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OECD Geospatial Lab - Locus Charter

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Presented 1st July 2021
The Locus Charter: Principles for the ethical and responsible use of location data

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OECD Geospatial Lab - Locus Charter

  1. 1. OECD Geospatial Lab Launch 1st July 2021 Denise McKenzie
  2. 2. Denise McKenzie @Spatialred
  3. 3. Trust Responsibilit y Ethic s Privacy Transparency Accountability
  4. 4. When does cool become creepy? The IoT and mobile devices bring amazing opportunities for new tech to make our lives easier. But at what point does it do from innovation to intrusion? 4
  5. 5. Image source: Wikipedia Cambridge Analytica ● In 2017 Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook data broke, coming to a head in 2018 ● The investigations raised many questions of trust and responsibility in the use of personal information including location data
  6. 6. COVID-19 happened…..
  7. 7. “Datafication” expressing and managing the world with data Bias - Privacy - Market power and data colonialism Complexity - Transparency - Trust
  8. 8. Benchmark Initiative • Supported by PLACE (part of the Omidyar Network) and Ordnance Survey • Complementary program in USA EthicalGeo
  9. 9. Locus Charter
  10. 10. OUR VISION A world where location data is utilized for the betterment of the world and all species that live in it. WHO WE ARE An international collaboration of governments, organizations and individual practitioners seeking to ensure the ethical & responsible use of location data throughout the world.
  11. 11. Related initiatives Activities Document Type Audience Locus Charter (Benchmark Initiative & EthicalGEO) Strategic Global Principles Organisations (private & public) primarily, but can also be endorsed by individuals ODI Data Ethics Canvas GEO – Data Working Group Ethics best practice Geonovum – Ethical Framework OGC – GeoEthics adhoc (proposed working group) OECD – Geospatial Lab Ethics Workstream Frameworks / Best Practices Organisations W3C SDWWG – Responsible Use Guide Godan – Ethical Code Toolkit SDSN TReNDS – Contracts for Data Collaboration Omidyar Network - Ethics Explorer DevGRG – Development Research Ethical Guidelines Gather principles Guides / Guidelines / Templates Practitioners implementing on a daily basis URISA / GISCI (USA) SSSI (Australia & NZ) RICS (UK) ASPRS (USA) Codes of Ethics Individuals, Professionals
  12. 12. Be part of the community Read the charter & join the community Contact the team Follow us on twitter @locuscharter

Presented 1st July 2021 The Locus Charter: Principles for the ethical and responsible use of location data


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