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E-Commerce Technology

Magento Platform.
Development, maintenance, SLA.

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E-Commerce Technology

  1. 1. E-Commerce Technology
  2. 2. What do we work with? Reliable platforms. Safe technologies. •  PHP – A technology ofted used and perfoect for Web 2.0 services, with a lot of programmers and companies supporting it. •  MySQL – Efficient and scalable database used by services storing lots of data (such as Facebook) •  Memcached – Super-quick, distributed (many servers) cache •  Varnish – Accelerator (http cache), before application servers 2
  3. 3. Safe implementations •  Careful requirement analysis coupled with our experience guarantee tailoring the e-store to suit the company •  Detailed milestones – guarantee that the deadlines are kept •  Online testing available to check the mechanisms •  We test everything. More than once. Security tests, efficiency tests, critical tests – after data import, before starting the system •  Complete documentation •  Agile management methodologies 3
  4. 4. Technology Quality Assurance •  User-Centered Design •  Interenal quality control at all the stages of a project •  Best practices of implementation included already in the contract! •  Mandatory documentaion covers implementation, maintenance, development 4
  5. 5. Technology Implementation – Quality Assurance Documentation and tests are both obligatory in each project. 1.  Functional project, integration analysis and interactive prototypes at the design stage 1.  2.  2.  Technological conception and system architecture at the design stage 3.  Technical documentation for administrator and developer 3.  4.  5.  4.  Test plan 5.  User documentation – Magento and modifications (regularly updated) 6.  Plans for extraordinary circumstances (when resigning from hostingu and maintenance) 6.  7.  8.  UI Tests Security tests together with report on the application’s weak side Error handling testing Basic scnearios tests Regression tests and Smoke Testing – after adding new functionalities (maintenance) Recovery testing Integration tests Acceptance tests 5
  6. 6. Technology Our experience in migration •  Tivi.p (Agora) – complete infrastructure change without changing the layout • – changing the store + ERP implementation •  TVN – Medical Tribune (TVN Med) – infrastcutrue change of live and video transmission •  Ministry of Economy – system change from Lotus Notes •  Polska Presse – importing 3 thousand films from Youtube to SimpleStorage, replacing all the Embed codes in and satellite services for Video CMS codes •  Numerous migrations to WellCommerce from: Clickshop,, Prestashop, KQS, Sote, osCommerce, Gekosale, EPRO We’ve chosen Divante because we appreciate the quality of their solutions, transparent partnership and communication. Divante identifies our needs and ofter assists while creating new concpets but first of all – it delivers us amazing products. Divante enthusiastically embraces new challenges and is open for any our suggestions. -  Marcin Stalij, Development Director in A2 Multimedia (TIVI) We’ve been watching carefully Divante’s growth. The company can join prodcut innovations wih exquisite customer service, which makes it a succesful match for their many Polish and international clients. – Michał Żyliński, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Poland 6
  7. 7. Technology Maintenance and platform development •  Most our clients use our specialists based of framework contracts and booking their time in a form of a monthly bill for a discount price. 7
  8. 8. Technology Application maintenance standards after implementation Maintenance includes access to the whole team of specialists: •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Programmers (changes, optimizations, new functionalities) Interaction designers (changes, optimizations, AB tests) Graphic designers (creations, banners, newsletters) Webmasters (preparing newsletters, creations, changes) Administrators – at least two (application support, server and cache assistance) AdWords specialists (campaign management assistance, optimization, monitoring) SEO specialists – service optimization, safety audits Throughout the development, you can reach any of the implementation team members! •  •  •  All the hours estimated for any project cover performance tests, security tests – we guarantee that the new functions will work and won’t break the current ones. Warranty – error correction in any application is free-of-charge – we care for the success. Good practices: project development, code creation, management – are included into the contract. 8
  9. 9. Technology Maintenance and development – standards •  A system should be continuously developed based on the user feedback. •  Together with a client, we settle for a monthly hour budget for the development. Together, we define the development directions and the project manager who, together with the Client’s representative, uses any necessary Divante resources to achieve the goal. Additional rules •  The hours not spent in a given month can be used in the next one (but you lose them after 2 months) •  Monthly report based on work monitoring system presents how many hours have been spent on what •  As part of a contract, we also provide SLA and reaction times, as well as system warranty 9
  10. 10. Technology Hosting and SLA Internet •  •  •  •  Security Traffinc scalability of the store Automatic monitoring SLA warranty Łącza  do  sieci  Internet  powinny  wynosić  min.  100Mbit/s Firewall/Zabezpieczenia  dostarczane  przez  DataCenter ochrona  przed  atakami  DoS  i  inne Systemy   zewnętrzne 1Gbit/s Klaster   bazodanowy   MySQL  5.1.   Bez  dostępu  z   Internetu. Magistrala   integracji  –   SSL/VPN Serwer  kopii   zapasowych.   Bez  dostępu  z   Internetu. 10
  11. 11. Technology Mintenancne and development – SLA •  All the changes to any application are versioned (SVN), new versions are created in branches •  Separate development, test, production environment •  All changes have to go through the ticket system •  •  Transactional, automatic deployment on all the production servers with the possibility to redeem the changes. Development Prod uctio n Testing Production Automated tests (checks, http, functional) after each deployment 11
  12. 12. Magento – multi-store, multi-language platform Demo?
  13. 13. Flexibility Super-flexible products (EAV), configurational, variants, virtual, Free category editing, multistores, landing-page
  14. 14. Platform – marketing and sales Clicable discounts and special offers: cart, individual, client group, price discounts and much more.
  15. 15. User-Centered Design 15
  16. 16. How do we work with clients in UCD? •  Collecting requirements •  Timetable •  Scenarios and diagrams •  Structure •  Prototypes •  Product documentation •  Graphic design •  Change management– Support system •  Maintenance – Support system 16
  17. 17. Contact