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DocuSign for Credit Unions Increase Member Satisfaction with eSignatures


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DocuSign for Credit Unions Increase Member Satisfaction with eSignatures

  1. 1. DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL Increase Member Satisfaction and Loyalty with eSignatures and DocuSign 5/29/13
  2. 2. ©2007 DocuSign, Inc. Confidential. Agenda §  Trends Affecting Credit Unions §  Technology, Social, Industry §  Common Top-Level Goals Facing Credit Unions §  We need to increase lending volume §  We must maintain an exceptional level of service to our members §  Grow our membership §  The Problem With Paper §  Introduction to eSignatures and DocuSign §  Solution Demo
  3. 3. Technology – It’s a New, Mobile World •  FIs will need to alter their mobile banking strategies to correlate with these technology trends Javelin Strategy & Research
  4. 4. Top Reasons for Using Mobile AT&T Small Business Technology Survey
  5. 5. As Important 32% Almost As Important 37% Not That Important 31% Social – How the Internet is Changing Expectations Sources: Cisco Connected World Technology Report College Students in United States Do you consider the internet as important to your life as water, food, air and shelter? (~70% consider it As Important or Almost As Important)
  6. 6. Industry – Consumer Experience is Driving E-Signature Adoption §  Self-service is the expectation §  Creates a “wow” factor when doing business §  Generation X is driving technology adoption §  Consumers will shop for relationships that fit their lifestyle §  Time is more important to people than money §  Sign electronically anywhere, at any time, on any internet-connected device §  Lending organizations that don’t address these trends may end up limiting their market success §  Geographic reach should not limit ability to do business
  7. 7. Credit Unions Continue to Invest in Technology … designed to make transactions fast and efficient Word Processing Email Loan Software CRM
  8. 8. The Paper Speed-bump in your Digital Workflow DATA STARTS HERE: Paper Data DATA ENDS HERE:SIGN Via Paper DIGITAL ANALOG DIGITAL §  Slow transactions §  Too many errors §  Lack of visibility §  Re-keying of data §  Lost documents or pages §  Poor fax readability §  Overnight shipping fees §  Lost productivity
  9. 9. Straight-Through Digital Processing DATA STARTS HERE: ELECTRONICALLY SIGN DATA ENDS HERE: DIGITAL §  Faster transactions §  No errors §  Complete visibility §  No re-keying of data §  Secure documents §  No faxing §  No overnight shipping fees §  Higher productivity
  10. 10. DocuSign – Better for the Member < 5 min. 61% (333) 5-10 min. 27% (147) 10-15 min. 6% (34) > 15 min. 5% (28) How long did it take you to complete your loan documents using the e-sign process? (542 responses) For future loans, would you prefer to use e-sign or mail for your loan documents? (543 responses) No preference 9% (47) Mail documents 3% (15) E-sign 89% (481) Would you recommend the e-sign process to other members? (537 responses) Yes 98% (526) No 2% (11) “I would rate this new service as comparable to the innovation of the ATM for convenience and ease of use.” - Credit Union customer of 25 years "Some members complete their loan documents before they even get off the phone with lending staff.” - Ryan Klassen, director of lending services for Bellco Credit Union
  11. 11. Transactions Complete Faster 86% within 1 day < 1 hour < 1 minute < 1 day 21% 62% 86%
  12. 12. Your Opportunity: Extraordinary Business Impact DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 12
  13. 13. Sample Credit Union Use Cases DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 13 New Business •  Loan Applications •  New Deposit Accounts •  New Member Applications •  Closed End Loan Re- authorization Documents •  New Hire Paperwork •  Candidate NDA •  On/Off-boarding Checklist •  Employee Policy Distribution & Signature •  Contractor Agreements •  Non-disclosure •  PTO Management HR Finance •  Loan Repackaging and Securitization •  Invoice Processing •  Expense Reporting •  Capitalization Mmgt •  Audit Signoff •  Policy Management •  Asset Transfer/ Retirement •  Change Management •  Release Management •  Code Review Reporting •  Requirements Acceptance •  Release Scope Commitment Product Management Procurement •  Purchase Order •  Statement Of Work •  Master Service Agreement •  RFP Sign Off •  Supplier Compliance Marketing IT / Operations Member Services Legal Facilities •  Event Registration •  Member Communication Approvals •  Mass Mailing/ Emails •  Holiday Promotions •  Skip Payment Promos •  Asset Tracking •  Change Requests •  Requirements Sign Off •  Access Management •  Incident Reporting •  Production Change Authorization •  Maintenance Authorization •  Account Changes •  Stop payment requests •  Skip payment forms •  Maintenance Forms •  Change of Address •  Overdraft Notifications •  NDAs •  Contract management •  Internal compliance •  IP licensing •  Patent applications •  Board minutes •  Front Desk Sign-in •  Work Orders •  Lease Agreements •  Move In / Move Out Requests •  Parking Permits
  14. 14. More than 37M users growing to 60M More than 63,000 users a day Up to 5M pages a day More than 65,000 customers, over 600 credit unions 189 countries DocuSign Network Taking Off
  15. 15. Global Standard: Achieving Market Leadership #1 eSignature Takes Off #1 eSignature Wave #6 Out of 5,900 “50 Next Big Things”
  16. 16. DocuSign Community Growing Rapidly
  17. 17. LEADING SECURITY RICHEST PARTNER ECOSYSTEM WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER PROGRAMS GLOBAL STANDARD Leading Security Richest Partner Ecosystem World Class Customer Programs Easiest to Use Product Most Powerful Platform Why Customers Choose DocuSign
  18. 18. DocuSign: Highest & Broadest Set of Security Certifications DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL •  Data Privacy •  Collection Of Data •  Use Of Data •  Data Requirements •  Protection Of Data •  General Computing Controls Focus •  Comprehensive Scope •  Security Framework •  Testing Of Controls •  Measures Effectiveness •  Reliability Of Service •  Global Security Gold Standard: ISO 27001 •  Defines An (ISMS) Information Security Management System •  Requires Business Continuity •  Streamlined process for EU privacy law compliance
  19. 19. DocuSign Meets Highest Evidentiary Standard §  ESIGN compliance warranty §  Admissibility – Best Evidence Rule §  Unassailable evidentiary support §  Chain of custody §  Who, what, where, when, how §  Third-party process §  DocuSign’s proof is BETTER THAN PAPER DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 20
  20. 20. DocuSign Provides Authentication Options Witnessed Signing Two-Factor Biometric Phone Authentication Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) Access Code E-Mail Validation TransactionValue High value or high potential for fraud Low value or low potential for fraud DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 21
  21. 21. Access Code DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 22
  22. 22. Member must have Access Code DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 23
  23. 23. ID Check (Knowledge-based Authentication) DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 24
  24. 24. Member provides name and address DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 25
  25. 25. Member answers out-of-wallet questions DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 26
  26. 26. Phone Authentication DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 27
  27. 27. Biometric Phone Authentication Receiving a DocuSign Envelope with Phone Authentication: DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 28
  28. 28. DocuSign – Anytime… Print into DocuSign from any application Upload any document into DocuSign Convert forms to ‘PowerForms’ •  Over Microsoft Windows 50,000 applications •  Key for Loan Application Systems Print into DocuSign from any application DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 29
  29. 29. DocuSign – Anything… Upload Most File Formats •  PDF •  Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint •  Fax files, Image files, etc. Print into DocuSign from any application Upload any document into DocuSign Convert forms to ‘PowerForms’ Print into DocuSign from any application Upload any document into DocuSign DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 30
  30. 30. DocuSign – Anywhere! •  Convert any document into a PowerForm •  Embed into any Web site •  Self-service is today’s expectation Print into DocuSign from any application Upload any document into DocuSign Convert forms to ‘PowerForms’ Upload any document into DocuSign Convert forms to ‘PowerForms’ DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 31
  31. 31. Alliant Credit Union DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 32 •  91% of borrowers complete loan docs in under 10 minutes “DocuSign has paid for itself multiple times over. DocuSign makes it easy to accelerate our business and delight our customers.”
  32. 32. TTCU DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 33 •  Reduced turnaround time from one week to less than one day “Getting the loan on the books earlier pays for the DocuSign service.”
  33. 33. Evolve Credit Union DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 34 •  Reduced turn-around time from over a week to less than a day “DocuSign has been a great success to our Generation X and Y members as they hate paper, love the internet and are always on the go.”
  34. 34. Deployment DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 35
  35. 35. DocuSign Delivers Cloud Benefits §  No Infrastructure Expenses §  Leverage Credit Union Experience §  Rapid Deployment §  Carrier-Class Security §  Access from Any Device §  Integration with Key Applications DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 36
  36. 36. Opportunity For Credit Unions §  Make Borrowing Easier §  “…use  of  the  DocuSign  secured  service  has  saved  me  an   a)ernoon  of  driving  and  about  $15  in  gas…  I  would  rate  this   new  service  as  comparable  to  the  innova9on  of  the  ATM  for   convenience  and  ease  of  use.” §  Improve Operational Efficiencies §  Accelerated  document  comple=on,  with  85%  comple9ng  in  the   same  day §  Increase Market Share §  Younger  consumers  do  not  share  the  loyal=es  of  their  parents,   and  will  shop  for  the  rela9onships  that  fit  their  lifestyle §  Go Paperless, Go Green
  37. 37. Solution Demonstration DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 38 Doug Glagola, VP Business Development, MeridianLink
  38. 38. MeridianLink, Inc. §  New Deposits/Accounts •  Consumer acquisition •  Consumer and Commercial Accounts §  Consumer Loans •  Supports all consumer loans (vehicle, personal, credit card, etc.) •  Indirect auto/other loans •  1st Mortgage & equity loans •  Business/commercial loans •  Lifestyle lending •  Cross-sell §  All channels, all deposits, all loans All-In-One Platform Solution
  39. 39. MeridianLink and DocuSign What We Have Done Together §  Great partnership §  Great integration §  Great client results We’re Obviously Doing Something Right §  Focus on process efficiency and convenience §  100+ clients to date (mainly CUs) §  Total number of envelopes (hundreds of thousands) §  More to come …
  40. 40. Thank You! DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 41 Get your free trial at Call 1.877.720.2040