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Sup Challenges


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Sup Challenges

  1. 1. Danielle Cresci Mgmt 235 Spring 2015 Supervisory Challenges Daniel Stathas, age 21 - Current position: Second Assistant Manager, Safeway - Years with company: 4 - Years in management: 3 The greatest asset available to those who grow within a company is mentorship from supervisors, as well as learning from those around you. Daniel accounts his success to making use of the resources and opportunities he was given to show and grow his skills by supervisors. One of the most important tools that once can implement is that of self assessment and reevaluation; it takes a strong and confident person to be able to assess where they are in a situation, and how they can adapt or change to improve it. Daniel’s tools are helpful for those trying to grow into a supervisor role because they pertain to different situations and all encourage being professional, using perception, and facilitating a positive outcome for all parties. What I most learned from our conversation is that in many situations Daniel encounters he tries to balance what is company policy and deciding what steps will actually resolve the situation. Daniel’s advice for growing into a supervisor position is simple: be efficient, work hard, and develop relationships. It’s advice that I can use in my current job, and apply it to future positions that I may come into to succeed and be a strong leader. Challenges • DEALING WITH CUSTOMERS • ASKING FOR HELP • DISCIPLING EMPLOYEES Tools • SENSING THE SITUATION & ACTING ACCORDINGLY • TIME MANAGEMENT, DELEGATION & SELF ASSESSMENT • WRITTEN POLICIES & PROCEDURES Results • POSITIVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE • IMPROVING RELATIONSHIPS & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT • RESPECT & WORK TO FIND SOLUTIONS
  2. 2. Danielle Cresci Mgmt 235 Spring 2015 TJ Fonseca, age 27 - Current position: Store Manager, Safeway - Years with company: 11 - Years in management: 9 My manager, TJ, is someone that I respect as my manager, and as a person. He started for the company when he was 16 and worked his way up through adversity to becoming a Store Manager within 5 years. His advice is important to me, because I know that it will help me grow personally as well as professionally. The piece of advice that I will continue to take with me is how to build a community and the importance of developing employees. After all, a manager cannot be successful if they don’t have the support and respect of their employees. TJ’s goal is to be a driving force to help empower employees to exceed the expectations of their selves and reach max potential, whether within the company or outside of it, which is admirable. Part of the philosophy behind this is that if his employees are happy and feel that they are respected and treated fairly, they will provide better service to customer and be an asset to the store. TJ’s advice to succeed are be intelligent, have integrity, and gain respect from those you work with. He also mentioned the importance of keeping an open line of communication with supervisors and asking what areas you can improve in to further develop skills. This is sound advice because it is relevant despite the organization I may find myself in. Challenges • TEAMWORK • BEING FAIR • MORALE Tools • COMMUNICATE WITH EMPLOYEES, TAKE INPUT • EQUAL OPPORTUNITY • ENCOURAGE EMPLOYEES Results • BUILD A COMMUNITY THAT WORKS • HELP DEVELOP EMPLOYEES & DETERMINE HOW TO HANDLE SITUATIONS • WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER
  3. 3. Danielle Cresci Mgmt 235 Spring 2015 In Summary… It was interesting to hear the different perspectives from two managers within the same company who are at different levels in their careers. With Daniel being newer into developing his career, his management level is more doing tasks and looking at short- term goals to achieve. Whereas TJ is further in his career, he does more of planning and making decisions based on the future. Both gave strong advice that I plan on incorporating into my quest to be a strong leader within my organization (current and future); the knowledge of how to balance what is policy along with what the situation calls for, and the importance of strong professional relationships. In addition to challenges that both have faced, I also wanted to know about what challenges they saw their supervisors face, and what they would to in the given situation. Daniel explained how it is important for someone in a supervisory position to not only delegate, but also work with employees to achieve maximum results. This helps employees see their manager isn’t afraid to do the work, instead of just demanding and disciplining. TJ said the biggest flaw he has seen with his supervisors is inconsistency. There are times when he was told to do one thing, then a short period of time later told to do it a completely different way. He also explained of the inconsistency with how people in the organization were treated, and how this causes tension and an unstable work environment. I find both Daniel and TJ admirable in the roles that they’re in, and the challenges that they’ve had to overcome to get there. There are aspects of their advice that are invaluable and will be good guidance if I come into situations where I might not know what direction to take. I plan to continue to grow professionally by using the advice and tools recommended, knowing that it will help me achieve my goals.