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iClub Initial Presentation by KAAG


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This is the powerpoint presentation for the initial iclub initiative informational meeting on December 15th, 2020 between potential investors and presenting companies.

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iClub Initial Presentation by KAAG

  2. 2. LEGAL DISCLAIMERS • We are not registered brokers or registered broker-dealers (aka “finders”). • We are NOT compensated as a percentage of funds raised as a result of introductions between investors and companies, i.e. we are not providing any brokerage services. • We do NOT do all the due diligence required to make an informed decision about an investment or investor. You areKAAG * WWW.KAAG.CO * (404) 919-0660
  3. 3. AGENDA FOR TODAY • About Me & KAAG • Myths about Private Equity • Why iClub? • My experience • A few more things to remember.. • How iClub Works • Added “features”/ Overall objective • Q & A (Please hold questions until that time) KAAG * WWW.KAAG.CO * (404) 919-0660
  4. 4. A LITTLE BIT ABOUT US… • About Me • Born & raised by 2 business owners • 4 degrees (2 BAs, a law degree and an MBA) • 2 licenses (Bar license and series 65 license as a RIA) • 2 certifications (FINRA arbitrator and commercial RE cert., not license) • Other activities (Full disclosure: Member of the GA House of Representatives) • About KAAG • Who Are We & What We Do • Mission Statement- “Provide EVERYONE access to capital markets” • 10 years existing (formerly Kendrick Law Practice) • 3 SVPs KAAG * WWW.KAAG.CO * (404) 919-0660
  5. 5. MYTHS ABOUT PRIVATE EQUITY • 1. Money is made only in the PUBLIC markets. • FACTS: Regular investors are investing in PE deals everyday. 19,400 PE deals and 17,600 PE investors –See ) • 2. PE is only for the rich. • FACTS: Over the last few years, the S.E.C. (Securities and Exchange Commission) has made it easier for retail and non-accredited investors to participate in the markets. (See under “press releases” also Groundfloor, EnrichHER, etc.) • 3. It’s too complicated to get started. • FACTS: It’s not that hard if you know WHERE to look—there are private investment clubs popping up everywhere. However, that’s the reason for this iclub initiative. All there is a simple request form. We have to ask about AI status for regulatory reasons but NOT a barrier; we ask about industries for non- presenting companies. (See iclub webpage)KAAG * WWW.KAAG.CO * (404) 919-0660
  6. 6. WHY ICLUB? • The Problem: Some stats • Solution: Access to PIOs (Democratize the access) through group economics KAAG * WWW.KAAG.CO * (404) 919-0660
  7. 7. MY EXPERIENCE • GMIC (Georgia Minority Investment Collaborative, Inc.) • Other ICs I have been involved with • PIO presentation - * KAAG * WWW.KAAG.CO * (404) 919-0660
  8. 8. A FEW THINGS TO REMEMBER… • Private markets are riskier- Lack of transparency in private vs. public markets • This is not an investment firm/club- We are not pooling your funds. You solely make the decision to invest or not. • Pay attention to your email for PIOs---there are deadlines and may be follow up action items- Check spam and junk and add my email. • Due Diligence is YOUR TOTAL responsibility!- We do very baseline due diligence that equates to making sure company exists and has a plan that can be referenced. • NOTE Conflicts of Interest- KAAG is a registered IA firm so private consultations are available EXCEPT for when my clients present (At that time, no charge for PIO and additional disclosure and consent required.) KAAG * WWW.KAAG.CO * (404) 919-0660
  9. 9. HOW DOES ICLUB WORK? • Slideshare (Graphic) • 1 Page Overview (Companies) • 1 Page Overview (Investors) • Why does it work this way? To keep me out of trouble with the State Bar, S.E.C. and FINRA KAAG * WWW.KAAG.CO * (404) 919-0660
  10. 10. ADDED FEATURES (NOW AND IN THE FUTURE) THE GOAL IS TO SCALE TO HAVE THOUSANDS OF MEMBERS (WHICH HELPS YOU). • Weekly blog about investor/company news and legal updates (Available now) • Community communication to share OTHER opportunities and learning (Once we have 100 iClubbers) • More to come as the community grows… KAAG * WWW.KAAG.CO * (404) 919-0660
  11. 11. INVESTOR/COMPANY RESOURCES • To learn more about investing, particularly if you are a beginner • For companies to learn more about the capital markets landscape • – To check my Series 65 license or any financial advisor license • – To learn more about private equity data and stats KAAG * WWW.KAAG.CO * (404) 919-0660
  12. 12. Q & A • Sign Up Link in Chat • Email me for further questions • SHARE this opportunity (power in numbers) • You will receive a follow up email with PPP link KAAG * WWW.KAAG.CO * (404) 919-0660