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eCommerce Russia 2014


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Key results about ecommerce in Russia in 2014

eCommerce Russia 2014

  1. 1. ECOMMERCE RUSSIA 2014 1 KEY RESULTS 2014 online orders: 195 m incl. cross-border 7.7 online orders per online shopper a year SHARE OF ALL ORDERS SHARE OF DOMESTIC ORDERS CROSSBORDER SHARE IN THE CATEGORY apparel (adults) portable devices house appliances toys and kids care desktops/laptops PRODUCT CATEGORIES (TOP 5)* 22,3% 12,3% 7,6% 9,9% 6,5% 49% 31% 4% 28% 21% 15,8% 11,8% 10,2% 10% 7,2% 34% +37% 25.4 m people share of online shoppers among Internet users 18-64 yo share of online shoppers among population 18-64 yo growth for number of online shoppers 26% 560 bn rubles +35% domestic market growth Russian B2B e-commerce market number of online shoppers 18-64 yo
  2. 2. ECOMMERCE RUSSIA 2014 2 3300 rubles prepaid orders as % domestic purchases 26% orders paid by card as % of all orders 31% 47 m orders +135% share of orders in China 72% number of cross-border orders were made from Russia in foreign online stores 645 bn rubles +41% dynamics of online sales spending on online purchases of physical goods growth of cross-bordere-commerce 85.1 bn rubles +115% volume of cross-border online purchases average order value (incl. delivery cost)
  3. 3. ECOMMERCE RUSSIA 2014 3 mobile purchases order placement 30% online shoppers use mobile devices to search and choose goods 17% online shoppers use mobile devices to order physical goods 9% orders were made with mobile device (tablet or smartphone) only 84% of orders were made via basket & standard order form at the site 5% of orders are made via phone calls 1% of orders is made via mobile apps delivery methods 36% for domestic orders 34% 24% - retailers’ pickup points 2% - pickup points of courier companies 7% - in-store pickup 60% of online shoppers received at least 1 parcel via Russian Post of Internet users, who have not shopped online, are going to start to do this in nearest future 38%
  4. 4. ECOMMERCE RUSSIA 2014 4 English version of full report (more than 120 pages) is coming soon. To receive the report, please send request via or email us at Russian version of the report is available now: