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Leadership shootout Agile2017 session proposal


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Derek Lane & David Koontz session proposal for Agile2017 :: Leadership Shootout.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Leadership shootout Agile2017 session proposal

  1. 1. http:// sreenabose/leadership- theories-41933173/2
  2. 2. Cynefin sense making
  3. 3. Situational Leadership II model http://
  4. 4. https:// watch?v=pRSio5j3Iy4
  5. 5. Managerial Grid
 or Leadership grid by Blake & Mouton
  6. 6. Behavioural Theory
 In contrast with trait theory, behavioral theory attempts to describe leadership in terms of what leaders do, while trait theory seeks to explain leadership on the basis of what leaders are. Leadership according to this approach is the result of effective role behavior. Leadership is shown by a person’s acts more than by her traits. This new research strategy replaces emphasis on the traits with emphasis on leader behavior (which could be measured).
  7. 7. Traits and Behavior Theory 
 BY JAMES KOUZES & BARRY POSNER https:// traitsandbehaviors.
  8. 8. The End…. No questions now, you should have asked them when the context was ripe and the dialogue needed your input.