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Prospect of tourism in West Bengal


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It is basically a ppt about the best tourist place in West Bengal.

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Prospect of tourism in West Bengal

  1. 1. Prospect of Tourism In West Bengal
  2. 2.  Presented By: • Debabrata Roy • Department: Mechanical Engineering • Roll No: 14/ME/07 • Year: 2nd,Sem: 3rd • WBUT Roll No: 14800714017
  3. 3.  Facts about West Bengal Tourism Industry: • State formed: 1947 • West Bengal Tourism Dvelopment corporation formed: 1974 • Tourism declared as a industry in the state in: 1996 • Tourism policy declared in: 2008 • Current tourism minister: Shri krisnendu Narayan Chowdhury
  4. 4.  Types of tourism The state of West Bengal has variety of tourist places explore.From beaches to old age monuments to comparatively new British and Portuges colonial structure,there are different places for varied tourist’s tastes. • The main tourism types in West Bengal are in the following table: Sl NO. Types of Tourism Places 1 Religious Tourism Tarapith,Tarakeswar,kalighat,Dakhineswar,Furfura Sharif etc. 2 Sea Tourism Digha,Mandarmani,Shankarpur,junput,tajpuretc. 3 Hill Tourism Ajodhya,Darjeeling,Shusunia,kalimpong,kurseong etc. 4 Forest &wildlife Sundarban,Jaldapara,Lava,Lolegaon,Jhilmil etc. 5 Heritage Kolkata, Murshidabad,Bishnupur,Bankura etc.
  5. 5.  Religious Tourism: •Kalighat:A famous temple Kalighat Kali Temple dedicated to the goddess Kali is s situated in Kalighat. This is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. •Dakhineswar:The DAKHSHINESWAR TEMPLE was founded by RANI (Queen) of Janbaazar RASHMONI in 1855 on the east bank of the Ganges river. The main temple is of NABARATNA (with 9 spires) style.
  6. 6. Furfura sarif: • The mosque built by Muqlish Khan in 1375 is a site for Muslim pilgrimage, especially during the Pir’s mela (fair),located in Hooghly. •Tarapith:A small temple town near Rampurhat in Birbhum district , known for its Tantric temple and its adjoining cremation (maha smasan)grounds where sādhanā (tantric rituals)are performed.
  7. 7.  Sea Tourism: • Digha: A seaside resort city at northen end of Bay Of Bengal,lies in Purba Medinipur. • Mandarmani:A seaside resort village lies in East Midnapore district and at the northen end of Bay ofBengal.
  8. 8. Shankarpur: Shankarpur is a virgin beach town located 14 km east of Digha . It is also a regular fishing harbor. Tajpur:Located in Purba Medinipur,famous for pristine sea beach fringed with a dense forest of tamarisk tree.
  9. 9.  Hill tourism: • Darlinjeeling:It is a part of the Eastern Himalayan(North Bengal )zoo-geographic • zone. • Kalimpong: It is a tourist destination owing its temperate climate, magnificent Himalayan beauty( Neighbouring Darjeeling).
  10. 10. Sushunia: A hill of southern West Bengal. It is known for its holy spring, its natural beauty, it’s a part eastern ghat. Ajodhya: Located in the Purulia district. It is a part of theDalma Hills and extended part of Eastern Ghats range.Highest peak of Ajodhya Hills is Gorgaburu.
  11. 11.  Forest &Wild life: • Sundarban: World largest delta forest . Famous for The ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’ and mangrove forest. • Jaldapara Resrve Forest : Famous for ‘Rhinoseros’ also found ‘Leopard’ and ‘Elephant’.
  12. 12.  Heritage:Kolkata-City of joy: : Victoria Memorial: Collection of paintings,sculptures and manuscripts from British period. :Fort William: Houses arms and armors, swords, muskets & photograph of the Burma campaign & Bangladesh liberation war. : Writer’s Building: Built in 1770,served as office to writers of British East India Currently seat of the West Bengal secretariat. :Howrah Bridge: India’s 1st (1943)cantilever bridge with a suspended span over the Hooghly river.
  13. 13.  Murshidabad: :Hazarduari- thousand doors: Built as a residence for Nawab nazeem Humanyum Jha,a Magnificient marble structure. :Bada Imambara: Made by Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan in 1847 ,The largest in West Bengal perhaps in India. Katra Masjid: One of the oldest mosque in west Bengal,built by nawb Murshid Quli khan.  Bishnupur: It’s a historical palce,in ancient time Gupta majesty rulled here, then malla majesty,Faamous for terracotta temple.
  14. 14. The vision of the current chief minister Mamata Banerjee of the states seeks to transforming Kolkata to London,Darjeeling to Switzerland and digha to goa!
  15. 15. THANK YOU