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All the questions answered for the 21 st day of june 2015

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All the questions answered for the 21 st day of june 2015

  1. 1. Before we go ahead to answer The myriad of questions Let us ask you ;the audience, our own questions:
  2. 2.  Ours will require you stop this recorded video and candidly answer them .  You can say it aloud to your partner or you can discuss it within yourself  What are these questions :
  3. 3.  What have you done to lose that weight ?  How many years have you battled that belly fat /weight ?  Have you being on drugs for it ?  Did it work ?  If it didn’t work (we know that’s why you are here ) , why do you think it didn’t ?
  4. 4.  Is there any sure pathway every body who is grappling with weight , should follow >?  That would ensure that belly fat comes off ?  Regardless of his age , his activity level ?  What he likes to eat ,drink , his physiological state ex pregnancy or pathological state ex hypertension ?
  5. 5.  Why do you think you fell prey to weight loss merchants who dropped off their drugs ? ,  Never intimated you of the side effect profile of the drugs as a woman , man , breastfeeding mother , woman with fibriods etc  Did they tell you that was the final tip to weight loss ?  Why do you have dosages of the same drug for children , for adults ? Is that not some form of customization to treat the same ailment ?
  6. 6.  Why do you now think one drug would solve your weight loss , solve the pregnant woman’s own , the 60 year old hypertensive ?  Why do you think this would work ?  Let us tell you why it would work  We will follow you up and show you what to do daily , for belly fat to drop off .  Read more about us
  7. 7.  I want steps on how to loose body and belly fat, and how to maintain it when I finally come to that shape…how to count calorie intake,and food to eat nd not to eat including snacking…please I need them…tnx so much for ur help  From
  8. 8.  During weight loss and belly fat blast ,is it good to drink cold water ?  From 08064547818/08155190561 ?  Hi, Dr .I need steps to enrolment n cost implication ,pls  I would like to lose weight .I’m 47 years old  Drew back on my dietary plan in the last 6 months  The ugly scenario is that I now have belly fat .  Pls I need help  From 08086675990
  9. 9.  How can I reduce my big belly ?  From 08037195168  Am a tall guy but extremely overweight and big tummy , how do I do away with the tummy and reduce the overrall weight ? Thanks  From 08068475343
  10. 10.  Good morning Dr ,pls tell us in specific terms what to do to reduce this fast or big tommy .  Is there any non harmful supliment that can a  assist ? We need to detox >pls tell us the best  From 08037437980/08033253235
  11. 11.  Steps on how to loose belly and body fat,how to maintain the lost fats,how to count calories,food to eat and not to eat including snacking…is abacha or cassava flakes a healthy food for weight loss,what is ofada or brown rice?…tnx so much…  From
  12. 12.  Join here  d-21-day-weight-loss-and-belly-fat-reduction- plan