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DSD-INT 2020 BlueEarth Data - Towards an open water data platform and community


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Presentation by Daniel Twigt, Deltares, at the BlueEarth User Day: Explain the past, explore the future, during Delft Software Days - Edition 2020. Monday, 16 November 2020.

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DSD-INT 2020 BlueEarth Data - Towards an open water data platform and community

  1. 1. Daniel Twigt (speaker), Gert-Jan Schotmeijer (moderator) Towards an open water data platform and community 17-11-2020 BlueEarth Data Deltares
  2. 2. 17-11-2020BlueEarthData-Towardsanopenwaterdataplatformandcommunity 2
  3. 3. BlueEarth Data The importance of data: • Improves understanding • Helps finding solutions to problems • Supports informed decision making • The foundation for much of our work The importance of open data: • Enables participation • Stimulates innovation • Leads to new knowledge development BlueEarthData-Towardsanopenwaterdataplatformandcommunity 3
  4. 4. Global data at Deltares Deltares has many useful global datasets: BlueEarthData-Towardsanopenwaterdataplatformandcommunity 4
  5. 5. An open digital platform to collect, combine and share water and sub-soil related data to: “Explain the past and explore the future” BlueEarth Data BlueEarthData-Towardsanopenwaterdataplatformandcommunity 5
  6. 6. A work in progress BlueEarthData-Towardsanopenwaterdataplatformandcommunity 6
  7. 7. <guided tour> BlueEarthData-Towardsanopenwaterdataplatformandcommunity 7
  8. 8. Next steps + BlueEarthData-Towardsanopenwaterdataplatformandcommunity 8
  9. 9. What is important to you? Please go to Enter number 17 79 19 3 Here we go again BlueEarthData-Towardsanopenwaterdataplatformandcommunity 9
  10. 10. Getting involved • Visit and register • BlueEarth Data community portal in the making ( • Your ideas and feedback are important to us Through BlueEarth Data our ambition is to open our data to: • Enable participation • Stimulate innovation • Develop new knowledge Together with you! BlueEarthData-Towardsanopenwaterdataplatformandcommunity 10
  11. 11. Contact @deltares @deltares f a c e b o o k . c o m / d e l t a r e s N L l i n k e d i n . c o m / c o m p a n y / d e l t a r e s @ d e l t a r e s @ d e l t a r e s N L