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Peloton club presentation at Aalto University

Presentation held in Aalto university about Peloton Club and how to use megatrends to grow business.

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Peloton club presentation at Aalto University

  1. 1. megatrends drive business With impact Case Peloton Club Johannes Koponen // Demos Helsinki
  2. 2. Demos Helsinki! We are an independent not-for-profit think tank operating in the Nordic countries.! All of our projects are beneficial to the society – society is our second client.! We have ten full time employees from various backgrounds.! We focus to democracy and resource smart economy.! We combine futures studies and co-creation in our projects.!
  3. 3. Demos Helsinki
  4. 4. Megatrends grow business
  5. 5. How can you say so? Let’s take a look at a very familiar example.
  6. 6. ?
  7. 7. computers in 70’s
  8. 8. 8 In 1984 it happened. ICT was connected to a megatrend of the 1980’s and 90’s: Individualisation. So personal computing began.
  9. 9. Steve jobs understood the megatrends of the 80’s and 90’s Personal computing COMPUTING POWER INDIVIDUALISATION
  10. 10. now a part of everyday life.
  11. 11. what are the Megatrends of 2014 driving peloton startups ?
  12. 12. Resource scarcity and climate changE user-centricness This is smart business digitalization
  13. 13. The change is already here.
  14. 14. Cultivated land Phospor
  15. 15. Innovations Freedom
  16. 16. Probably not... However things are going to change massively and fast.
  17. 17. BOTTOM LINE: What changes the most?
  18. 18. Most natural resources are consumed by Homes Cars Food Shopping Consumer electronics Tourism
  19. 19. Homes
  20. 20. What if something optimized your energy consumption & minimized your home’s CO2 emissions in real time?
  21. 21. What if we never needed to build and heat new hotels?
  22. 22. Cars
  23. 23. What if it didn’t make sense in any situation to buy a vehicle to move around flexibly and economically?
  24. 24. Food
  25. 25. Housing Mobility Food demand & disruption
  26. 26. Housing Mobility Food This is the area where peloton club teams operate in the era of megatrends.
  27. 27. it means $£€ Housing ARPU≈ 900 € Mobility≈ 500 € Food 10–15% consumer spending Facebook ARPU = 0.5 €
  28. 28. It also means impact.
  29. 29. conclusions: Peloton Club startups ...create customer value people from natural resource dependency. ...scales like there is no end, i.e. is affordable, not eco-luxury!
  30. 30. Peloton Club Peloton Club is the peer-incubator for smart startup companies. Our teams create solutions to big problems. They use the problems to scale and grow business. Where is the economy heading? Are we doomed to crises after crises, without any idea where we are going? It takes courage to say out loud that there is another way. It takes courage to make an impact in the new economy.
  31. 31. Meet some of our teams
  32. 32. how PELOTON club works?
  33. 33. Smart Retro program!
  34. 34. Thanks!