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Qr Code for Contactless Menus

How to generate QR Code based contactless menu and Why Restaurants should care for. In times of pandemic, it's a must to have contactless dining and delivery for safety purposes.

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Qr Code for Contactless Menus

  1. 1. QR Code for Menus - How to generate and Why restaurants should care. Covid-19 has increased demand for delivery and pick-up, and the crisis has  forced restaurants to expand their view of “contactless” and how it relates to  every aspect of the customer experience.    Utmost importance should be given to ​generate QR Code​ based contactless  menus for Online Food Ordering System, keeping everyone’s safety at priority.          According to a survey carried out by Dineout in India, ​ 81% of the customers  post-pandemic would prefer digital/contactless menus rather than the printed  ones. The ​Centers for Disease Control and Prevention​, a health institute in  the US, discourages the use of reusable menu cards as they can cause infection  in customers.   
  2. 2. Alternate options for Printed Menu   There can be three options for replacing reusable menu cards- disposable menu  cards, digital menu cards, and QR-code based.    1. Disposable menu: ​These cards are a good alternative for replacing  reusable menu cards in terms of safety and hygiene. However, it is not the  most sustainable and cost-effective solution. The massive cost of printing  menu cards can add to the already fueled losses. It also adversely affects  the environment.     2. Digital menu: ​The second option is using digital menu cards. These  digital menu boards are visible to all the customers and are also a safe  alternative. Yet, installing it is a huge cost that many restaurant owners  are not willing to pay. It also lacks the interactive touch to it.    3. QR Based Menus​ - Considering the situation, they seem to be the best  and most effective solution to replace printed menu cards. It is safe,  secure, and provides an interactive touch that the customers want these  days. Let’s understand how they work.   How QR-based menus work? The implementation of the QR-based menu cards is customer-friendly and  quick. It involves the below steps:   
  3. 3.     1. Generate QR code using the software. There are few free generators like:-  a. QR Code Generator   b. Shopify  c. Grubly ​as well offers QR based services to customers for more  convenience.    2. Once you have generated your own QR-code, you can put it across your  social media and display it at various locations (instead use tabletops,  counters, tent cards) of your restaurant.    3. The customers can simply scan the QR code with their mobile phone  camera and view the menu card on their phone.    Thus, it is the best alternative right now, and also an excellent investment for  the future.  Benefits of QR-based menu
  4. 4. QR-based menus have a lot of benefits for you as well as the customers. They  are a necessity for online food ordering services. Given below are all the  benefits you can gain if you go for the QR-based menu.    ● Cost-effective    QR-based menus are highly cost-effective as they do not require a considerable  budget for printing the menu cards, getting them customized, and renewing  them time and again.    On the other hand, QR-based menus only require a capable QR generator that  Grubly​ can provide.     ● Brand awareness    We use QR code to redirect your customers to your website. This can increase  your website’s traffic.    The customers can come to know about all the additional services, discounts,  and offers you provide. This can help in extending your customer base and  increasing branding.    ● Easy customization    You do not have to worry about the same kind of menu cards provided by  various third-party services.    These QR-based menu cards offer various designs and styles you can choose  from and, thus, customize your restaurant’s menu card.     We can assist you in customizing and implementing your ideal QR-based menu  card!    ● Flexibility    
  5. 5. What if you want to extend your services to different cuisines? Now, it will not  be feasible to print another set of menu or pamphlets cards every time you wish  to make a change.    QR-based menu cards can be edited in real-time easily. You’re free to make any  changes you want without increasing your total budget.    ● Simple and easy to showcase    Your customers do not have to be tech-savvy to use this. They do not even have  to install any additional apps if their phone has a QR-scan facility. Showcase  your customers high-quality, impressive food dishes that are flexible to change  in real-time whenever the need be.    Thus, it is simple and easy to use while also giving your customers a  customer-friendly interface.    ● Full freedom    Are you tired of the third-party apps taking away all your independence? Well,  do not worry because we have got your back!    Third-party food ordering services take away your freedom of highlighting your  specialties.     Using a QR-based menu card, you can highlight all your favorites and  must-have dishes with full freedom.    These benefits can help you increase your sales and profit margin without  having to invest a lot of money on it.  QR-based menus v/s Other Menus The difference will help you understand how QR-based menus can profit your  restaurant.   
  6. 6.   QR-based Menus  Other Menus  ● Cost-effective   ● Possibility of recurrent costs    ● Interactive for customers  ● Non-interactive  ● Flexible to make changes in  real-time  ● No flexibility in making any  changes  ● Easily customizable and increased  branding  ● Requires help from  professionals  ● Great and user-friendly for  small-scale restaurants, food  services, and cloud kitchens  ● Unavailability for small food  businesses and services    Thus, QR-based menu cards will become the new normal in online food  ordering for restaurants post-COVID-19.     So what are you waiting for? Get your customizable QR-code services and  website, with ​Grubly​, and enjoy all these benefits!