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DevOps Practices: Continuous Delivery


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The DevOps movement, like its Agile predecessor, is focused on improving the communication and collaboration between the development and operations teams responsible for different aspects of an app throughout its lifecycle. While successful DevOps initiatives start and end with organizational and cultural change, there are also common practices that are enablers and/or tools used in support of DevOps. In this session you will learn about the DevOps practice of Continuous Delivery—releasing and deploying application changes as they are available, and not waiting for big, cumbersome roll-ups of new code. This session will focus on the practice of Continuous Delivery, while demonstrating a few tools that can make implementing Continuous Delivery easier, including tools for automated provisioning and release orchestration. If you are interested in implementing a DevOps initiative in your organization, then this session is a must-see.

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DevOps Practices: Continuous Delivery

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