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Making Websites Work - Retail is Detail


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A User Experience Approach to CRO - Managing Director at Amber Light,
Jeremy Swinfen Green approaches the topic from a slightly different angle, taking us through the user experience covering; aligning conversion with UX, business goals, the three legs of the UX stool and how the cookie law affects CRO.

Published in: Technology, Design
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Making Websites Work - Retail is Detail

  1. 1. Making websites work (aka Retail is Detail) 58 Bloomsbury Street London WC1B 3QT +44 (0)207 307 7770
  2. 2. Poj Not just about immediate online conversionectNa • Describe products for later purchase (wish list)me • Drive to the high street • Generate leads for later up-selling • Get customer feedback or market insight • Support sales
  3. 3. Poj What to look forectN • Three legs of the stool: usability, utility andam persuasion add up to the user experiencee • Usability • Layout, Forms etc • Utility • Do people actually want it • Persuasiveness • Copy, Credibility and Calls to action
  4. 4. PojectName So how can you improve conversions? 4
  5. 5. Make an impression You have 3 seconds to make an impression…
  6. 6. 07/13/12 Project Name 6
  7. 7. What did you see?
  8. 8. 07/13/12 Project Name 8
  9. 9. What did you see?
  10. 10. 07/13/12 Project Name 10
  11. 11. PojectName Was that more or less effective at generating donations? 11
  12. 12. Understand your audience and their wants The triumph of creativity over common sense?
  13. 13. Show people where they are And help them move elsewhere if they want to
  14. 14. Offer different ways of choosing Type Destination Inspiration Don’t give me choice. Make it easy for me to choose.
  15. 15. Have effective search• THE most important navigational element• Simple search has to work well – Misspellings – Synonyms – Related items• Search filters should be offered• DON’T assume people can spell
  16. 16. Bad search results 16
  17. 17. Better search results 17
  18. 18. Best search results 18
  19. 19. Focus on the product page• Key elements – Buy button – Price – Benefits and features – Pictures – Visitor rankings – Special offers, free delivery etc – You might also like...
  20. 20. 20
  21. 21. Poj Image details are importantectName JC Decaux research using 200 people Spot the difference? 21
  22. 22. Poj Don’t forget the “buy” buttonectName 22
  23. 23. Copy is important 23
  24. 24. Write for the web • Reading age of around 8 to 10 (like The Sun) • Lots of paragraphs, bullets, bold, headings • Short sentences and short words (germanic not latin) • Key words to left of screen if possible • Words are important! – “Secure checkout” can increase conversion by 20% over “Checkout”
  25. 25. Write for sales • Have a great headline • Describe benefits not features • Write about “you” not about “us” • Remember why you are writing (selling not being clever) • Write for the web (sub heads, short sentences, simple words...)
  26. 26. Slick and intuitive checkouts • Do keep number of pages to a minimum • Don’t ask for data you don’t need • Do provide links to basket at each stage • Don’t force people to register • Do provide a phone number on each page • Don’t hit them with nasty surprises like shipping costs at the last minute • Do get an email address early (so you can mail them if they bail out)
  27. 27. Don’t disturb people when they are paying07/13/12 Project Name 27
  28. 28. Notice the difference? A/B testing has presumably show that a “Carry on shopping?” option is counter productive 28
  29. 29. Service is important (for repeat purchase) 1. Make receiving it easy – When will it arrive (delivery windows)? – Where will it be left if you are out? 2. Make it easy to justify the buying decision 3. Make returning it easy 4. Make replacing it easy Amazon are great at 2, 3 and 4
  30. 30. Great service from Amazon 30
  31. 31. And finally... 31
  32. 32. Poj How to find out what worksect • Watch the userNa • Web analyticsme • Social media analysis (low vs high emotion) • Ask the user • Surveys • Remote and face to face UX testing • Eye-tracking and emotion tracking • Use UX research to “power” A/B and MVT (A/B testing on its own is not sufficient) • Use best practice as a starting point • Do something – even if you do it yourself
  33. 33. Poj The cookie lawectN • The cookie law will affect conversionam optimisatione • You can’t optimise without permission • You can’t analyse without permission • It is not sufficient to tell people what you are doing • Someone had better tell the UK Government!
  34. 34. Poj ConclusionsectN • Understand your audienceam • Accept that it’s different for every websitee • Use your common sense (it’s not rocket science) • Subordinate SEO to the user experience  • Look to the detail
  35. 35. Thank 58 Bloomsbury Street London WC1B 3QT +44 (0)207 307 7770