thingsthatcan help; you candress likeyoubelievethecharacterwould(difficultif you’re auditioningfor LionKing orGame of Thrones),orstyle yourhair,groworshaveabeard,butyouneedtobe subtle,ifonlytopreservesomedignity.Ihadafriend whoonceusedmakeuptoalterhisblonde,blueeyed, Caucasianlooksbecausetherewasalargerpartthan theonehewasbeingseenforthathe’dspottedinthe script-acharacterwho wasdescribedasAsian. Hedidn’tgeteitherpart, andthestorywentround thebusinessfasterthan acutekittenmemeon Facebook,tomuchhilarity andmanynervouscoughs ofrecognition. Everynowandthenthere willbeanopenaudition, literallyopentoallcomers. We’veallseenthelong lines of hopefuls queuing fortheX-Factortry-outs, soyou’llhaveafairlygood ideaofthecattlemarket thesethingscanbe. Hundredsofdesperatepeople,ofvariousdegreesof talent,allhopingforabigchance.Theideamakesme shudder,andIrespecteverysinglepersonwhohas evergotajobthatway,andreadilyadmitthatIcouldn’t hackit. So,thereyouare,that’showyougetanactingjob. Seeyouat9amsharpattheauditionroom, bringtwopreparedspeeches,asongwith sheetmusicfortheaccompanist,your tapshoes,apackedlunch,yourmost winningsmileandjointhequeue.It startsroundtheblock. HiDiddleyDee. @JosephMcGann THE AUDITION T I T L E C O L U M N I S T
  17. 17. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 18 It’s been 15 years (yes 15!) since big- knicker-wearing Bridget first leapt from Helen Fielding’s best-selling book to the silver screen, and it seems Renée Zellweger is just as excited about her character’s return as we are. “Coming back to Bridget was like coming home for me,” the Oscar-winning Texan says with a huge smile. “It felt so right. It was a no brainer. I love her. To me she’s perfectly imperfect. She’s self- deprecating and humble. There aren’t enough characters like her to relate to. She’s inspiring in her misfortune and mistakes, and we cheer her on because they eventually turn into triumphs. I don’t think I’ve ever rooted for a character more.” Like Bridget, Renée has been out of sight and out of mind for more than a while, taking a six-year break from Hollywood, a decision she explained this June when she confessed all to Vogue, “I got sick of the sound of my own voice. It was time to go away and grow up a bit”. Thankfully BJB was the movie to coax the actress out of her self-imposed hiatus and return to her alter-ego role as the beloved neurotic Londoner who became a symbol of hope for all those looking for love. “There was a scariness to returning, a bit of imposter syndrome,” Renée told me. At 47 she looks enviably, effortlessly glam, her signature blonde hair in loose waves, complimenting her chic outfit of a smart black sweater teamed with a polka dotted skirt. “Now they’re going to find me out’. But I feel like maybe I have a little more perspective after being away from it for a while. Which can only be a good thing.” And also like Bridget, Renée’s love life has run anything but smoothly, although it does now seem like she has found her soulmate. Twenty years ago, just as Renée got her big-break in Jerry Maguire, her first love, musician Sims Ellison, tragically took his own life. The petite star went on to date a succession of famous faces; including Matthew Perry, Jack White, George Clooney, Damien Rice, Luke Perry, John Krasinski, Everyone’s favourite singleton is back, and this time she’s got a baby on board. But will Bridget finally get her happy ending? The star of Bridget Jones’ Baby, and self-confessed hopeless romantic Renée Zellweger (almost) reveals all… WORDS BY NATALIE DENTON LOVE, BABIES &PANTS
  18. 18. T I T L E S E C T I O N 19 Bradley Cooper and former fiancé Jim Carrey, but none of them turned out to be her own Mr. Darcy, although she got close in 2005 when she married country singer Kenny Chesney, but their union lasted just four months. After kissing her fair share of frogs, albeit very handsome A-List frogs, Renée seems to have finally found her prince in her long term friend and boyfriend of four years, musician Doyle Bramhall II, also 47, gushing “Isn’t he cute? He’s a very sweet man. I’m very, very happy right now.” The actress, who is notoriously very tight-lipped about “[the director] wanted Bridget to have achieved a lifelong ambition, to be at her goal weight. And then have it mean nothing. It doesn’t make her any happier. She was convinced for so long that this was the key to her happiness and after that, everything would fall into place. But it hasn’t. ”
  19. 19. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 20 her beau, opened up to Vogue about the man she first met as a student at the University of Texas. “There is a familiarity between us, that sense you have when you’re with someone and you know you are home.” Loved up like a smug-married was precisely how we left Bridget Jones at the end of the sequel Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, as Mark “I like you very much. Just as you are” Darcy (played by the inimitable Colin Firth) finally popped the question. But things have gone awry in her latest adventure as we find Bridget single once again. Moving on from the binge-drinking, chain-smoking, Celine Dion-wailing girl we all once knew, Renée reveals this time it’s Bridget 2.0. “We had to show that she’s matured, evolved, maybe become less naïve, perhaps a little wiser but I’m very happy that she hasn’t become jaded. You know, that can happen after a certain amount of heartbreak and disappointment so I was worried she might have lost her romantic, optimistic side but she is still as sweet and warm as ever. She’s changed and she hasn’t changed and I love that about her.” And that’s not all that’s different, after her weight struggles Bridget is finally happy with the way she looks. “In Bridget’s mind for so long, she had a weight problem but from the outside perspective, she didn’t. Like when you say that to your friend and they have no idea what you are talking about. But Sharon [Maguire, director] wanted the change in her life to reflect her physicality, you know she takes better care of herself, she doesn’t drink as much anymore, she doesn’t smoke, she has a better wardrobe because she’s moved up the career ladder, she has a great, well-paid job and that needed to be reflected in how she looked because all of that would affect how she looked. It couldn’t not,” she laughs. “What I loved about that, what I thought was interesting was this was an obsession for Bridget, something she talked and thought about all the time when she was younger, and Sharon wanted Bridget to have achieved a lifelong ambition, to be at her goal weight, something she’d dreamed about for so long. And then have it represent nothing, have it mean nothing - it doesn’t make her any happier. She was convinced for so long that this was the key to her happiness and after that, everything would fall into place. But it hasn’t.” The crux of the movie navigates Bridget’s unexpected pregnancy and more importantly deals with the all- important question of ‘who’s the daddy?’ With womanizing Daniel Cleaver out of the picture the two men in contention this time around are original flame Mark and latest love interest Jack, played by star of Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey. “There were several different outcomes, because you gotta work really hard these days to keep a secret,” Renée reveals with a smile. “There were like seven different scripts floating about and we shot three different endings which is not something you do on every movie. But you know, cell phones and social media are a problem to keep a secret. Also my own mouth too,” she laughs. But with Bridget’s will-they-won’t-they history with Mark, surely the self- confessed romantic wanted Mark to be ‘The One’? “Honestly, I wasn’t swayed by that, I was happy for Bridget to end up with either because she’s not exactly fighting a losing battle here,” she giggles, trying hard not to give anything away. “I think we can say she was going to win one way or the other.” It seems that Renée, just like Bridget, will never give up on true love overcoming all. BridgetJones’Baby incinemasfrom16September The two men in contention this time around are original flame Mark Darcy and latest love interest Jack. “There were several different outcomes, because you gotta work really hard these days to keep a secret. ” INTERVIEW RENEE ZELLWEGER(continued) T I T L E I N T E R V I E W
  20. 20. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 22 T I T L E W E D D I N G S#title2016 And TheBride WoreWhite…Our wedding issue wouldn’t be complete without some bridal gowns to lust after. Here’s a couple of our favourites from Sussex… 16 The Old Printing Works Arundel BN18 9JH 01903 883 514 Find Catherine Francis on Facebook CATHERINE FRANCIS Catherine Francis Bridal Boutique is situated in Arundel, West Sussex and offers a one-to-one personal service with beautiful designer dresses. Catherine loves this Kenneth Winston dress because: “It makes my brides go ‘wow’! Its V-shaped neckline and low V-shaped back create a look like no other dress in my collection. The delicate plunge created by the lower back is softened by lace trim and really appeals to the eye. The dress also features a detachable belt which ties with a big organza bow, fit for a princess. The detachable belt enables brides to have two different looks on their big day and the lace carries on to a gorgeous scalloped- edge laced hem. This dress would suit a bride who wants to draw attention to her curves – it's a real eye catcher!”
  21. 21. T I T L E S E C T I O N 23 T I T L E W E D D I N G S Instagram: @this_modern_love_bridal Twitter: @_Modern_Love Facebook: @ThisModernLoveBridal THIS MODERN LOVE Bespoke bridal designer and dressmaker Anna Bosworth at This Modern Love, is a finalist at the 2016 UK Wedding Awards and has been named ‘One to Watch’ by Perfect Wedding Magazine. Tell us about your signature gown... "My favourite piece is the ‘Eva’, which is a blush silk and guipure lace bridal gown; I named it after my baby daughter! I love the simplicity and elegance of this design. The delicate blush coloured silk beneath the guipure lace is a really pretty way to introduce a hint of colour for a modern twist on a classic design." Bespoke designs start at £390 and are handmade in Brighton.
  22. 22. WWW.GRANDBRIGHTON.CO.UK THE GRAND BRIGHTON, 97-99 KING’S ROAD, BRIGHTON, EAST SUSSEX, BN1 2FW Where the magic reaches great heights Where the magic reaches great heights Where the magic reaches great heights Where the magic reaches great heights Where the magic reaches great heights Where the magic reaches great heights
  23. 23. T I T L E S E C T I O N 25 LEONIE CLAIRE BRIDAL Leonie Claire Bridal is a designer bridal boutique aimed at celebrating the modern bride; their tagline being ‘Be The Bride You Want To Be’. @leoniecbridal T I T L E W E D D I N G S RTFJ: BESPOKE JEWELLERY Your wedding day is immortalised in your wedding ring. RTFJ is a jeweller based in the Sussex countryside, where they craft unique wedding rings, using all natural stones. @rtfj 7TWO9 PHOTOGRAPHY Brighton-based photography duo, specialising in editorial, portrait and wedding photography. 7two9 will help you remember your wedding in the most beautiful way. @7two9 HEN HEAVEN The UK’s leading hen party organiser, based right here in Sussex! With all the stress that already comes with planning a wedding, let them organise your hangover. @henheaven Insta By Jake West Instagram is absolutely awash with bridal and wedding accounts, and these are some of the Sussex-based accounts that really caught our eye. Ones to follow… SOMETHING BLUE Something Blue is a wedding planning company based in Sussex to ensure that your big day is as special as it can possibly be. @somethingblueem
  24. 24. Celebrate your 2017 wedding at Castle Goring A romantic location for any wedding or civil ceremony in any season, Castle Goring is proud to offer a selection of locations to celebrate and create those special memories. Whether it is the grandeur of the State Rooms in the main building, the magnificent West Wing with its double height ceiling or on the South Lawns in a Marquee with Castle Goring as your back drop. Our wedding coordinator is on hand to help throughout the planning process. From first enquiry to the delivery of your day, they will offer expert advice and ensure that everything is perfect. At Castle Goring we exceed expectations and nothing is too much trouble when it comes to ensuring our couples get their dream day. Castle Goring has an intriguing history and is understood to be the only large house in Sussex built by the Shelley family. Sir Bysshe Shelley, grandfather of the great romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, commissioned the property. Construction began in the 1790s and continued for a period of 15 years or more. The property remained in the Somerset family until sold to the famous authoress, socialite and television personality Lady Colin Campbell in 2014. Castle Goring is a magnificent and unique 18th century building. It combines both Greco-Roman and Gothic, castellated architecture; is Grade I Listed and set within its own park of approximately eight acres within the South Downs National Park. Please contact our Wedding Co-ordinator on 01903 790254 to arrange a visit, discuss your requirements, and for further details. Address:CastleGoring,ArundelRoad,Worthing,WestSussex,BN133UN Telephone:01903790254 Facebook:castlegoring TAKIN G BO O KIN G S FO R 2017 W ED D IN G S BO O K YO U R D ATE TO D AY TO AVO ID D ISAPPO IN TM EN T
  25. 25. T I T L E S E C T I O N 27 I was recently asked by a friend to attend their wedding. “Of course,” I said, excited by the thought of food, drink and a boogie. “It’s in the Bahamas, next March,” he went on to say, followed by a sharp teeth-sucking noise from my direction as my head flicked around like a moth on a light, anxiously looking in every direction to find a change in topic, avoiding his eye contact at all costs. See, I really like my mate, but I also like paying my bills and having a warm bed to sleep in every night. So the thought of parting with all of my savings and a few pay packets until the big day, for a week-long celebration of Mr and Mrs Kemp, was not honestly my idea of money well spent. A weekend down in Brighton, sure, I can afford that. But paying over the odds for what is likely to be my only holiday in the next five years, no, it’s not happening. Sorry buddy. It is a source of perpetual annoyance for those not in the marriage ball game. One in six British wedding ceremonies now take place overseas, meaning that that one-off expense is not necessarily a one-off anymore. Of course, this could’ve been an underhanded tactic to price out the less reliable members of the group but, if you’re actually looking to celebrate your wedding day surrounded by all your loved ones, take the local route. From the i360 to The Royal Pavilion to Brighton’s Town Hall, no matter what your dream wedding venue is, we are loving the Greene Room, upstairs at The Cricketers Pub in Brighton, for a post-ceremony party. Within walking distance of all these wedding venues, and plenty more, they have everything you could need to keep the good times rolling. Spread across three interlinked rooms, it offers guests the chance to dance, have a sit down or chat away at the self-contained bar. The Cricketers is best known for being the oldest pub in Brighton, dating all the way back to the 16th century, which will add a sprinkle of history to your big day, while the Greene Room adds an extra dash of quirkiness and charm to the whole event, which holds up to 65 people. Cosy, yet full of character, it’s an ideal town centre party venue – in the heart of The Lanes, next to the beach for breath-taking pictures and just close enough to Brighton station – perfect if you have out of town relatives coming to join the celebration. The team at the Greene Room can help you create an amazing, bespoke wedding package according to your needs and wishes, helping you make your big day absolutely unique and unforgettable. With a choice of buffet and sit down meals prepared with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, and professional staff to cater to your every whim, the Greene Room is your perfect celebration venue when it comes to getting hitched. BRIDES & GROOMS GOING GREENEWords by Daniel White Make sure you have your family and friends by your side on the big day by hiring this historic venue “If you’re actually looking to celebrate your wedding day surrounded by all your loved ones, take the local route” THE GREENE ROOM UPSTAIRS AT THE CRICKETERS 15BlackLionStreetBrighton BN11ND T:01273329472 For more information or to book your function visit T I T L E F E A T U R ET I T L E W E D D I N G S
  26. 26. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 28 T I T L E W E D D I N G S#title2016
  27. 27. T I T L E S E C T I O N 29 T I T L E W E D D I N G S
  28. 28. 07866 832274/07900 815734 StylishEvents FAIRSFAIRSFAIRSFAIRS GIFTS& ACCESSORIES GIFTSGIFTSGIFTSGIFTSGIFTSGIFTSGIFTSGIFTS&&& ACCESSORIESACCESSORIESACCESSORIESACCESSORIESACCESSORIESACCESSORIESACCESSORIESACCESSORIESACCESSORIES FAIRSFAIRS WINE & ALE TASTING FAIRS Sat 10am-5pm / Sun 10am-4pm Adults £5 / Children under 12 FREE Stylish CHRISTMAS Stylish CHRISTMASCHRISTMASCHRISTMAS Stylish CHRISTMAS Stylish CHRISTMASCHRISTMASCHRISTMASCHRISTMAS Stylish CHRISTMAS Stylish CHRISTMAS Stylish AMERICAN EXPRESS COMMUNITY STADIUM VILLAGE WAY, BRIGHTON 12th November &13 th OVER 100 EXHIBITORSBe inspired this Christma s F� a� your Christmas gifts & ideas under one roof ! CHRISTMASCHRISTMAS deded aeae sasa ununu dndn eded rere oonnonoono e Stylish F Visit again on Sunday for free!07866 832274/07900 815734 Wedding Fayres ENTRY INCLUDES BRIDAL BAG & SHOW GUIDE WIN HOLIDAY VOUCHERS WORTH £1000! see website for details StylishEvents AMERICAN EXPRESS COMMUNITY STADIUM Village Way, Brighton 16th October 2016 CHARMANDEAN CENTRE Worthing A27 15th January 2017 FONTWELL PARK RACECOURSE Fontwell, near Arundel 19th February 2017 AMERICAN EXPRESS COMMUNITY STADIUM Village Way, Brighton 12th March 2017 Open 10.30am Entry £2 (American Express Stadium £2.50) GLAMOROUS CATWALK SHOWS FEATURING PROFESSIONAL LONDON MODELS COMPETITION PRIZES & GIVEAWAYS FESTIVE FOOD & DRINK FREE PARKING subject to availability Title mag ad_200x141.indd 1 12/09/2016 10:16 The Cricketers, Black Lion Street, ‘The Lanes’, Brighton, BN1 1ND Tel; 01273 329472 Web; Email; bespoke packages A stylish and comfortable setting located a stones throw from Brighton Town Hall & the Register Office Whether you are looking for a formal Wedding Breakfast, a Drinks Reception with an upmarket selection of canap s or simply a place toé Boogie the night away we can cater for all your needs! THE PERFECT TOWN CENTRE LOCATION The Greene RoomAt The Cricketers exclusive self contained venue great wine list
  29. 29. T I T L E S E C T I O N 31 T I T L E W E D D I N G S
  30. 30. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 32 T I T L E W E D D I N G S WHAT ARE YOUR SIGNATURE BRIDAL TREATMENTS? Perfect Peel four to six weeks before will freshen the complexion. Lip enhancements you should do four weeks before the big day so it’s settled in properly, and anti-wrinkle treatments like Botox the same. These will soften any wrinkles and help foundation to sit on the skin smoothly. ADVICE FOR THE BRIDE OR GROOM? Try things out. It’s best to test treatments like this in advance, to check you like the results, and plan enough time for recovery. A trial run months before is ideal, then if you love the results, book in four weeks before the big day. IF YOU COULD TREAT ANY CELEB… It would be Kate Middleton. She is a natural beauty but recently I've thought she could do with a few little tweaks now she’s in her thirties. I would do the Perfect Peel treatment to freshen up her skin and attack any pigmentation and open pores, Baby Botox to gently soften frown lines and crow’s feet and a little natural lip enhancement to show a little more plumpness on her smile. WHERE CAN WE FIND YOU? Everywhere! My home clinic in Peacehaven, Teresa Kis Aesthetics; or Vanilla Pod beauty in Worthing and Enhance in East Grinstead. In Eastbourne I’m at The Retreat, Koutoubia Beauty and n7 Laser and Beauty Clinic in Eastbourne; Skin & Beauty on the Brooks in Pulborough, and ASJ Lashes and Avenue Beauty in Shoreham. Also by request. Teresa Kis Aesthetics 01273 586906 BEAUTY& TheBride FIVEMUSTHAVESFOR YOUR BRIDAL BEAUTY SHOPPING LIST… 1 2 3 bareMinerals SkinLongevity Vital Power serum, which is proven to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin texture to promote a youthful look. £45 benecos Taupe Temptation Nail Polish, is a light grey-brown colour that is ideal for an understated and on-trend look, perfect for weddings – and it’s organic! £6.95 Armani Day Long Skin Perfector is a great primer for all day wear, mattifying and smoothing your face, and keeping that makeup intact! £60 Lush Charisma skin givesa lovelygoldenglow aswell asnourishing yourface.It’smadewith hydratingalmond oiland cocoa butteraswell asa pigmentthat naturally reflectslightina handylittlepotforall day touch- ups. Bephoto-shootreadyandradiant!£12 4 MACIt’saStrikesoftpink nude lip sheen is just gorgeous for anunderstated touch of shimmerandcolour. £17.50 5 IT’S YOUR BIG DAY, AND YOU WANT TO LOOK YOUR BEST. WE’VE GATHERED TOGETHER SOME EXPERT ADVICE FROM BEAUTY GURUS ACROSS THE WHOLE OF SUSSEX… SEALEDWITH AKISS
  31. 31. T I T L E S E C T I O N 33 T I T L E W E D D I N G S CROWNING GLORY Your wedding day is a great excuse to make the most of some amazing hair treatments and look your very best. After all, all eyes are on you and you’ll be looking at the photos for a long time afterwards! So we asked award-winning L’Oreal Colour Specialist Sam Chapman how best to prepare your hair for the big day. Sam heads up Samuel Chapman Salon in Hove. He has years of varied experience in the industry, from working as Technical Director at Trevor Sorbie’s Brighton salon to directing photoshoots, so whether you want straight sleek hair, tousled curls or a creative up do, as you can see from these examples of bridal hair by his team - he’s your man. Sam will help you to achieve the perfect colour and his team will cut and style your hair exactly to your requirements. He recommends preparing your hair with a nanokeratin treatment which he describes as “a unique biomimetic technology, which breaks down keratin to a micro molecular size and allows it to penetrate into the hair shaft creating smooth, manageable hair even to the most unruly hair types”.  If that sounds a bit scientific, what it actually means is 95% less frizz, 85% less blow drying time, repair to damaged hair, enhancement of colour and less fading, as well as more shine and easier styling. AND is said to last for three months! When Sam offered us the chance to try it for ourselves, we had a bit of a fight in the office but Gemma Windham won! 82 George St Hove BN3 3YE 01273 323597 IF YOU’RE THINKING OF THIS FOR YOUR WEDDING SAMSAYS… This treatment is effective for three months so can be booked in at any time to fit around the wedding preparation. Bear in mind though that you can’t wash your hair for three days after application. You can have this applied at the same time as colour but you can’t colour or bleach your hair for at least two weeks after the treatment so bear that in mind when booking. Use the provided shampoo and conditioner, they are sulphate free and won’t reverse the treatment. If your hair gets wet during the three days following treatment then use a titanium straightening iron. We tried... Gold Package • Smoothing service • Complimentary Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner prescribed to your hair condition. (RRP £36) • 10% off future purchases of Pureology products • Complimentary Blowdry three days after your treatment    Short hair £200 Long hair £225 GEMMA SAYS… “I was excited about this,my hair is naturally curly and not in a nice way (I was always jealous of my best friend who could wash hers, squirt in a bit of mousse, scrunch it a bit and walk out of the bathroom with perfect bouncy curls). Mine is more of a ‘dragged through a hedge backwards’ look. I’ve spent a fortune over the years on treatments to smooth it out, and I couldn’t have picked a better week to test out this treatment’s claims either. It was sweltering hot and although I’d blow-dried and straightened my hair to within an inch of its life less than an hour before I arrived it was already frizzy and starting to curl. Sam greeted me and introduced me to Bekka, who washed my hair and applied the product which then stayed on my hair for 40 minutes before she dried and straightened it to seal it in and I was then sent on my way to come back three days later for the blow dry (included in the package). That was really nice actually, to go in and have the treatment completed for you rather than just wash it out yourself. Would I recommend the treatment? Absolutely, I’m seriously impressed!! Three weeks on and I haven’t so much as plugged in my straighteners. My hair takes a fraction of the time to blow dry, feels thicker and I’ll be going back for more of the Pureology products that you’re given as part of the package. These are sulphate free and 100% vegan so you can feel good about treating yourself. For a two hour appointment with almost £40 of products AND a second visit for the complimentary blow dry it’s also great value for three months results.
  32. 32. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 34 T I T L E W E D D I N G S RAISEYOURBROWSWHAT IS YOUR SIGNATURE BRIDAL TREATMENT? Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup method that implants pigment under the epidermis layers of the eyebrow, using a specially designed tiny blade which leaves thin, realistic hair strokes for an amazingly natural finish. Together with you, I will design a brow that is totally bespoke to you – your colour will be mixed from the highest quality pigments. As one of the first in Sussex offering this service, 2016 has seen huge demand from brides that want their gorgeous brows back for the wedding! WHEN SHOULD THIS BE BOOKED? The Microblading technique is completed across two, sometimes three sessions as the brow hairstrokes are built in layers for a realistic result. After each session it takes the skin four weeks to heal, so you would need to book your consultation with me a minimum of three months in advance. ADVICE FOR THE BRIDE OR GROOM? Book your free 30 minute consultation in plenty of time, even if you aren’t getting married for months. This allows us to plan ahead and discuss your specific requirements well in advance. IF YOU COULD TREAT ANY CELEB… I’ve already welcomed the lovely Channel 4’s Gogglebox star Chris Steed through my studio door and created some fabulous brows for him that will only need maintaining with a freshen up session before his big day to his partner next year here in Brighton. I would love to be involved with his wedding as he is already flying the flag for male Microblading which is great as this isn’t just for brides, grooms can benefit greatly too! 07867 129645 HAIRTODAY, GONETOMORROW! WHAT IS YOUR SIGNATURE BRIDAL TREATMENT? Our signature treatment – which is also our most popular – is the Brazilian wax. Waxing removes hair for a longer period of time and with better results than any other method. It removes the hair at the root and not just at skin level and typically lasts anywhere from three up to six weeks; perfect for wedding days and honeymoons. The Hot Wax we use is less sticky and much kinder to the skin leaving minimal reaction afterwards. WHEN SHOULD THIS BE BOOKED? If you have never waxed the area before, the closer to the big day the better because your hair has become used to other hair-removal methods such as shaving, which results in uneven growth until it adapts to the waxing cycle. If you have waxed before, two to three days before the big day is ideal. Also, if you're going to have a trial wax, we would recommend doing so a month or six weeks prior to your wedding day. This allows enough time for the regrowth to come through before your big day and means you can road test it. ADVICE FOR THE BRIDE OR GROOM? Maintaining a healthy diet and staying hydrated leading up to your wedding day is essential. Generally if you are having any chemical treatment or using a topical acne treatment over the areas to be waxed, particularly on the face, consult your doctor or dermatologist before your treatment. Exfoliating up to two days prior to a wax also assists in hair removal. FINALLY… We are hoping to be able to bring professional Waxing & Threading experience to the surrounding areas in Sussex by expanding our business next year so watch this space! THE WAX & THREAD COMPANY 36 Church St Brighton BN1 1RL 01273 730727
  33. 33. T I T L E S E C T I O N 35 T I T L E W E D D I N G S As your big day is literally sealed with a kiss, you’d better make sure your mouth is 100% kissable. The Dental Health Spa in Brighton has plenty of ways to freshen and whiten the pearly gates... Being situated in a very central location, right on the high street, isn’t something you’d normally associate with a dental practice, but the Dental Health Spa is a little bit different. “I had a vision to open a new hygiene-led oral health care clinic on the high-street, where oral health care could become both accessible and demystified,” says Spa boss Christina Chatfield. “Dental Health Spa is not a dental surgery as you know it. We work in an open environment, still protecting your privacy but without conducting our treatments behind intimidating closed doors. And we have comfy sofas to relax on whilst you wait and state of the art equipment.” Since its conception in 2007, the Dental Health Spa has done just that, revolutionising the dental experience, and providing a safe haven for those who might be nervous about dental treatments. For brides and grooms wanting a bright, fresh smile on the big day, there’s loads of treatments to choose from. SIGNATURE TREATMENTS? We offer so many to help give you white teeth and that fresh kissable breath! So Mouth Detox, C​FAST, fast teeth straightening, whitening and bonding are all great treatments leading up to your big day. Some are designed just to give you a fast polish and clean- up, and others are more detailed treatments that take time. Best thing you can do is have a look at our website where all our treatments are listed, and see what looks good for you. WHEN SHOULD YOU BOOK IN? Obviously this will depend on the treatment. We offer a fantastic Air Polish treatment for example which cleans and brightens the teeth making them really white, and takes literally minutes. But if you wanted to get your teeth straightened, or look at the possibility of veneers, we suggest you come in as soon as possible, way ahead of the big day. We do offer a ‘speedy’ teeth straightening system which can take as little as four months, but every client is different. ADVICE FOR BRIDES AND GROOMS? If you want some work done on your teeth or mouth, come and see us sooner rather than later for a consultation. We can work with your timeframe and offer you the best solutions. Our most popular treatments for things like whitening and mouth detox are very easy to organise. But our best work is done when we have the time to work with you to create your best smile! Cleanmean kissing machine! DENTAL HEALTH SPA 14-15 Queens Rd Brighton BN1 3WA 01273 710831 “Dental Health Spa is not a dental surgery as you know it."
  34. 34. Pleaseaskattimeofbookingforstandardbookingtermsandconditions. W E D D I N G S&C I V I L C E R E M O N I E S At Hotel du Vin Brighton Sublime Visit our website for more details: HOTEL DU VIN&BISTRO BRIGHTON 0127 385 5221 T H E P E R F E C T S T A G E F O R Y O U R W E D D I N G Sublime. One word to express the greatest of all days. With exquisite private rooms and gorgeous suites, a tranquil outdoor courtyard, heavenly dining and your own dedicated events organiser, there can be no more fitting a stage as you glide elegantly from ceremony to wedding breakfast and beyond. Hotel du Vin Brighton is the perfect venue for weddings and civil partnerships. Join us for our free entry Wedding Fayre on Sunday 30th October from 11am to 4pm with a large range of local exhibitors and a chance to meet our dedicated events team. ENJOY A COMPLIMENTARY GLASS OF CHAMPAGNE RSVP today to avoid disappointment
  35. 35. T I T L E S E C T I O N 37 T I T L E W E D D I N G S BUDGETA lot of us have fairy tale ideas of what we want our wedding day to be. Before you decide on the budget, sit down with your partner and write down what your future financial plans are. Is the budget you have in mind realistic? Would you rather spend more on the wedding, a house for your future family, or can you afford both? There’s nothing wrong with splashing out on your wedding, but breaking the bank is not necessary to make your day special. GUESTSYou budget and the amount of guests normally go hand-in- hand. If you feel pressured to invite guests who you don’t like or don’t know very well to your big day, consider inviting them just to the ceremony – this will save you money and help you avoid having strangers at your wedding reception. Also, do not send out “save the date” cards before making the final guest list, as these are considered to be a pre-invitation. VENDORSChoosing the right vendor can make or break the experience of planning your wedding. If you have a bigger budget, don’t have an eye for detail, or simply are short on time, a professional wedding planner can be of great help. Wedding planners take a lot of weight off your shoulders and are incredible at negotiating and finding good alternatives when it comes to your budget and finding vendors. However, some of us can’t afford, or simply don’t want a planner. In that case make sure to ask to see the vendor’s portfolio, book trial appointments for hair and make-up, and read customer feedback before considering using their service. If splashing out on vendors is not your idea of fun, prioritise. Could Auntie Lucinda bake the cake? Great! Just remember to sign a contract, even if the florist is your cousin. COUNTDOWNTO THEBIGDAY Many dream of a perfect wedding, but planning it can often be a daunting task. Title Sussex is here to help with a guide to stress-free wedding planning to make sure your big day is as remarkable as ever. Words by Rimante Boguzaite
  36. 36. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 38 T I T L E W E D D I N G S But, some things, like photography, are generally best left to the professionals. Dry cake can be forgotten, but the pictures will last forever. VENUEWhen it comes to picking a venue, the most popular ones are always booked ahead of time, so prepare to be flexible. Make sure you know everything about the deposit and how long ahead of time you have to pay it. Find out if there are any hidden costs, like cleaning fees or gratuity charges, and whether there are any restrictions to the venue, like using confetti or flash photography. Make sure to ask in advance – there are no stupid questions when it comes to weddings. THEMEWhen it comes to picking a theme, it’s best to make it subtle, yet reflective of the venue the reception is held at. It might be difficult to choose colour co-ordinations without going over the top. Pick an idea that you love and give it an original twist – if you and your partner love oranges and went orange picking on your first date – why not make your reception orange- themed? After all, you are celebrating your relationship, and making it about you and your partner is what’s going to make this day feel truly special for both you and your guests. OUTFITSIf you have already fallen in love with a gown, you can rent, buy new or even a pre-used gown. Bespoke dresses can take up to six months to make. Consider alterations that might have to be made in case you lose/gain weight or change your mind about the details. If you have no clue as to what you’d like to wear, sometimes the venue can lead your way - beach wedding and a ball gown typically don’t agree with each other. Keep an open mind; sometimes a style that you don’t like the look of might fit you best. GIFTSThere are plenty of shops with traditional wedding registries, however, what do you do if another knife set or a slow cooker are simply not welcome? Nowadays a lot of wedding registries have moved online, where you can pick from various bits and bobs that you find useful or fun and can even register experiences you’d like to have for your honeymoon. This eliminates the awkwardness of asking for money as a gift and saves your much needed cash for something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Those knives can wait till after the honeymoon. HONEYMOONAll the stress and emotion surrounding your wedding can easily make you crash when your honeymoon finally arrives. Make sure to schedule in a few days of chill, and find some activities that you wouldn’t normally make a commitment to do when on a regular holiday, like a spa day. Try to surprise each other with a gift or activity to make sure it doesn’t feel just like another holiday.
  37. 37. The Kent Wedding Experience 23rd October 2016 10.30am to 4.00pm Kent Showground, Detling Ideas, Information, Inspiration... Don’t miss the wedding planning event of the year when The Kent Showground will be transformed into a bridal wonderland, with over 200 companies who represent the best names in the wedding industry. The atmosphere will sparkle with glamorous gowns, elegant formal wear, beautiful music and breathtaking ideas. For the busy bride-to-be it’s a chance to see what is available and compare services and products without spending weeks searching for that something special. There will be aisle after aisle of wedding specialists offering all the‘must-haves’for your wedding as well as bright new ideas to make your day truly unique. Then you can head off to the Fashion Show to see the latest designs in wedding dresses and outfits for the whole bridal party. Extravagant and entertaining catwalk shows will be presented with exciting music, professional models and stunning choreography to complete your fabulous day at the Kent Showground Wedding Experience. Bring your fiancé, family and friends for a day of planning which you’ll find to be very helpful and lots of fun too. FREE ENTRY Visit the South East’s largest wedding show You’ll find the Kent Showground on the A249 between junction 7 of the M20 and junction 5 of the M2. Postcode: ME14 3JF DETLING Kent County Showground Win fabulous wedding prizes with kmfm’s Andy Walker and enjoy on stage entertainment all day with fashion shows hosted by radio presenter Ben Mundy. Or upgrade to VIP tickets for a more luxurious experience
  38. 38. 19 Meeting House Lane, Brighton 01273 730154 Stunning fascinators and accessories instore and online
  39. 39. Jeremy’s Restaurant, Borde Hill, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 1XP Telephone 01444 441 102 | Email | | Twitter @jeremysrest | Facebook Jeremys Restaurant Contemporary dining in the idyllic rural setting of Borde Hill, near Haywards Heath. Call us or visit our website for our à la carte and daily menus, our special events diary, and information on private events and weddings. Photos: Julia Claxton and James Boardman “My tempura seafood was like having an indecent proposal whispered into one’s mouth by a short-sighted pervert.” – Julie Burchill, Title Sussex “Whatever words I use won’t do the food justice – it’s simply exquisite, and you’ll have to experience it first-hand to understand what I mean.” – Donna Martin, Inside Sussex “Jeremy Ashpool can cook, and if you don’t visit his restaurant, you will be more the poorer for it.”– Maarten Hoffman, Platinum Business Daily menu of the day: 2 courses £20 or 3 courses £25 Choose from a three-choice menu, including vegetarian options. Available Tuesday to Saturday lunchtimes, and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday dinner. À la carte also available. Enjoy ourpre Christmas menufrom 1st to 23rdDecember.£40 for lunch or £45for dinner. Visit ourwebsite formenus choices. LIBATION BAR & EATERY Enjoy some bubbles and tapas at Hove’s newest venue libationhove 10 Victoria Grove, Second Avenue, Hove, BN3 2LJ 01273 722846 Tapas Plates Small Plates Large Plates served all day Largest selection of Bubbles in Sussex Craft Beer & Artisan Spirits
  40. 40. T I T L E S E C T I O N 43 1.LOCATION LOCATIONLOCATIONAnd no, we don’t just mean the venue, although that’s important – see point 4. But think about whether people are coming in by train, or coach. Consider if you need to book rooms overnight. Think about where you are if you think people might want to take the party to the next level afterwards! And we mean more dancing, before you get all shocked… 2.PLANAHEAD OK so it might seem early to be booking a Christmas party in September but trust us – by July or August a lot of the spaces on Fridays and Saturdays have gone. Maybe you’re one of those clever people that already booked them! If you’re not, get on with it! 3.WHATFLOATS YOURBOAT?There’s lots of options for your party – dinner at a nice eatery, crazy cocktail night followed by drinking and dancing, exclusive space with amazing entertainment, or shared party bookings for small groups who want to punch above their weight. Maybe something completely leftfield like a Cuban theme? Get a bit creative, have some fun. Also, think carefully about your food and entertainment. If you book shared parties, you kinda get what you’re given. But if not, maybe you don’t need turkey?! How many turkey dinners do you get over December? 4.THERIGHTVENUEStudies show that THE most important thing when booking an event is the venue. Pick the wrong place and it doesn’t matter what you fill it with, people will gripe, the vibe will be wrong, you’ll have to move to Australia to escape the shame. Did you know people like us offer FREE venue finding for events?! See what we did there? 5.THEMESOK so maybe we’re cheating a bit as this is similar to #3 but why not have a theme? It could be colour theme like a black and white ball; a nationality like Brazilian Night; Winter Wonderland with snow and stuff; James Bond, a Hawaiian luau… the possibilities are endless. Even getting simple casino tables in will make a difference. Christmas is about feeling childlike and magical (yes it is) so why not incorporate that into your party? Be a big kid again? For help and ideas for your Christmas party, you can always ask for help, and it won’t cost you a bean – all venue finding is free, and all proposals are too. Get in touch if you think we can create some magic for you… “Pick the wrong place and it doesn’t matter what you fill it with, people will gripe, the vibe will be wrong, you’ll have to move to Australia to escape the shame” Five Christmas party thingstothinkabout whenbookingthe EVENT EXPERTS 0845 594 8533 T I T L E C H R I S T M A S
  41. 41. T I T L E S E C T I O N 45 HAVE A MEAT-FREE FESTIVE SEASON “Have you got friends with complex dietary requests? Don’t judge them, reward them with a delicious meal at Terre à Terre!” Christmas can be a meaty minefield for vegetarians and those with dietary restrictions. But help is at hand! Make an impression with colleagues, family and friends this year by celebrating your Christmas at Terre à Terre, the local go-to for the most creative vegetarian food in Brighton, always delivered with a cheeky little pun. Thisyear’s menufeaturesSprucedUp! (made to make youpine),SmugglersClove(allspice anddevilishly nice)andChantillyFace (all baublesandlace). Intriguedyet? Christmasdisheswill runalongside lots offamiliar Terre àTerre seasonal fare,including their organicwines,cracking cocktailsandmore. Have you got friends with complex dietary requests? Don’t fret and certainly don’t compromise, as Terre à Terre can cater for almost any dietary request within their vegetarian fare, such as gluten free, egg free, dairy free, nut free and alcohol free. Don’t judge them, reward them with a delicious meal at Terre à Terre. Not forgetting their magnificent afternoon tea menu, with multi- tiered savoury, sweet and traditional delights, all seasonally-spiced and glitzed. Available from 3-5pm daily.  For the perfect finish or a tantalizing gift, dig into their incredible selection of goodies to go, from chocolate kirsch cherries to boxes of salt caramel truffles, jars of chilly chelly, seasonal hampers and glorious organic wines and beers. Terre à Terre’s Christmas and party menu (£39.95) will be available daily for lunch and dinner from December 5 until early January. Limited party tables can be booked at the weekend, however there is ample availability for midweek parties, Sunday to Thursday. Book now to avoid disappointment and make it a truly memorable Christmas!    A D V E R T O R I A L TERREÀTERRE 71EastStreet, Brighton,BN11HQ  T:01273729051 T I T L E C H R I S T M A S
  42. 42. Festive Lunches H I G H S T R E E T , A R U N D E L B N 1 8 9 A B FROM £17.95 PER PERSON 97-99 King’s Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2FW DISCO PARTY NIGHTS Call 01273 224300 to book your party now! or Email: Sunday 18th, Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th December £24.95per person Perfect for friends and colleagues who are looking for an informal festive celebration. • One drink on arrival • Three course seated dinner • Dancing til midnight Why not combine it with a business meeting beforehand and make a night of it! Overnight meeting packages available from £198 per person
  43. 43. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 48 BO HOSELECTA Photography: Erika Szostak HMUA & Styling: Yo Alexia Kruiz, IG: @loveyohair Models: Yo Alexia Kruiz & Lily Blanchét, IG: @lilyblanchet
  44. 44. T I T L E S E C T I O N 49 into an autumn landscape like nothing on earth with this boho-inspired HIT on what’s hot this fall TAKE ATRIP Lily Feather headpiece: Isaac Raymond Jacket: Isaac Raymond Skirt: Boohoo Boots: Zara
  45. 45. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 50 Lily Hat: H&M Poncho: New Look Top: Boohoo Trousers: Top Shop Boots: Zara Pair the last of the summer sun with some paisley fun. Warm colours and hot boots seen on the streets FEEL THE HEAT
  46. 46. T I T L E S E C T I O N 51 Yo Brown hat: Scalapronto Jumpsuit: New Look Jacket: vintage model's own Boots: H&M
  47. 47. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 52 Yo Poncho: New Look Top: Topshop Shorts: Suite Blanco Socks: H&M Boots: Spot One
  48. 48. T I T L E S E C T I O N 53 Team chunky knits with blue sky thinking and just a hint of warm skin MIX IT UP
  49. 49. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 54 Lily Scarf: vintage silk Coat: Label Lab Skirt: All Saints Gloves: H&M Tights: Top Shop
  50. 50. T I T L E S E C T I O N 55 Yo Brown hat: Scalapronto Jumpsuit: New Look
  51. 51. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 56 Yo Scarf: vintage silk Belt: H&M Dress: Miss Selfridge Boots: Spot One
  52. 52. T I T L E S E C T I O N 57 Is there life on Mars? Seventies chic docks on Earth for AW16/17 OUT OF THIS WORLD
  53. 53. Professional models fresh faces fearless walkers hotshot hosPitality We have an exciting range of new talent on our books for all shoots, runways and events. Please get in touch to find out more. 07711 281974 or 07543 648113
  54. 54. T I T L E S E C T I O N 59 As winter approaches, leading Dutch shoe retailer, Wolkyshop, has a range of comfortable and stylish leather shoes that will keep your feet cosy. Its shoes have a special lining of durable materials that keep your feet refreshingly cool during the day, yet warm during the cold mornings. The renowned Chelsea boot is a must-have shoe this season. Wolkyshop’s 4512 Masala ankle boot is an elegant feminine version whilst the 2050 Nano trainer has a comfortable and super light sole. When you need to add trendy new shoes to your winter wardrobe, pop into Brighton’s Bond Street store or browse online to view the 2016 autumn/winter collection. Happy shoe hunting! T I T L E F A S H I O N Healthbenefitsofwearing comfortableshoes Did you know that we walk an average of 115,000 miles in our lifetime? That 70% of foot problems are caused by ill-fitting shoes? We’re constantly on our feet - whether that’s travelling to work, partying during the night or running after the kids. Devoting care and attention to your shoes will leave your feet feeling fabulous! Buy shoes in the afternoon because your shoes will feel more comfortable. Feet swell during the day and are at their largest in the afternoon. If you suffer from heel pain, shoes with underfoot cushioning provide relief. Wear orthotics? Shoes with removable insoles may help. Ensure the length of the shoe is correct, so it does not pinch or cause pain. Invest in a pair of leather shoes because they have better ventilation and mould to your feet for an accurate fit and effectively last longer. TOPHACKSFORSHOESHOPPING
  55. 55. | 01825 873589 East Sussex“ Infinity within your reach... ” TM Europe’s largest infinity cove 4K Filming - Twin Turntables - Tungsten Lighting - Profoto Flash - Dolby 5.1 Protools
  56. 56. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 62 Tell us about the new menu... The new menu will be focused on local, seasonal produce specialising in seafood and grills, with some old classics thrown in as well. What do you like to eat when you’re off duty? I like eating Asian spiced food; Thai is a particular favourite at the moment. What did you eat for breakfast? For breakfast I had porridge with blueberries. What’s the thing you’re most proud of? I'm very proud of my record, turning restaurants into successful food locations; it's hard work but very rewarding. Did you always want to be a chef? It was a natural progression for me; my father’s a chef so I've been in kitchens from a young age. Sum yourself up in three words Dedicated, hardworking and committed. What's next for Luca? Next for me is build a strong team around me and go from strength-to-strength at The Norfolk Arms. Are you a bit of a Gordon in the kitchen? No, I'm very relaxed when working, I enjoy my job. If you were Mayor of Arundel… If I was mayor, Arundel would probably grind to a halt, but everyone would eat well. THE NORFOLK ARMS HOTEL High Street Arundel West Sussex BN18 9AB 01903 882101 T I T L E I N T E R V I E W Q & A It’s all change for the team at The Norfolk Arms Hotel. After hiring their new Executive Head Chef Luca Mason, he was recently reunited with former kitchen comrade Ben Miller, who has taken on the role of Head Chef. Daniel White quizzed Luca to find out what to expect from this culinary couple and what tickles his foodie fancies… Ben Miller's love for cooking first started under the watchful eye of his father, who was the Executive Chef of The Ritz.  Ben has worked in some top kitchens across the country; including Amberley Castle, Danesfield House, Restaurant One - O - One in Knightsbridge (London's Premier Fish Restaurant) and The Bath Spa Hotel, where he personally achieved two AA Rosettes.   Ben's cooking was celebrated by Michel Roux Jr on BBC's Masterchef The Professionals, where he successfully reached the quarter finals of the competition. An experience he felt was a highlight of his chefing career.  Ben has now been reunited with Luca Mason at The Norfolk Arms where they hope to bring plenty of success, as they did for six years at The Ardington Hotel in Worthing. F A C T F I L E Luca has recently been joined in the kitchen by Ben Miller, and here’s the lowdown on the latest addition to The Norfolk Arms’ team: Photos of Luca by Matt Ryan
  57. 57. T I T L E S E C T I O N 63 Seared Scallops WITH SEASONAL SPICE Seared local scallops with cumin-spiced cauliflower puree and curried chickpeas SERVES 6 INGREDIENTS 18 Scallops for six portions CAULIFLOWER PUREE 1 Small head of cauliflower 150ml Milk 40ml Double cream ½ Tsp ground cumin 30g Butter CURRIED CHICKPEAS 1 Tin of chickpeas drained & rinsed ½ Red pepper 1 Small red onion 1 Clove of garlic ½ Tsp cumin ¼ Tsp turmeric ½ Tsp ground coriander ½ Tsp chilli powder Olive oil A few sprigs of coriander METHOD 1. For the cauliflower puree melt the butter in a heavy based pan, put the cauliflower in a food processor for one minute until it has the look of cous cous and cook without browning for 3-4 mins. 2. Add the cumin milk and cream and allow to simmer for 7-8 minutes until tender. Then hand blend to a velvety puree. 3. For the curried chickpeas, sweat the onion, garlic and red pepper in the olive oil in a heavy based pan for 2-3 mins. 4. Add all the spices and cook for a further 2-3 minutes until fragrant. 5. Add the chickpeas and cook slowly for 6-7 minutes until the chickpeas are tender. 6. Season with salt, pepper and the coriander. TO SERVE Put the puree in a warm bowl and add the chickpeas. Top with the seared scallops. T I T L E R E C I P E •LUCA MASON•
  58. 58. HOLAHOLA brightonbrighton marina!marina! Now Open south American Restaurant& Cocktail Bar Book now Happy hour all day every day! Unit 3 Brighton Marina, BN2 5WA 01273 805 516
  59. 59. T I T L E S E C T I O N 65 BOHO GELATO's BIG YEARAfter opening three new stores in the last year Daniel White sat down with Boho Gelato’s owner Seb Cole to talk about the challenges he’s faced maintaining his artisan ice cream. It was almost two years to the day that I last interviewed Seb Cole at his Pool Valley store in Brighton and I remember at the time being overwhelmed by his workload,his drive and his passion for the job. After opening his first Boho Gelato shop in 2010 Seb was a man on a mission; running the shop,delivering ice cream across the city,making the best gelatos and sorbets in Brighton and managing his business.Two years on and his energy hasn’t changed.He’s still the same upbeat,dedicated man but,today,he’s in charge of four stores. “Our first shop in PoolValley,Brighton opened six years ago and up till last summer that was our only location,” explains Seb.“However,in the last 12 months three more Boho shops have opened; another in Brighton in Ship Street,one in Weymouth and one in Worthing.You can also find our ice cream in around 50 other food businesses,including most of Brighton’s best. The new one in Ship Street was my dream location when I was looking for a shop the first time around in 2010.It took six years of waiting for something on that corner to come up and when it did I naturally jumped at the chance of grabbing it!” Taking on more stores has increased the workload and with his new responsibilities have come new challenges,as he continues to find ways to grow and develop the business. “I have learned that it’s really a different ball game altogether once you have more than one location,” he says.“For the first few years I ran Pool Valley pretty much single handedly; I would make ice cream really early in the morning and late into the night and spend the afternoon selling it in the shop.I did enjoy that lifestyle a lot as it meant I could spend time with the customers and I had lots of time to experiment in the kitchen.Now I still spend a lot of time in the kitchen but I have to work a lot harder to find time to experiment and play around as there is a lot more ice cream to make.” However,the knock-on effect certainly hasn’t been a reduction in quality.With hundreds of creative flavours, including four different vegan-based flavours every day,Seb is very conscious of ensuring the quality of his Italian-style ice creams never drops. “The new shops have made it easier for us to maintain the quality as we have taken on another kitchen,so quite a bit of that wholesale production has been lifted out of Pool Valley, freeing us up to have more fun there,” says Seb.“We have made over 500 different flavours now including seasonal specials and bespoke flavours for restaurants.Every flavour is different in taste,texture,colour and smell and we really do take a lot of time on our recipes.” So what next for Sussex’s best ice cream? With a smile he says, “We’ll keep making the best quality ice cream and sorbet we can make, and hope that British people start eating more in the winter!” For more informationon BOHOGELATO ortogetintouchvisit T I T L E F O O D & D R I N K
  60. 60. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 66 T I T L E F O O D & D R I N K Nick Mosley can be found Tweeting at @BrightonNick YOUNG AT HEART AT ISAAC ATFrom pop-up to permanent, Isaac At dining experience re-launches this month in Brighton. Just eighteen months on from opening his first restaurant in Brighton, Head Chef Isaac Bartlett-Copeland, 23, reopened the doors to Isaac At on Friday 9 September, offering a new and unique dining experience. Growing from pop-up to permanent, guests can join Isaac every evening from Tuesday to Saturday, and for lunch on Saturday. With a new, larger, open kitchen, guests will feel like they’re part of the main event, with the option to book the new table by the pass, to be closer to the action. Introducing a new set menu Tuesday- Thursday, Isaac will be offering the full Isaac At tasting menu experience every evening, giving guests an insight into the Sussex influence behind each dish. Isaac and the team pride themselves on sourcing high quality produce from their local suppliers, sharing the mileage of all their ingredients on the menu. New restaurant manager, Alex Preston, has developed a new ‘Sussex Flight’ alcoholic tasting menu to accompany the full Isaac At experience, whilst also creating his own carefully developed range of juices, for those wanting non-alcoholic tastings to complement their dishes. BREW YOUR OWN GINArtisan gin goes from strength-to-strength, and consumer interest in this quintessential British drink is not going to wain any time soon. An ideal present, both for gin aficionados on the hunt for something refreshingly different or novices looking for something slightly quirky, is the personalised Brew Your Own Gin kit from 3 Blonde Bears in Haywards Heath. Basically, you get a really sexy box with everything you need to make your own compound flavoured gin, all you need to do is add a bottle of decent white spirit such as a neutral vodka. Fresh, unique and moreish, I know your brewed bottle won’t last long, enjoy with friends or after dinner. If you like G&T you’ll love this! NICK MOSLEY Sussex’s strong suit The Sussex food scene is ever changing and here are just a few of the latest developments to keep an eye out for…
  61. 61. T I T L E S E C T I O N 67 THE BELLE VUE Brighton’s newest restaurant, situated at the foot of the world-record breaking BAi360, is now open. The Belle Vue restaurant offers an all-day menu of exciting and delicious dishes using locally-sourced ingredients where possible. Steven Edwards – ‘MasterChef the Professionals’ winner - has worked with the restaurant chefs to create a menu that includes locally-sourced fish and meats all created and presented with a Belle Vue twist. Guests are able to enjoy the exclusive ‘Steven Edwards’ Etch Burger Experience’, which includes an outstanding beef burger and chips plate, accompanied by a Silly Moo Cider from Sussex’s Trenchmoor Farm. Steven Edwards tells us, “It has been a great experience working on the menu and the opening of this fantastic restaurant. It’s such a great location and we are delighted to be able to use so many local suppliers to ensure that our ingredients are fresh and really high quality. The concept of the restaurant is fresh, cool and on trend and that’s exactly what we are offering in our menus. There is something for everyone – a hearty brunch, a fun salad, a sharing platter or an impressive main meal.” T I T L E F O O D & D R I N K We have one Brew Your Own Gin kit to giveaway at random to a lucky reader. Simply email with your name, address and phone number, with the answer to the question below before November 15 with ‘BREW YOUR OWN GIN’ in the subject line. What ingredient MUST be included in gin? a) Quinine b) Juniper berry c) Cardamon Gary, Stephen and the team at Brighton Bier are making waves globally with their craft beer perfection. Already this year they’ve won a clutch of coveted global awards including:   WORLD BEER AWARDS 2016 UK Best Experimental Beer - Downtown Charlie Brown INTERNATIONAL BEER CHALLENGE 2016 Gold Medal - Downtown Charlie Brown INTERNATIONAL BEER CHALLENGE 2016 Gold Medal - Cyclops Eyedrops INTERNATIONAL BEER CHALLENGE 2016 Bronze Medal - Choccywoccybrew-ha INTERNATIONAL BEER CHALLENGE 2015 Gold Medal - Brighton Bier   We’ll also find out on 23 September whether Downtown Charlie Brown has won World Beer Awards 2016 “Best Experimental Beer in the World”. Public nominations are now closed for this year’s food awards, and our judges are out and about secret shopping and interviewing the finalists in each category. With exciting new categories including Young Chef of the Year and Best International Cuisine, the heat is definitely on.
  62. 62. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 68 T I T L E F O O D & D R I N K For the pickling liquor 250ml white wine vinegar 500g caster sugar 250ml water 1 bay leaf (break the leaf to release more flavour) ½ teaspoon caraway seeds ½ teaspoon coriander seeds ½ teaspoon black peppercorns For the vegetables 1 cauliflower, leaves removed, quartered through the core 2 red onions, cut in half (unpeeled) 8 baby carrots, halved lengthways 6 garlic cloves, peeled 2 fresh green chillies, sliced Get your BBQ ready for a direct grill – you want it to be hot enough to colour the veg. Mix the pickling liquor ingredients together in a pan and bring to the boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar, then leave to cool to about 60°C. Meanwhile, put the cauliflower quarters on the grill and char the outside to a nice caramel brown colour. Don’t worry about cooking them through. Pick off the outer florets and reserve (discard the central stalks/cores). Lay the onion halves on the grill, cut side down, and blacken. Do not turn them or cook through. Remove the skin, then slice each of the halves in half and separate the ‘petals’. Combine the grilled florets, onion petals, baby carrots, garlic cloves and chillies in a sterilised vinegar-proof container. Cover with the pickling liquor and leave in the fridge for at least 24 hours before serving – up to a week is better. If you pack the vegetables and pickling liquor into a sterilised jar and seal, you can keep them for months in a cool, dark place. Mine never last that long, so I just keep them in the fridge. Low and Slow by Neil Rankin. Ebury Press, £25 BURNT MIXED PICKLESA pickling recipe that combines the zing of pickle with the burnt majesty of the barbecue PhotographbyPaulWinch-Furness GET INTO A PICKLE
  63. 63. T I T L E S E C T I O N 69 T I T L E F O O D & D R I N K Home Cooking Made Easy by Lorraine Pascal HarperCollins, £20 APPLE,BLACKBERRY & CINNAMON CHUTNEYThis wintry chutney is totally and utterly delicious and seems to go with absolutely everything 1kg Bramley apples, peeled, cored and cut into large chunks 300g onions, peeled and finely sliced (about 3 small–medium) 275g granulated sugar 150ml balsamic vinegar 2 tsp ground cinnamon 2 twists of black pepper 300g blackberries Makes about 1.3kg (V) The chutney needs to go into sterilised jars. The easiest way to do this is to put them in the dishwasher on the hottest cycle to wash and dry. Take them out when you are about ready to use them and don’t touch any of the inside of the jars with your hands. Alternatively, put the jars in a very large pan of boiling water and boil for a couple of minutes before taking them out to dry on kitchen paper. You will also need to boil the equipment you use to take the jars out of the pan. At this stage, the jars can be popped into a low-temperature oven to dry. Make sure they are not cracked. Put the apples, onions, sugar, balsamic vinegar, cinnamon and black pepper into a large pan over a medium heat and stir gently together. Slowly bring the mixture to the boil, then turn down the heat and leave the mixture to simmer for 45–55 minutes, stirring occasionally. The apples and onions should become lovely and soft, and the liquid should be thick and syrupy. The blackberries need only a little while to cook, so add them at this point and cook for a further 10–12 minutes. While the chutney is still warm, use a sterilised jug to fill the sterilised jars, then seal and store in a dark place. This chutney will keep for up to four months. PhotographybyMylesNew It’s the season of garden and hedgerow abundance. Fill your jars with some yumminess for the coming months and get pickling…
  64. 64. Plan your festival break at FACEBOOK.COM/VISITGUERNSEY Sponsored by The greatest food festival ever to arrive on Guernsey's shores, 10 days full of tasty treasures, events and international chefs. Organised by
  65. 65. T I T L E S E C T I O N 71 BRING IT TO THEWe’ve teamed up with food event platform Tabl to bring you five of our favourite foodie events coming up in Sussex over the next month... Wines of Lebanon - £55 This wine tasting evening will bring you one step closer to being a true wine connoisseur. Ralph Hochar will reveal some precious trade secrets of the Chateau Musar winery, and a range of carefully selected wines will be accompanied by incredibly appetizing Lebanese canapés. When: 22 October, 6pm Where: Lewes The Normans are coming! 1066 Medieval Feast - £35 A medieval feast put together for the lovers of historical dining.The menu features some of the ingredients brought to British shores by the Normans a thousand years ago. Be prepared to be taken back in time with spices, cider, rabbit and so much more. When: 7 October, 7.30pm Where: Haywards Heath Forgotten Food - £25 This pop-up café loves bringing tradition back in to their kitchen – offering classic Kurdish food with fresh and sundried veggies as well as relish hot dishes. With the striking combinations of hot and sour, this unique traditional food will refresh your palate and leave you wanting more. When: 8 October, 7pm Where: Brighton Best Selling Author Essie Fox, Mark Thompson and Jules Grant - £26 Delicious seasonal tapas-style supper with a glass of wine and three best-selling foodie book authors, who will not only impress you with a scrumptious dinner in a gorgeous setting, but will also reveal their secrets! When: 2 November, 7pm Where: Hove Round Trip Around France with Cheese and Wine - £30 Forget about a city break - take a trip around France with cheese and wine, guided by a brilliant sommelier.An incredible combination of five cheeses and wines promises not only to surprise, but also inspire those looking for more original gift ideas for the next holiday season. When: 26 November, 5pm Where: Brighton For more foodie events check out Tabl T I T L E F O O D & D R I N K
  66. 66. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 72 T I T L E F O O D & D R I N K
  67. 67. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 74 Now, that might seem an odd question given that you’re probably expecting for me to enlighten on you the subject. Well, the reason I ask is because if you’ve always thought this South Korean car maker was a no- hoper, whose cars are predisposed by being designed by a committee, built to a price and interminably dull to drive, then think again. Those days are well and truly over. What you get now is a car capable of matching the bar set by the Germans, engineered for European roads and styled by people who are automotive visionaries (okay, automotive visionaries might be a bit strong, but there’s not a bad looking car in the entire Kia line-up). What do you think of Kia cars?
  68. 68. T I T L E S E C T I O N 75 Kia Optima PHEVKia’s first five-door, mid-sized hybrid is on the market and is worth every penny, as Danny Cobbs finds out. “Sharplooks,thatlong warranty and anextensive specification listare appealing enoughtomake you believe this is aposh carbuilttoa number,ratherthanjustanother Kiachasing the pack. ”
  69. 69. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 76 Rather than trying to redefine the market, over the past decade or so, Kia has looked at the competition and then built it better and cheaper. Plus, slapping a free seven-year warranty on each car they sell, sort of backs up the argument over durability. The new Optima PHEV follows that same game plan. It’s not the first five- door, mid-sized, plug-in hybrid to have been launched to appease our growing eco-conscious, but it is Kia’s, and at £31,494, it’s competitively priced too. A handsome saloon in conventional guise, the Optima PHEV also gains some hybrid-specific styling to better its fuel efficiencies. An active air flap up front lowers the coefficient of drag when full engine cooling is not needed, whilere-profiledfrontandrearbumpers also help it cleave through the air more efficiently. If you miss those, then the blue detailing in the headlights and around the front grille give the game away, as does the badging and a plug- in inlet on the left front wing. Looking inside, and Kia’s pledge to give their cabins a premium feel cannot be questioned. Its only downfall is the abundance of shiny plastics which, presumably, help Kia achieve the price point. However, the interior is spacious as ever, and while the boot loses some space (the fuel tank is 15 litres smaller, too) thanks to the addition of the lithium ion battery, it’s marginal enough to be all but unnoticeable. The instruments receive some EV and hybrid detailing outlining what mode you’re in to, while there’s additional drivetrain info offered via the information screens either directly in front of you or in the centre of the dashboard.
  70. 70. T I T L E S E C T I O N 77 As with most PHEVs, press the start button and there’s little indication that the car’s ready to go, as it defaults to electric drive. If your commute’s less than 33 miles you could conceivably glide there on electricity alone. You’ll need to be fairly committed to do so; drive it at the 121mph that’s possible with battery power and you’ll significantly shorten that range. Switch to hybrid mode and it’ll mix that battery and electric motor propulsion with the 2.0-litre GDI petrol engine. The combined output of 202bhp makes it the most powerful Optima currently available. While it doesn’t offer the most compelling of drives, sharp looks, that long warranty and an extensive specification list are appealing enough to make you believe this is a posh car built to a number, rather than just another Kia chasing the pack. So what do you think of Kia cars now? K E Y F A C T S MODEL: KIA OPTIMA PHEV 0-60MPH: 9.1SECONDS POWER: 202BHP MAX SPEED: 121MPH AV. FUEL CONSUMPTION: 176.6MPG CO2 EMISSIONS: 37G/KM PRICE: £31,495 (AFTER GOVERNMENT £2,500 PLUG-IN CAR GRANT)
  71. 71. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 78 T I T L E E N T E R T A I N M E N T
  72. 72. T I T L E S E C T I O N 79 NEVERSTOP LEARNING ASLIFE NEVERSTOPS TEACHING Health, fitness and nutrition has developed so much over the last decade and even more so over the last 20 years. For example, we were told not to eat fat as it made us overweight and gave us high cholesterol. Yet,researchnowshowsthisnotto be completelytrue:goodfatsare needed. Eatingfat allows us to absorbessential vitaminsandminerals. Weare also finallylearning thateating too muchprocessedfood,especially sugar,is badforourhealth.Schools have brought cookingbackintothecurriculum andthere aremanymoreeducative programmeson TVteachingus what andhow to cook. Educationis keytous all; taking notice ofthe latest researchwill helpyou make informeddecisions aboutyourhealth and wellbeing.Notgotenoughtimetodothis? Istronglysuggestyoutalktoaprofessional. Ibelieve thereisnotaonesizefitsall answer,especiallyifyou’relookingtolose weight.Therearefourareasthatneed to be considered:Movement/Mindset/ Exercise /Nutrition. Lisa Moore Owner of Fit For Moore Health and Fitness Studio in Haywards Heath T I T L E H E A LT H & F I T N E S S There are a number of experts your can talk to and here are my personal top five to help you: At Fit For Moore we are here to educate, you so if you need advice give us a call on 01444 847951 or visit our website to read our regular blogs at Registered Personal Trainer1 Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist2 (Yep,thesearethepeoplethatcan trulyseewhereyouneedtomake changesandwillhelpyouthemost) Yourpartner! 5 Osteopathor Chiropractor3 YourG.P. 4
  73. 73. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 80 T I T L E C O L U M N I S T Senior Open Day with Y4-6 Masterclasses Saturday 8th October, 9am-12 noon Pre-Prep & Prep Open Day Saturday 15th October, 2-4pm Sixth Open Evening Tuesday 15th November, 6pm rsvp 01273 280170 | Part of the GDST network. Registered charity no 306983 BRIGHTON & HOVE Prep• High• Sixth e s t v i a v eritas
  74. 74. T I T L E S E C T I O N 81 T I T L E C O L U M N I S T
  75. 75. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 82 • New maths,English language and English literature GCSEs have beentaughtinschoolssincelast Septemberwithanewsetof exams totakeplacein2017. • Last year saw a return to linear GCSEs –modulesarebeingphased out,withexamstakingplaceafter thetwo-yearcourse,andresitsonly availableformathsandEnglish. • Students are expected to know the key maths formulae by heart, with syllabus covering proportions, ratio and “real-world problems”, including financial mathematics. New exams include between 33- 50% of non-calculator work rather than the previous 25%,with longer exams to cover more ground,and three papers to write over four- and-a-half hours. • For the English language GCSE, students will be required to read a wider range of more demanding literature and non- fiction texts of multiple genres and periods – with reading and writing being weighed equally. The exams will have greater emphasis on correct punctuation, spelling and grammar,assessed by a new additional mark which will make up around five per-cent of the grade in all written papers. • English literature will no longer be compulsory andwillnotbe apartof theEBacc.Duringtheir examspupilswillhavetoassesa 19thcenturynovel,aShakespeare play,aselectionof poetrysince 1789andaBritishfictionordrama from1914onwards. The last few years have seen radical reforms transforming the face of our secondary education system. While some of these changes have already been implemented, others will continue up to 2020, when current plans see all GCSE students take the English Baccalaureate (EBacc). If you have just tuned in for the changes, here’s what has happened so far: T I T L E E D U C A T I O N GUIDEYOURCHILDTHROUGH THENEW SCHOOL GRADING With the holidays finished and kids back at their desks, many are concerned about the new changes coming into our schools this year. The new curriculum put together by the Government and exam boards aim to bring the country in-line with some of the world’s top performing education systems. But what does it mean for you and your child? Rimante Boguzaite investigates... WHAT HAS CHANGED?
  76. 76. T I T L E S E C T I O N 83 Starting revision early will help to keep frustration, fear and anxiety at bay.Startearly! It is important to set a schedule of when, what and how to study a particular subject, as well as having enough time to explore the subject for areas that are causing confusion within a manageable timeframe. Seta time table Any disruptions or having to leave the study environment will make your child lose focus, and making them regain their concentration can be tiresome and even more difficult. Make sure you have all the necessary tools for a study session before sitting down, and the environment is quiet and free of distraction. Always prepare before revising Like pie charts, mind maps and cue cards. This will help them retain more information, especially with more challenging subjects. Use helpful tools Feeling energised is very important when dealing with a demanding study session. Hydrate AND sleep It is important to show your confidence in your kids when it comes to them taking tests. Positive affirmation will leave your child with a stronger self-confidence and a winning mind set. Constantly reassure • The grading system is going through a complete overhaul. Students will receive grades 1-9, 9 being the highest, rather than A*-G for English and maths from September next year, with other subjects following suit in 2018. Grade 5 – the equivalent to a low B or a high C - will be a new benchmark for a “good pass” by the league tables, where currently the required grade is a low C.This new system will introduce greater differentiation between high performing students. The numerical grading system will be fully implemented by 2019. • Coursework and controlled assessments will be scrapped from all subjects apart from practical and creative ones, like drama and dance. In English, speaking and listening exercises have disappeared, making written papers worth 60% of the grade instead of previous 40%. • Every student will have to do at least two science GCSEs. • New biology, chemistry, physics, modern foreign languages, history and geography GCSEs, among others, will be launched in 2016. If you stay positive and communicate well with your child, as well as their teachers, there’s no reason these new courses and exams can’t be a breeze. T I T L E E D U C A T I O N While many are worried and overwhelmed by the changes, the reform is claimed to better equip our children for their adult life. Here’s a few things you can do to help your kids adjust to the changes and prepare for their exams: Formoreinformationontheupcomingchangesvisit: summary-of-changes-to-gcses-from-2015 WHAT IS CHANGING?
  77. 77. The Droveway Hove Tel 01273 503452 East Sussex BN3 6LU Registered Charity Number 1076483 Lancing College Preparatory School at Hove Admissions now open for September 2017 INDEPENDENT DAY SCHOOL FOR BOYS AND GIRLS FROM NURSERY TO YEAR 8 RATED EXCELLENT IN ALL AREAS INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS INSPECTORATE REPORT MARCH 2015
  78. 78. T I T L E S E C T I O N 85 T I T L E E D U C A T I O N One of the first things you will notice when you visit Brighton & Hove High is how friendly and relaxed everyone seems. But what else? Here are our top five reasons to love Brighton & Hove Sixth Form. Small The classes are small and thus the lessons can be more personalised. In essence ‘you do more, quicker and to a higher standard’ Communityminded Sixth formers have the opportunity to continue to be involved in school life in numerous ways from writing and directing the House plays, running clubs or having positions of responsibility such as becoming Head Girl or a House Captain. A bit further afield and the sixth formers organ- ise and run a yearly fashion show in collaboration with local high street shops for a charity of their choosing. This is always a sell-out event and not to be missed! DedicatedSixth FormCentre Upon leaving school, starting further educa- tion and developing a burgeoning sense of responsibility, the last thing students want is to share their break time with the younger years. Fortunately students at BHHS benefit from their very own Sixth Form building which alongside classrooms boasts a common room for relaxing in, a silent work room and a kitchen for that vital cup of tea! Affordable Why a fee paying school I hear you ask? In reality the fees probably aren’t as expensive as you may think and almost half of the girls in sixth form benefit from a scholarship or bursary, so it’s worth considering. PersonalisedCareers& HigherEducationguidance This support goes from the day students join BHHS until they embark on higher education courses. Each and every student follows a career guidance programme and receives bespoke advice from independent, impartial, guidance councillors. This is in addition to regular meet- ings with a tutor or the Head of Careers to help with higher education planning. 5Reasons to Brighton &Hove SixthForm Brighton& HoveHigh Schoolbelongstothe Girls’Day SchoolTrust (GDST) and isoneof 26 schoolsandacademiesnationwide. For moreinformationplease contact Liz Manning on01273 280170 or 1 2 3 4 5
  79. 79. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 86 T I T L E E D U C A T I O N
  80. 80. T I T L E S E C T I O N 87 LANCING COLLEGE PreparatorySchoolatHove TheDroveway Hove,BN36LU 01273503452 Graded Excellent by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in 2015 in recognition of the quality and range of teaching that it provides, they could be forgiven for resting on their laurels for the time being. Instead, the school for girls and boys aged 3-13 has not only appointed a new Head but has also begun work on building a brand new, multi-purpose, state-of-the-art building for school and community use. To oversee the upcoming changes, Mrs Kirsty Keep was appointed the new Head at Lancing Prep at the beginning of September, taking over from Alan Laurent after 14 years in the role. Kirsty has a wealth of experience in the new position after holding a senior role at Edge Grove School in Hertfordshire before she took on the position of Head of Lower School at Downsend School in Leatherhead in 2005. Dominic Oliver, Head Master at Lancing College, said, “These are exciting times indeed for the Lancing family of schools and Kirsty Keep’s appointment comes at the same time that we are able to announce success in our planning application for the building of Lancing Prep at Hove’s new multi-purpose hall. New facilities for pupils and the community alike will be available from September 2017. “Furthermore, the new hall will enable us to respond to longstanding pressure for spaces: over time the school roll will expand from its current 250 pupils to 300 boys and girls. Hugely experienced and ambitious on every front, Kirsty is just who we need to guide the school into the next phase of its success.” The new energy-efficient, two-storey building will be erected to the right of the existing school entrance and will include a multi-purpose school hall, changing rooms, a kitchen, a small gallery and foyer space, while the school car park will be reconfigured to enable more efficient parking. And that’s not all. Once the new building is complete, Lancing Prep will begin a programme of work to the main school building to deliver improved classrooms, staff facilities, reception and administration areas and storage space. Change is certainly coming. Change is on its way for the young students at Lancing Prep at Hove as improvements begin to take place BIG CHANGEFORLITTLELANCING Without change progress is impossible. Whether you’re at the top or bottom of the mountain, growth is always essential and, for Lancing College Preparatory School at Hove, change is coming. T I T L E E D U C A T I O N
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  82. 82. T I T L E S E C T I O N#title2016 90 T I T L E B U S I N E S S Brighton’s business elite turned up to celebrate an exceptional year of business in the city at the 11th annual Brighton and Hove Business Awards at All Saints Church on Thursday 15 September. VIPs, guests and past award-winners were welcomed with a drinks reception before the evening’s entertainment began with Bollywood dancers. Food and drink then followed, thanks to the excellent catering skills of Curry Leaf Café and Brighton Gin. MC for the night, comedian Stephen Grant, then took to the stage to present the hotly-contested awards, with plenty of worthy winners overjoyed to collect their BAHBA. The night was closed out in style as everyone made their way to the dance floor to celebrate a fantastic year of business in Brighton and Hove. Photos: Julia Claxton BRIGHTON ANDHOVE BUSINESS AWARDS Plenty of chat amongst those in attendance Food from Curry Leaf Cafe Small Batch Coffee 2016 BAHBA Winners Beer Collective & Butlers Wine The Grand Brighton The Title Team Carden Accountants Caraline Brown Bollywood in Brighton Traditional entertainment