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MT112 CHANNEL You don't have to dance around Dell EMC channel update


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From a hardware perspective, our channel goals are clear: provide maximum options for buying Dell EMC around the world. The same is true for services. There is a ton of services news to share. With simplicity, predictability and profitability as our channel pillars, we are delivering comprehensive sales readiness, technical training, certification and competencies, incentives, and an expanded portfolio. Plus, we want to hear from you. What else do you want from a new Dell EMC services program? Join us—let’s talk about why you’ve partnered with Dell EMC in the first place.

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MT112 CHANNEL You don't have to dance around Dell EMC channel update

  1. 1. You don’t have to dance around Dell EMC channel services… an update Erica Lambert, Vice President, Dell EMC Global Channel Services Sales Anna Le, Executive Director, Product Marketing – Enterprise Services Rich Steeves, Senior Director, Services Partners Session MT112 Vice President, Dell EMC Global Channel Services Sales
  2. 2. Dell - Restricted - Confidential “Customers want additional ways to purchase Dell products, and we plan to deliver on a global level.” Michael Dell, 2007
  3. 3. Simplicity: • Delivering comprehensive marketing materials, sales training, and demand generation • Making it easy for partners to do business with Dell EMC Predictability: • Training, certification, and competency Profitability: • Sharing in profit dollars through incentives • Expanding the portfolio and your opportunities We continue to invest in…
  4. 4. Today’s agenda Addressing your needs (Anna)1 2 3 Integrated Services Program – Better together (Rich) What do you want from a new Dell EMC services program? (all)
  5. 5. Addressing your needs Anna Le
  6. 6. Dell - Restricted - Confidential Assets in PartnerDirect Campaign Builder Educational webinars & events Channel newsletters Display
  7. 7. • Service Cards program • Collaborative offer design and post-launch tuning • New Dell EMC team focused on tools, automation and policy updates Easy to use
  8. 8. Dell - Restricted - Confidential Here now and coming soon October 2015 New certification and competency Dell Certified Professional • PS Series Storage • SC Series Storage • Networking DeploymentServices Competency • PS Series Storage • SC Series Storage • Networking October 2016 Dell EMC certification for servers Dell Certified Professional • PowerEdge Dell Certified Associate • PowerEdge DeploymentServices Competency • Modular infrastructure • PowerEdge Early 2017 Dell EMC certifications Certified Associate • Storage • Networking Authorization • Client systems DeploymentServices Competency • Entry-level Storage • Campus Networking • Data Center Networking (name change)
  9. 9. • 15% discount on non-attached enterprise deployment • 2% discount on Opti, Lat, and Precision with support upsell • Partner AdvantEdgepoints • Enhancing base rebate program • Moving services rebates from attach to penetration Incentives
  10. 10. Dell - Restricted - Confidential • Launching new comprehensive deployment for PCs and tablets early next year • Configuration options to match your customers’ unique needs • Set of robust tools • 24x7 onsite installation • Data migration and settings transferred • Old-data security • 30-day post-deployment support New offers
  11. 11. Dell - Restricted - Confidential For your customers • Tests of solution to launch next year show savings of 35%* in deployment time and $620 per PC • Ensures optimal deployment • Ensures proactive, automated support • Keeps their team resourcesoptimized
  12. 12. Integrated services program – better together Rich Steeves
  13. 13. Better together $8B in services opportunity 40+ services certifications Consulting, deployment & support One service program Rebates & incentives
  14. 14. Drive profitability Easy go-to-market & delivery alignment Leverage industry best practices Our approach Limited disruption
  15. 15. What to expect • Focus on partner profitability • Service delivery flexibility • Broader service training options • Streamlined business operations & support
  16. 16. Service competencies spanning 40+ technologies: • Storage • Networking • Servers (New!) • Converged platforms (New!) • Data protection • Solutions • Emerging technology • Client (coming soon!)
  17. 17. Optimizing your profitability • Rebates • Delivery flexibility • Services margins
  18. 18. What do you want from a new Dell EMC services program? Erica, Anna, & Rich
  19. 19. Dell - Restricted - Confidential What else? What do you think? Your to-do’s: 1. Visit us at Services in the Expo 2. Learn more at Thank you! ENTER
  20. 20. Thank you