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  1. 1. p®(§.fU @u[L fPJ~@.JJ®(£;tt Shell ~aoo IIDUD@) JJ Recognition,Certificate May 2009 Mr. R. Dileel' Junior Engineer Awarded for his contributions to safety in the Execution of the Off sites & Jetty Loading Arms, Scope of work for Pearl GTL Project. 1J;J1..Q)~ Niall O'Connell t .~ C7 Construction Manager C7 Project Director J~.ii-:JJ~ Qabr PEtrolEOOI Pearl GTL Project Pearl GTL Project
  2. 2. In acknowledgment of the successful completion of the one day Incident and Injury Free Supervisor Skills DileepR ~~h U Dennis Percy, JMJ Associates JMJASSOCIATES Ben Ring, Qatar Shell GTL 19 March 2009
  3. 3. Improving :Pearl,GTL HSE Culture This is to certify that CJ«tjeev (])ifeep has successfu'lly completed Flawless Start IUP Initiative Conducted at The Leadership Acad,emy Pearl Village .RasLaffan Qatar 1atft June 2008
  4. 4. Pearl GTL c is liere6y grantee!to: R. 'Dileep ( ~ '1.. !.t.ft-..IJ ......t---a.3 OMir I"'rlracun Shell Pearl Project IIFDav 11 June 2008 smalll change G -I·FE­ 1"'-­, ut­ "t:...,,_~ wk '/ ~6 9vf.~nster J{SI£/S(]) 9vf.anager Pear{qrr'L Project
  5. 5. Qatar Shell & Pearl GTL Project certificate ofJlppreciatio~ is hereby presented to: Dee'lip iRaieev In recognition for the valuable contribution for the success of Pearl GTL Safety Day on November 11, 2008. ~c-~_/,~ UttROOKttETZERS GRAHAM TAYLOR- IROB MUNSTER Project Director Project Director HSSE/SD Manager JK Pe<lrl GTL Project Qatar Shell & Pearl GTL Project . . ~ Pearl GTL o'!f__'~