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Literacenter Brown Bag Lunch 11.24.15


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Frameworks/ideas for collaboration between Chicago's digital literacy and traditional literacy communities.

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Literacenter Brown Bag Lunch 11.24.15

  1. 1. Collaborations Between Digital Literacy & Traditional Literacy Denise Linn, Program Analyst for Smart Chicago Literacenter Brown Bag Lunch 11.24.15 #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  2. 2. This Presentation Introductions Overview of digital literacy & digital skills programming The current state of connectivity in Chicago and across the U.S. Overview of Connect Chicago Frameworks for collaboration between literacy organizations & digital literacy organizations #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  3. 3. Introductions I am the Program Analyst at Smart Chicago. I manage the Connect Chicago initiative. I have a background in Internet Policy (broadband access, digital equity, spectrum policy). Confession: I work in technology, but I have a degree in English Literature! #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  4. 4. The Smart Chicago Collaborative is a civic organization devoted to improving lives in Chicago through technology. #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  5. 5. Who are you? Name & affiliation What have you been up to lately? What drew you to this event? #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  6. 6. An Overview of Digital Literacy & Digital Skills Programming #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  7. 7. What do I mean by “digital literacy”? Digital literacy means grasping the digital skills that are needed for basic civic and economic engagement. The definition of functional digital literacy is fluid. The first lesson stays the same (this is a “mouse”), but the definition of “literate enough” shifts. Digital literacy is relative to time and location. #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  8. 8. Digital literacy means very little without access to the Internet and access to devices. #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  9. 9. Why Are People Not Online? Several Reasons: Cost of a Monthly Subscription: “I can’t afford the Internet.” Access to a Device: “I can’t afford a computer.” Access to the Internet: “I can’t get a connection.” Skill Barriers: “I don’t know how to use it.” Relevancy: “I don’t know why I need it.” #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  10. 10. Digital Skills & Access Programming Components Programs typically use one or a combination of the following: 1. Digital Literacy/Skills Training 2. Free, Refurbished or Low-Cost Devices 3. Reduced monthly Internet subscriptions 4. Engagement & Outreach Campaigns. Using a collection of these program components means tackling several barriers to digital literacy & access at once. #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  11. 11. What is the State of Connectivity in Chicago? #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  12. 12. 24.9% of households do not have Internet access (ACS 2014) 19.7% of households do not have computers (ACS 2014) To the right is broadband use by community area (Mossberger, 2013) Unconnected households tend to be lower income, minority & have lower educational attainment. Some Facts about Chicago: #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  13. 13. Let’s Compare... #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter % No Internet Access % No Internet Subscription % Income <35K with no Internet subscription % No Computer % of Internet Subscribers mobile alone or w/ dial-up U.S. 20.1% 24.2% 45.6% 14.9% 7.8% New York City 21.1% 24.6% 43.7% 16.2% 3.7% Los Angeles 19.6% 23.4% 41.9% 14.3% 7.0% Chicago 24.1% 30.2% 52.0% 19.5% 7.9% Houston 25.9% 30.3% 50.6% 17.9% 18.1% Philadelphia 27.0% 31.9% 48.8% 20.1% 8.0% *Percentages in households, American Community Survey Estimates 2014
  14. 14. Connectivity Across Chicago #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter All MSA Census Tracts: Chicago Census Tracts:
  15. 15. What is the state of digital training in Chicago? We don’t know. We’d like to do something about that. #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  16. 16. Connect Chicago aims to make Chicago the most connected, most skilled, most dynamic digital city in America. #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  17. 17. Connect Chicago Goals Increase access to the Internet Increase digital skills Increase economic & civic engagement through technology #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  18. 18. Connect Chicago will strengthen & expand the digital access and skills sector of Chicago. #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  19. 19. Connect Chicago Ingredients to Success Community-Building & Collaboration: We’re expanding the number of digital training hours across the City, continuing our Meetup program, & creating a new platform (website) for digital trainers. Data: We’re planning to collect program data from around Chicago to understand demand for training (and types of training). We’re also planning to conduct a citywide survey on Internet access & digital skills. Unique & Numerous Partners: Chicago Public Library, LISC Chicago, MacArthur, Chicago Department of Innovation & Technology, the Mayor’s Office, Chicago Public Schools, World Business Chicago #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  20. 20. Collaboration is not just a word. Smart Chicago just published its entire Youth-Led Tech curriculum online. We’ve also shared every meta how-to we can think of: catering, instructor recruitment, marketing tools, etc. HERE. We hope to lead by example to avoid duplicative efforts/investments.
  21. 21. Frameworks for Collaboration between Digital Literacy & Traditional Literacy Organizations #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  22. 22. Digital Literacy vs. Traditional Literacy #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter Demand for training at many ability levels with many audiences. Many organizations & training sites Reliant on access to at-home resources & support Literacy Field Digital Literacy Field Definitions for success are not defined or standardized. “Functional digital/technical literacy” is a moving target. Basic literacy is a prerequisite. Definitions for success are defined (ex: 3rd grade reading level). The mediums are changing. Computer & digital literacy is part of greater literacy.
  23. 23. Digital Training + Traditional Literacy Partnership cases in other cities: Kansas City has a digital inclusion grant fund that have been won by traditional adult literacy programs. Those programs expanded their programming to include basic digital training. Design & Tech Can Help Literacy: Mobile learning, for instance, is a platform being leveraged by trainers and builders helping populations with lower literacy. Literacy is the foundation of digital skills: Many digital literacy classes and tools require a certain reading level. #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  24. 24. Complementary Missions “Working together, we envision a future in which 100% of Chicagoland residents are functionally literate, and in which that shared literacy is a defining characteristic and point of pride for the city. From reading an early picture book all the way through acquiring essential computer and communications technology skills, literacy is the key to a successful and independent life, and to a vibrant and sustainable city…” The Mission of the Chicago Literacy Alliance #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  25. 25. An Inventory of Needs & Strengths #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter NEEDS STRENGTHS Digital Skills Programming ● Better ESL support ● Better training for true beginners ● Referrals to next steps ● More training & support ● Lower the relevancy barrier ● Better device/access support ● Better outcome measures ● Connection to professional development ● Trusted institutions ● Technology is fun! ● Institutional time & commitment to digital skills is rising Traditional Literacy Programming ● Referrals to next steps ● More training & support ● Institutional time & commitment to literacy ● Captures & understands most vulnerable and in-need learners ● Trusted institutions ● Public awareness & value ● Cohort learning & social support
  26. 26. Some Ideas for Collaboration Help us assign reading levels to digital training classes & curricula Help us outreach to basic digital learners with lower literacy levels & improve their learning experiences Create a strong referral network of programs (most important) Together we can build tech tools that can support & help all users (CUTGroup!) Let’s hang out and come up with more ideas! #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  27. 27. #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter Hang out with us!
  28. 28. Join the Connect Chicago Meetup Group We convene trainers, nonprofit professionals, corporate partners and city employees together about once a month to have a themed conversation and share tools/ideas. Having more literacy advocates and professionals there would strengthen our community. Please join us: #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  29. 29. Sign up for CUTGroup We pay residents of Chicago & Cook County to test websites and applications. No experience or knowledge is needed. You don’t need to know about tech to make tech better. “If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work!” Sign-up is easy. Go to OR text “Hello” to (773)747-6239 Residents get $5 just for signing up and $20 per test! Here is a link to a handout. #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  30. 30. Come to Our Party Everyone is invited! There will be food, drinks and good company. Save the date: December 14, 2015 at the Chicago Cultural Center RSVP to the Smart Chicago Holiday Party here: #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  31. 31. Learn More About Smart Chicago’s Projects What we’re about: Technology, Open, Everyone, Chicago. The Civic User Testing Group (CUTGroup) Youth-Led Tech Smart Health Centers Connect Chicago #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter
  32. 32. #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter Appendix For participants to fill out!
  33. 33. An Inventory of Needs & Strengths #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter NEEDS STRENGTHS Digital Skills Programming Traditional Literacy Programming
  34. 34. Ideas for Collaboration #ConnectChicago | @DKLinn | @SmartChicago | @Literacenter