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Designing For Emails: 8 Hacks To Design Emails That Are Eagerly Awaited


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Email Marketing is one of the most effective medium to communicate and engage target audience. Irrespective of the nature of business, email marketing serves as a powerful medium to reach your customers and potential clients. But it is a great responsibility too because people don't often give out their personal details to anyone to shoot anything their way.

Here are few simple design hacks to make your emails worth waiting for. Checkout!

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Designing For Emails: 8 Hacks To Design Emails That Are Eagerly Awaited

  1. Designing For Emails
  2. Here’s why emails are still relevant…
  3. 28% of online shoppers in United States subscribe to store or product emails in order to stay informed.
  4. 59% of moms in the United States would sign up for email updates from brands if rewards were offered.
  5. Marketers who add video to their email campaigns see an average rise in revenue of 40 percent.
  6. Email marketing makes it easy to stay connecte d to customers.
  7. 8 design hacks that will boost email opening rate & improve conversions.
  8. Brand your email with a logo
  9. Match the theme
  10. Use traditional letterhead CREATE YOUR FREE LETTERHEAD CLICK HERE
  11. Add call to action
  12. Use lots of whitespace
  14. Optimize images
  15. Keep it simple and minimal