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Surah yusuf

This slide program explains Surah Yusuf and highlights lessons learned from it.

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Surah yusuf

  3. 3. *YEAR OF SORROW OR SADNESS (ARABIC: ‫الحزن‬ ‫عام‬ ,'ĀM AL-ḤUZN) IS THE YEAR IN WHICH MUHAMMAD'S WIFE KHADIJAH AND HIS UNCLE AND PROTECTOR ABU TALIB DIED. THE YEAR APPROXIMATELY COINCIDED WITH 619 CE OR THE TENTH YEAR AFTER MUHAMMAD'S FIRST REVELATION. * َ‫ْك‬‫ي‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ ُّ‫ص‬ُ‫ق‬َ‫ن‬ ُ‫ن‬ْ‫َح‬‫ن‬‫ص‬َ‫ص‬َ‫ق‬ْ‫ال‬ َ‫ن‬َ‫س‬ْ‫ح‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫ه‬ َ‫ْك‬‫ي‬َ‫ل‬‫إ‬ ‫َا‬‫ن‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫ح‬ ْ‫و‬َ‫أ‬ ‫ا‬َ‫م‬‫ب‬‫ن‬‫إ‬ َ‫و‬ َ‫آن‬ ْ‫ر‬ُ‫ق‬ْ‫ال‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ذ‬ ْ‫ال‬ َ‫ن‬‫م‬َ‫ل‬ ‫ه‬‫ْل‬‫ب‬َ‫ق‬ ‫ن‬‫م‬ َ‫نت‬ُ‫ك‬َ‫ين‬‫ل‬ِ‫َا‬‫َغ‬-12:3 WE RELATE TO YOU, [O MUHAMMAD], THE BEST OF STORIES IN WHAT WE HAVE REVEALED TO YOU OF THIS QUR'AN ALTHOUGH YOU WERE, BEFORE IT, AMONG THE UNAWARE.
  4. 4. ‫ي‬‫ن‬‫إ‬ ‫ت‬َ‫ب‬َ‫أ‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ي‬ ‫يه‬‫ب‬َ‫ِل‬ ُ‫ف‬ُ‫س‬‫و‬ُ‫ي‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ ْ‫ذ‬‫إ‬ َ‫ك‬ َ‫َر‬‫ش‬َ‫ع‬ َ‫د‬َ‫ح‬َ‫أ‬ ُ‫ْت‬‫ي‬َ‫أ‬َ‫ر‬‫ا‬ً‫ب‬َ‫ك‬ ْ‫و‬ َ‫ر‬َ‫م‬َ‫ق‬ْ‫ال‬ َ‫و‬ َ‫س‬ْ‫م‬َّ‫ش‬‫ال‬ َ‫و‬‫ي‬‫ل‬ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ه‬ُ‫ت‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫أ‬َ‫ر‬ َ‫ين‬‫د‬‫اج‬َ‫س‬– WHEN JOSEPH SAID TO HIS FATHER, "O MY FATHER, INDEED I HAVE SEEN [IN A DREAM] ELEVEN STARS AND THE SUN AND THE MOON; I SAW THEM PROSTRATING TO ME."12:4
  5. 5. WHEN THEY SAID, "JOSEPH AND HIS BROTHER ARE MORE BELOVED TO OUR FATHER THAN WE, WHILE WE ARE A CLAN. INDEED, OUR FATHER IS IN CLEAR ERROR. • ْ‫اط‬ ِ‫و‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫ف‬ُ‫س‬‫و‬ُ‫ي‬ ‫وا‬ُ‫ل‬ُ‫ت‬ْ‫ق‬‫ا‬‫ا‬ً‫ض‬ ْ‫ر‬َ‫أ‬ ُ‫ه‬‫و‬ُ‫ح‬َ‫ر‬ ِ‫ب‬َ‫أ‬ ُ‫ه‬ْ‫ج‬ َ‫و‬ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬َ‫ل‬ ُ‫ل‬ْ‫خ‬َ‫ي‬ِ‫م‬ ‫وا‬ُ‫ن‬‫و‬ُ‫ك‬َ‫ت‬ َ‫و‬ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬‫ي‬‫ن‬ ‫ي‬ ِ‫ح‬ِ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ص‬ ‫ا‬ً‫م‬ ْ‫و‬َ‫ق‬ ِ‫ه‬ِ‫د‬ْ‫ع‬َ‫ب‬َ‫ن‬-12:9 ُ‫خ‬َ‫أ‬َ‫و‬ ُ‫ف‬ُ‫س‬‫و‬ُ‫ي‬َ‫ل‬ ‫وا‬ُ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ ْ‫ذ‬ِ‫إ‬‫ى‬َ‫ل‬ِ‫إ‬ ُّ‫ب‬َ‫ح‬َ‫أ‬ ُ‫ه‬‫و‬ ْ‫ص‬ُ‫ع‬ ُ‫ن‬ْ‫ح‬َ‫ن‬َ‫و‬ ‫ا‬َّ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ن‬‫ي‬ِ‫ب‬َ‫أ‬َ‫ن‬‫ا‬َ‫ب‬َ‫أ‬ َّ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ ٌ‫ة‬َ‫ب‬‫ا‬ ٍ‫ين‬ِ‫ب‬ُّ‫م‬ ٍ‫ل‬ َ‫َل‬َ‫ض‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ف‬َ‫ل‬-12:8 Kill Joseph or cast him out to [another] land; the countenance of your father will [then] be only for you, and you will be after that a righteous people."
  6. 6. WHAT IS ‘HASAD’ OR JEALOUSY OR MALICIOUS ENVY • Hasad or (Malicious Envy)- Ibn al-Qayyim ‫هللا‬ ‫رحمه‬and al-Qaasimi, have defined hasad as disliking a bounty that another has received and wishing that the other person would lose that bounty • Ghibtah (Descent Envy)- Noble emulation-Its Arabic equivalents are Munafsa and Muhakat which again mean ‘competition’ and ‘imitation’ respectively. It means ‘effort or desire to equal or excel others, ambitiousness, aspiration, imitation’
  7. 7. GHIBTAH OR DESCENT ENVY ALLOWED FOR 2 PEOPLE • The Last Messenger, in a Hadith narrated by Al-Bokhari and AlMuslim, has made it clear that the Hasad ( Ghibtah) is permissible only in two cases: • 1. Towards a person whom God has granted wisdom, and who rules by this and teaches it to the people. • 2. Towards a person whom God has granted wealth and property along with the power to spend it in the cause of the truth.
  8. 8. َ‫ل‬ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ه‬ْ‫ن‬‫م‬ ٌ‫ل‬‫ائ‬َ‫ق‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬‫وا‬ُ‫ل‬ُ‫ت‬ْ‫ق‬َ‫ت‬ ِ ُ‫ه‬‫و‬ُ‫ق‬ْ‫ل‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫و‬ َ‫ف‬ُ‫س‬‫و‬ُ‫ي‬‫ت‬َ‫ب‬‫ا‬َ‫ي‬َ‫غ‬ ‫ي‬ ُ‫ه‬ْ‫ط‬‫ق‬َ‫ت‬ْ‫ل‬َ‫ي‬ ‫ب‬ُ‫ج‬ْ‫ال‬َّ‫ي‬َّ‫س‬‫ال‬ ُ‫ض‬ْ‫ع‬َ‫ب‬‫ة‬َ‫ار‬ َ‫ين‬‫ل‬‫اع‬َِ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ت‬‫ن‬ُ‫ك‬ ‫ن‬‫إ‬-12:10 • Said a speaker among them, "Do not kill Joseph but throw him into the bottom of the well; some travelers will pick him up - if you would do [something]."
  9. 9. َ‫و‬‫ن‬َ‫م‬َ‫ث‬‫ب‬ ُ‫ه‬ ْ‫و‬َ‫َر‬‫ش‬‫س‬ْ‫خ‬َ‫ب‬ َ‫و‬ ‫ة‬َ‫د‬‫ُو‬‫د‬ْ‫ع‬َ‫م‬ َ‫م‬‫اه‬َ‫ر‬َ‫د‬‫ي‬ِ ‫وا‬ُ‫ن‬‫ا‬َ‫ك‬‫ه‬ َ‫ين‬‫د‬‫اه‬َّ‫الز‬ َ‫ن‬‫م‬-12:20 • And they sold him for a reduced price - a few dirhams - and they were, concerning him, of those content with little.
  10. 10. َ‫و‬ُ‫ه‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ت‬َّ‫ال‬ ُ‫ه‬ْ‫ت‬َ‫د‬َ‫او‬َ‫ر‬َ‫و‬َ‫ع‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ه‬ِ‫ت‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫ب‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ف‬‫ن‬ َ ْ‫ال‬ ِ‫ت‬َ‫ق‬َّ‫ل‬َ‫غ‬َ‫و‬ ِ‫ه‬ِ‫س‬ْ‫ف‬َّ‫ن‬ْ‫ت‬َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬َ‫و‬ َ‫اب‬َ‫و‬ْ‫ب‬ َ‫ذ‬‫ا‬َ‫ع‬َ‫م‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ ۚ َ‫ك‬َ‫ل‬ َ‫ت‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫ه‬َ‫ر‬ ُ‫ه‬َّ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ ۖ ِ َّ‫اَّلل‬‫ي‬ِ‫ب‬ َّ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ ۖ َ‫اي‬َ‫و‬ْ‫ث‬َ‫م‬ َ‫ن‬َ‫س‬ْ‫ح‬َ‫أ‬ُ‫ح‬ِ‫ل‬ْ‫ُف‬‫ي‬ َ‫َل‬ ُ‫ه‬ َ‫ون‬ُ‫م‬ِ‫ل‬‫ا‬َّ‫الظ‬-12:23 • And she, in whose house he was, sought to seduce him. She closed the doors and said, "Come, you." He said, "[I seek] the refuge of Allah . Indeed, he is my master, who has made good my residence. Indeed, wrongdoers will not succeed."
  11. 11. YUSUF A.S. IS SEDUCED AGAIN • ِ‫ه‬ِ‫س‬ْ‫ف‬َّ‫ن‬ ‫َن‬‫ع‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ه‬‫ا‬َ‫ت‬َ‫ف‬ ُ‫د‬ِ‫و‬‫ا‬َ‫ر‬ُ‫ت‬ ِ‫يز‬ ِ‫ز‬َ‫ع‬ْ‫ل‬‫ا‬ ُ‫ت‬َ‫أ‬َ‫ر‬ْ‫ام‬ ِ‫ة‬َ‫ن‬‫ِي‬‫د‬َ‫م‬ْ‫ل‬‫ا‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ف‬ ٌ‫ة‬َ‫و‬ْ‫س‬ِ‫ن‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬َ‫و‬ۖ‫ا‬َ‫ر‬َ‫ن‬َ‫ل‬ ‫ا‬َّ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ ۖ ‫ا‬‫ا‬‫ب‬ُ‫ح‬ ‫ا‬َََ‫ف‬ََََ ْ‫د‬َ‫ق‬ِ‫ب‬ُّ‫م‬ ٍ‫ل‬ َ‫َل‬َ‫ض‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ف‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ه‬ٍ‫ين‬– 12:30 And women in the city said, "The wife of al-'Azeez is seeking to seduce her slave boy; he has impassioned her with love. Indeed, we see her [to be] in clear error.“ ‫َأ‬‫ك‬َّ‫ت‬ُ‫م‬ َّ‫ن‬ََُ‫ل‬ ْ‫َت‬‫د‬َ‫ت‬ْ‫ع‬َ‫أ‬َ‫و‬ َّ‫ن‬َِْ‫ي‬َ‫ل‬ِ‫إ‬ ْ‫ت‬َ‫ل‬َ‫س‬ْ‫ر‬َ‫أ‬ َّ‫ن‬ِ‫ه‬ ِ‫ر‬ْ‫ك‬َ‫م‬ِ‫ب‬ ْ‫ت‬َ‫ع‬ِ‫م‬َ‫س‬ ‫ا‬َّ‫م‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ف‬‫ين‬ِ‫ك‬ِ‫س‬ َّ‫ن‬َُْ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ ٍ‫ة‬َ‫د‬ ِ‫اح‬َ‫و‬ َّ‫ل‬ُ‫ك‬ ْ‫ت‬َ‫ت‬‫آ‬َ‫و‬َ‫ع‬ ْ‫ج‬ُ‫ر‬ْ‫اخ‬ ِ‫ت‬َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬َ‫و‬ ‫ا‬‫ا‬َّ‫م‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ف‬ ۖ َّ‫ن‬َِْ‫ي‬َ‫ل‬ َََ‫ب‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ذ‬َ‫ه‬ ‫ا‬َ‫م‬ ِ َّ ِ‫ّلِل‬ َ‫اش‬َ‫ح‬ َ‫ن‬ْ‫ل‬ُ‫ق‬َ‫و‬ َّ‫ن‬ََُ‫ي‬ِ‫د‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫ن‬ْ‫ع‬َّ‫ط‬َ‫ق‬َ‫و‬ ُ‫ه‬َ‫ن‬ْ‫ر‬َ‫ب‬ْ‫ك‬َ‫أ‬ ُ‫ه‬َ‫ن‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫أ‬َ‫ر‬ٌ‫م‬‫ي‬ ِ‫َر‬‫ك‬ ٌ‫ك‬َ‫ل‬َ‫م‬ َّ‫َّل‬ِ‫إ‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ذ‬َ‫ه‬ ْ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ ‫ا‬‫ر‬-12:31 So when she heard of their scheming, she sent for them and prepared for them a banquet and gave each one of them a knife and said [to Joseph], "Come out before them." And when they saw him, they greatly admired him and cut their hands and said, "Perfect is Allah ! This is not a man; this is none but a noble angel."
  12. 12. َ‫ق‬ُ‫ل‬ ‫ي‬‫ذ‬َّ‫ال‬ َّ‫ن‬ُ‫ك‬‫ل‬َ‫ذ‬َِ ْ‫ت‬َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫و‬ ۖ ‫يه‬ِ ‫ي‬‫ن‬َّ‫ن‬ُ‫ت‬ْ‫م‬ْ‫د‬َ‫ق‬َ‫ل‬ ‫ا‬َِ ‫ه‬‫س‬ْ‫ف‬َّ‫ن‬ ‫ن‬َ‫ع‬ ُ‫ه‬ُّ‫ت‬‫د‬ َ‫او‬َ‫ر‬‫ئ‬َ‫ل‬ َ‫و‬ ۖ َ‫م‬َ‫ص‬ْ‫ع‬َ‫ت‬ْ‫س‬ْ‫م‬َّ‫ل‬ ‫ن‬ َ‫ج‬ْ‫س‬ُ‫ي‬َ‫ل‬ ُ‫ه‬ُ‫ر‬ُ‫م‬‫آ‬ ‫ا‬َ‫م‬ ْ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ْ‫ف‬َ‫ي‬‫م‬ ‫ا‬ً‫ن‬‫و‬ُ‫ك‬َ‫ي‬َ‫ل‬ َ‫و‬ َّ‫َن‬‫ن‬َ‫ن‬ َ‫ين‬‫ر‬‫اغ‬َّ‫ص‬‫ال‬-12:32 • She said, "That is the one about whom you blamed me. And I certainly sought to seduce him, but he firmly refused; and if he will not do what I order him, he will surely be imprisoned and will be of those debased." َّ‫م‬ِ‫م‬ َّ‫ي‬َ‫ل‬ِ‫إ‬ ُّ‫ب‬َ‫ح‬َ‫أ‬ ُ‫ن‬ْ‫ج‬ِ‫الس‬ ِ‫ب‬َ‫ر‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬َّ‫َّل‬ِ‫إ‬َ‫و‬ ۖ ِ‫ه‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫ل‬ِ‫إ‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬َ‫ن‬‫ُو‬‫ع‬ْ‫د‬َ‫ي‬ ‫ا‬ َ‫ين‬ِ‫ل‬ِ‫ه‬‫ا‬َ‫ج‬ْ‫ل‬‫ا‬ َ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ ‫ُن‬‫ك‬َ‫أ‬َ‫و‬ َّ‫ن‬َِْ‫ي‬َ‫ل‬ِ‫إ‬ ُ‫ْب‬‫ص‬َ‫أ‬ َّ‫ن‬ُ‫ه‬َ‫د‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫ك‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫َن‬‫ع‬ ْ‫ف‬ ِ‫ْر‬‫ص‬َ‫ت‬- 12:33
  13. 13. 10 WAYS TO SAVE OURSELVES FROM TEMPTATIONS OF NAFS? • 1. Constant Purification- Increase in your worship acts and strive for obedience of Allah at all times. Follow His guidance through the teachings of the Quran and Hadith. You should prioritize with the compulsory acts such as five daily prayers, even as you try to pick up the optional ones. • 2-Be conscious of Allah at all times and make a choice to break free from the negative desires and inclinations. • 3. Avoid Sins and Prohibitions • 4. Remember this life is a Test • 5. Follow the Sunnah • 6. Think of Positive and Negative Effect of Every Action • 7. Use your Time Wisely • 8. Keep Good Company • 9. Purify your Acts through your Intention • 10. Make Dua constantly to stay on the right path
  14. 14. WHY YUSUF (AS) WAS ASKED TO INTERPRET DREAMS IN THE PRISON BY TWO PRISONERS? • ِ‫ان‬َ‫ي‬َ‫ت‬َ‫ف‬ َ‫ن‬ْ‫ج‬ِ‫الس‬ ُ‫ه‬َ‫ع‬َ‫م‬ َ‫ل‬َ‫خ‬َ‫د‬َ‫و‬ۖ‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ ‫ا‬َ‫م‬ُ‫ه‬ُ‫د‬َ‫ح‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ ْ‫ال‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬َ‫و‬ ۖ ‫ا‬‫ر‬ْ‫م‬َ‫خ‬ ُ‫ر‬ ِ‫ص‬ْ‫ع‬َ‫أ‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬‫ا‬َ‫ر‬َ‫أ‬‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬‫ا‬َ‫ر‬َ‫أ‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ ُ‫ر‬َ‫خ‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ن‬ْ‫ئ‬ِ‫ب‬َ‫ن‬ ۖ ُ‫ه‬ْ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ ُ‫ر‬ْ‫ي‬َّ‫ط‬‫ال‬ ُ‫ل‬ُ‫ك‬ْ‫أ‬َ‫ت‬ ‫ا‬‫ز‬ْ‫ب‬ُ‫خ‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫س‬ْ‫أ‬َ‫ر‬ َ‫ق‬ ْ‫و‬َ‫ف‬ ُ‫ل‬ِ‫م‬ْ‫ح‬َ‫أ‬ ْ‫ل‬‫ا‬ َ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ َ‫اك‬َ‫ر‬َ‫ن‬ ‫ا‬َّ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ ۖ ِ‫ه‬ِ‫ل‬‫ي‬ِ‫و‬ْ‫أ‬َ‫ت‬ِ‫ب‬َ‫ين‬ِ‫ن‬ِ‫س‬ْ‫ح‬ُ‫م‬– • 12:36 And there entered the prison with him two young men. One of them said, "Indeed, I have seen myself [in a dream] pressing wine." The other said, "Indeed, I have seen myself carrying upon my head [some] bread, from which the birds were eating. Inform us of its interpretation; indeed, we see you to be of those who do good."
  15. 15. DREAMS OF THE PRISONERS 1st Prisoner 2nd Prisoner
  16. 16. YUSUF’S AGREEMENT BEFORE INTERPRETING THE DREAMS • ِ‫ب‬ ‫ا‬َ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬ُ‫ت‬ْ‫اأ‬‫ب‬َ‫ن‬ ‫ا‬‫َل‬ِ‫إ‬ ِ‫ه‬ِ‫ن‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬َ‫ز‬ ْ‫ر‬ُ‫ت‬ ٌ‫م‬‫ا‬َ‫ع‬َ‫ط‬ ‫ا‬َ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬‫ي‬ِ‫ت‬ْ‫أ‬َ‫ي‬ َ‫َل‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ُ‫ك‬ِ‫ل‬ََٰ‫ذ‬ ۚ ‫ا‬َ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬َ‫ي‬ِ‫ت‬ْ‫أ‬َ‫ي‬ ‫ن‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫ل‬ْ‫ب‬َ‫ق‬ ِ‫ه‬ِ‫ل‬‫ي‬ِ‫و‬ْ‫أ‬َ‫ت‬َ‫ع‬ ‫ا‬‫ا‬‫م‬ِ‫م‬ ‫ا‬َ‫م‬‫ي‬ِ‫ب‬َ‫ر‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬َ‫م‬‫ا‬‫ل‬ ِ‫ب‬ ‫م‬ُ‫ه‬ َ‫و‬ ِ ‫ا‬‫اَّلل‬ِ‫ب‬ َ‫ون‬ُ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ْ‫ؤ‬ُ‫ي‬ ‫ا‬‫َل‬ ٍ‫م‬ ْ‫و‬َ‫ق‬ َ‫ة‬‫ا‬‫ل‬ِ‫م‬ ُ‫ت‬ْ‫ك‬َ‫ر‬َ‫ت‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ َۚۚ‫ون‬ُ‫ر‬ِِ‫ا‬َ‫ك‬ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ه‬ َِِ‫ر‬ ِ‫خ‬ ْْ‫ا‬–12:37 • He said, "You will not receive food that is provided to you except that I will inform you of its interpretation before it comes to you. That is from what my Lord has taught me. Indeed, I have left the religion of a people who do not believe in Allah, and they, in the Hereafter, are disbelievers.
  17. 17. MESSAGE OF YUSUF (AS) TAUHID OR ONENESS OF ALLAH (SWT) • ُّ‫ن‬ ‫ن‬َ‫أ‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ن‬َ‫ل‬ َ‫َان‬‫ك‬ ‫ا‬َ‫م‬ ۚ َ‫وب‬ُ‫ق‬ْ‫ع‬َ‫ي‬َ‫و‬ َ‫اق‬َ‫ح‬ْ‫س‬ِ‫إ‬َ‫و‬ َ‫م‬‫ي‬ِ‫ه‬‫ا‬َ‫ر‬ْ‫ب‬ِ‫إ‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ئ‬‫ا‬َ‫ب‬‫آ‬ َ‫ة‬َّ‫ل‬ِ‫م‬ ُ‫ت‬ْ‫ع‬َ‫ب‬َّ‫ت‬‫ا‬َ‫و‬َ‫ك‬ِ‫ل‬َ‫ذ‬ ۚ ٍ‫ء‬ْ‫ي‬ََ ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ ِ َّ‫اّلِل‬ِ‫ب‬ َ‫ك‬ ِ‫ْر‬ََ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ ِ َّ‫اّلِل‬ ِ‫ل‬ْ‫ض‬َ‫ف‬ ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬‫ى‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬َ‫و‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ن‬ْ‫ي‬ َ‫ون‬ُ‫ُر‬‫ك‬ََْ‫ي‬ َ‫َّل‬ ِ‫اس‬َّ‫ن‬‫ال‬ َ‫ر‬َ‫ث‬ْ‫ك‬َ‫أ‬ َّ‫ن‬ِ‫ك‬َ‫ل‬َ‫و‬ ِ‫اس‬َّ‫ن‬‫ال‬–12:38 • And I have followed the religion of my fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And it was not for us to associate anything with Allah . That is from the favor of Allah upon us and upon the people, but most of the people are not grateful. • َََّ‫ق‬ْ‫ل‬‫ا‬ ُ‫د‬ ِ‫اح‬َ‫و‬ْ‫ل‬‫ا‬ ُ َّ‫اّلِل‬ ِ‫م‬َ‫أ‬ ٌ‫ر‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫خ‬ َ‫ون‬ُ‫ق‬ ِ‫ر‬َ‫ف‬َ‫ت‬ُّ‫م‬ ٌ‫اب‬َ‫ب‬ْ‫ر‬َ‫أ‬َ‫أ‬ ِ‫ن‬ْ‫ج‬ِ‫الس‬ ِ‫ي‬َ‫ب‬ ِ‫اح‬َ‫ص‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ي‬ُ‫ار‬-12:39 • O [my] two companions of prison, are separate lords better or Allah, the One, the Prevailing?
  18. 18. WISDOM OF DAWAH WHICH WE LEARN • 1- Speak when people are attentive to listen • 2- When you are a man of high moral character and righteous in deeds people turn to you for advice • 3- Always look for opportunity to give your positive message • 4-When you help someone, they are more willing to listen to your message and are receptive • 5- Give message with wisdom and in a logical convincing manner
  19. 19. َ‫أ‬ ِ‫ن‬ْ‫ج‬ِ‫الس‬ ِ‫ي‬َ‫ب‬ ِ‫اح‬َ‫ص‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ي‬‫ا‬َ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬ُ‫د‬َ‫ح‬َ‫أ‬ ‫ا‬َّ‫م‬ ‫ر‬ْ‫م‬َ‫خ‬ ُ‫ه‬َّ‫ب‬َ‫ر‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ق‬ْ‫س‬َ‫ي‬َ‫ف‬ُ‫ر‬َ‫خ‬ ْ‫اْل‬ ‫ا‬َّ‫م‬َ‫أ‬َ‫و‬ ۖ ‫ا‬ ‫ا‬ ُ‫ل‬ُ‫ك‬ْ‫أ‬َ‫ت‬َ‫ف‬ ُ‫ب‬َ‫ل‬ْ‫ص‬ُ‫ي‬َ‫ف‬ِ‫س‬ْ‫أ‬َّ‫ر‬ ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ ُ‫ر‬ْ‫ي‬َّ‫لط‬ۚ ِ‫ه‬ ِ‫ان‬َ‫ي‬ِ‫ت‬ْ‫ف‬َ‫ت‬ْ‫س‬َ‫ت‬ ِ‫ه‬‫ي‬ِ‫ف‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ذ‬َّ‫ال‬ ُ‫ر‬ْ‫م‬َ ْ‫ال‬ َ‫ي‬ ِ‫ض‬ُ‫ق‬- 12:41 • O two companions of prison, as for one of you, he will give drink to his master of wine; but as for the other, he will be crucified, and the birds will eat from his head. The matter has been decreed about which you both inquire."
  20. 20. ‫ى‬َ‫ر‬َ‫أ‬ ‫ي‬‫ن‬‫إ‬ ُ‫ك‬‫ل‬َ‫م‬ْ‫ال‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ َ‫و‬‫ات‬َ‫ر‬َ‫ق‬َ‫ب‬ َ‫ع‬ْ‫ب‬َ‫س‬ ٌ‫ع‬ْ‫ب‬َ‫س‬ َّ‫ن‬ُ‫ه‬ُ‫ل‬ُ‫ك‬ْ‫أ‬َ‫ي‬ ‫ان‬َ‫م‬‫س‬َ‫ع‬ْ‫ب‬َ‫س‬ َ‫و‬ ٌ‫اف‬َ‫ج‬‫ع‬ َ‫ي‬ َ‫َر‬‫خ‬ُ‫أ‬ َ‫و‬ ‫ر‬ْ‫ض‬ُ‫خ‬ ‫ت‬ َ‫َل‬ُ‫ب‬‫ن‬ُ‫س‬ُّ‫ي‬َ‫أ‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ي‬ ۖ ‫ات‬َ‫س‬‫اب‬‫ا‬َ‫ه‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ي‬ْ‫ؤ‬ُّ‫لر‬‫ل‬ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ت‬‫ن‬ُ‫ك‬ ‫ن‬‫إ‬ َ‫اي‬َ‫ي‬ْ‫ؤ‬ُ‫ر‬ ‫ي‬ِ ‫ي‬‫ون‬ُ‫ت‬َِْ‫أ‬ ُ َ‫َل‬َ‫م‬ْ‫ال‬ َ‫ون‬ُ‫ر‬ُ‫ب‬ْ‫ع‬َ‫ت‬-12:43 • And [subsequently] the king said, "Indeed, I have seen [in a dream] seven fat cows being eaten by seven [that were] lean, and seven green spikes [of grain] and others [that were] dry. O eminent ones, explain to me my vision, if you should interpret visions."
  21. 21. َ‫ع‬ْ‫ب‬َ‫س‬ َ‫ون‬ُ‫ع‬َ‫ر‬ ْ‫ز‬َ‫ت‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ً‫ب‬َ‫أ‬َ‫د‬ َ‫ين‬‫ن‬‫س‬‫ا‬ ُ‫ر‬َ‫ذ‬َِ ْ‫م‬ُّ‫ت‬‫د‬َ‫ص‬َ‫ح‬ ‫ا‬َ‫م‬َِ‫ه‬‫ل‬ُ‫ب‬‫ن‬ُ‫س‬ ‫ي‬ِ ُ‫ه‬‫و‬َّ‫ل‬‫إ‬ ُ‫ل‬ُ‫ك‬ْ‫أ‬َ‫ت‬ ‫ا‬َّ‫م‬‫م‬ ً‫يَل‬‫ل‬َ‫ق‬َ‫ون‬-12:47 ٌ‫د‬‫ا‬َ‫د‬‫ش‬ ٌ‫ع‬ْ‫ب‬َ‫س‬ َ‫ك‬‫ل‬َ‫ذ‬ ‫د‬ْ‫ع‬َ‫ب‬ ‫ن‬‫م‬ ‫ي‬‫ت‬ْ‫أ‬َ‫ي‬ َّ‫م‬ُ‫ث‬ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ت‬ْ‫م‬َّ‫د‬َ‫ق‬ ‫ا‬َ‫م‬ َ‫ن‬ْ‫ل‬ُ‫ك‬ْ‫أ‬َ‫ي‬‫ل‬َ‫ق‬ َّ‫ل‬‫إ‬ َّ‫ن‬ُ‫ه‬َ‫ل‬ً‫يَل‬ َ‫ون‬ُ‫ن‬‫ص‬ْ‫ح‬ُ‫ت‬ ‫ا‬َّ‫م‬‫م‬-12:48 • [Yusuf] said, "You will plant for seven years consecutively; and what you harvest leave in its spikes, except a little from which you will eat. • Then will come after that seven difficult [years] which will consume what you saved for them, except a little from which you will store
  22. 22. ‫ي‬‫ون‬ُ‫ت‬ْ‫ئ‬‫ا‬ ُ‫ك‬‫ل‬َ‫م‬ْ‫ال‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ َ‫و‬َ‫ج‬ ‫ا‬َّ‫م‬َ‫ل‬َِ ۖ ‫ه‬‫ب‬ُ‫ه‬َ‫ء‬‫ا‬ ‫إ‬ ْ‫ع‬‫ج‬ ْ‫ار‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ ُ‫ل‬‫و‬ُ‫س‬َّ‫الر‬َ‫ك‬‫ب‬َ‫ر‬ ‫ى‬َ‫ل‬ ْ‫س‬‫الن‬ ُ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ب‬ ‫ا‬َ‫م‬ ُ‫ه‬ْ‫ل‬َ‫أ‬ْ‫س‬‫ا‬َِ‫ي‬‫ت‬ َّ‫الَل‬ ‫ة‬ َ‫و‬ ۚ َّ‫ن‬ُ‫ه‬َ‫ي‬‫ْد‬‫ي‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫ن‬ْ‫ع‬َّ‫ط‬َ‫ق‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫ك‬‫ب‬ ‫ي‬‫ب‬َ‫ر‬ َّ‫ن‬‫إ‬َّ‫ن‬‫ه‬‫د‬ ٌ‫م‬‫ي‬‫ل‬َ‫ع‬-12:50 • And the king said, "Bring him to me." But when the messenger came to him, [Joseph] said, "Return to your master and ask him what is the case of the women who cut their hands. Indeed, my Lord is Knowing of their plan."
  23. 23. WHEN YUSUF (AS) WAS CLEARED OF ALL FALSE BLAME, HE GAVE ALL CREDIT TO ALLAH’S MERCY • َّ‫َّل‬ِ‫إ‬ ِ‫وء‬ُّ‫س‬‫ال‬ِ‫ب‬ ٌ‫ة‬َ‫ار‬َّ‫م‬َ َ‫َل‬ َ‫س‬ْ‫ف‬َّ‫ن‬‫ال‬ َّ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ ۚ ‫ي‬ِ‫س‬ْ‫ف‬َ‫ن‬ ُ‫ئ‬ ِ‫ر‬َ‫ب‬ُ‫أ‬ ‫ا‬َ‫م‬َ‫و‬ِ‫ح‬َّ‫ر‬ ٌ‫ور‬ُ‫ف‬َ‫غ‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ب‬َ‫ر‬ َّ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ ۚ ‫ي‬ِ‫ب‬َ‫ر‬ َ‫م‬ ِ‫ح‬َ‫ر‬ ‫ا‬َ‫م‬ٌ‫م‬‫ي‬- 12:53 • And I do not acquit myself. Indeed, the soul is a persistent enjoiner of evil, except those upon which my Lord has mercy. Indeed, my Lord is Forgiving and Merciful."
  24. 24. َ‫أ‬ ‫ه‬‫ب‬ ‫ي‬‫ون‬ُ‫ت‬ْ‫ئ‬‫ا‬ ُ‫ك‬‫ل‬َ‫م‬ْ‫ال‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ َ‫و‬‫س‬ْ‫ف‬َ‫ن‬‫ل‬ ُ‫ه‬ْ‫ص‬‫ل‬ْ‫خ‬َ‫ت‬ْ‫س‬ۖ ‫ي‬ ‫م‬َ‫أ‬ ٌ‫ين‬‫ك‬َ‫م‬ ‫َا‬‫ن‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫د‬َ‫ل‬ َ‫م‬ ْ‫و‬َ‫ي‬ْ‫ال‬ َ‫ك‬َّ‫ن‬‫إ‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ ُ‫ه‬َ‫م‬َّ‫ل‬َ‫ك‬ ‫ا‬َّ‫م‬َ‫ل‬ٌَِ‫ين‬- 12:54 ‫ن‬‫ائ‬َ‫َز‬‫خ‬ ‫ى‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ ‫ي‬‫ن‬ْ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ْ‫اج‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬‫ي‬‫ن‬‫إ‬ ۖ ‫ض‬ ْ‫ر‬َ ْ‫اِل‬ ٌ‫م‬‫ي‬‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ ٌ‫يظ‬‫ف‬َ‫ح‬-12:55 • And the king said, "Bring him to me; I will appoint him exclusively for myself." And when he spoke to him, he said, "Indeed, you are today established [in position] and trusted.“ • [Yusuf] said, "Appoint me over the storehouses of the land. Indeed, I will be a knowing guardian."
  25. 25. َ‫ف‬ َ‫ُف‬‫س‬‫ُو‬‫ي‬ ُ‫ة‬َ‫و‬ْ‫خ‬ِ‫إ‬ َ‫ء‬‫ا‬َ‫ج‬َ‫و‬ِ‫ه‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ ‫وا‬ُ‫ل‬َ‫خ‬َ‫د‬ ‫ن‬ُ‫م‬ ُ‫ه‬َ‫ل‬ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ه‬َ‫و‬ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ه‬َ‫ف‬َ‫ر‬َ‫ع‬َ‫ف‬َ‫ون‬ُ‫ر‬ِ‫ك‬-12:58 • And the brothers of Joseph came [seeking food], and they entered upon him; and he recognized them, but he was to them unknown.
  26. 26. َ‫ج‬‫ب‬ ‫م‬ُ‫ه‬َ‫ز‬َّ‫ه‬َ‫ج‬ ‫ا‬َّ‫م‬َ‫ل‬ َ‫و‬َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ ْ‫م‬‫ه‬‫از‬َ‫ه‬ َ‫ل‬َ‫أ‬ ۚ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬‫ي‬‫ب‬َ‫أ‬ ْ‫ن‬‫م‬ ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬َّ‫ل‬ ‫خ‬َ‫أ‬‫ب‬ ‫ي‬‫ون‬ُ‫ت‬ْ‫ئ‬‫ا‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫و‬ُ‫أ‬ ‫ي‬‫ن‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫ن‬ ْ‫و‬َ‫ر‬َ‫ت‬َ‫ن‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫و‬ َ‫ل‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫ك‬ْ‫ال‬‫ا‬ َ‫ين‬‫ل‬‫نز‬ُ‫م‬ْ‫ال‬ ُ‫ْر‬‫ي‬َ‫خ‬-12:59 • And when he had furnished them with their supplies, he said, "Bring me a brother of yours from your father. Do not you see that I give full measure and that I am the best of accommodators?
  27. 27. ْ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬َ‫ع‬َ‫م‬ ُ‫ه‬َ‫ل‬‫س‬ ْ‫ر‬ُ‫أ‬ ْ‫ن‬َ‫ل‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬‫ون‬ُ‫ت‬ْ‫ؤ‬ُ‫ت‬ ‫ى‬َّ‫ت‬َ‫ح‬ ْ‫أ‬َ‫ت‬َ‫ل‬ َّ‫اَّلل‬ َ‫ن‬‫م‬ ‫ا‬ً‫ق‬‫ث‬ ْ‫و‬َ‫م‬َ‫أ‬ َّ‫ل‬‫إ‬ ‫ه‬‫ب‬ ‫ي‬‫ن‬َّ‫ن‬ُ‫ت‬َ‫ط‬‫ا‬َ‫ح‬ُ‫ي‬ ‫ن‬ ْ‫و‬َ‫م‬ ُ‫ه‬ ْ‫و‬َ‫ت‬‫آ‬ ‫ا‬َّ‫م‬َ‫ل‬َِ ۖ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬‫ب‬َ‫ع‬ ُ َّ‫اَّلل‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ه‬َ‫ق‬‫ث‬‫ا‬َ‫م‬ ‫ى‬َ‫ل‬ ٌ‫ل‬‫ي‬‫ك‬ َ‫و‬ ُ‫ل‬‫و‬ُ‫ق‬َ‫ن‬-12:66 • [Jacob] said, "Never will I send him with you until you give me a promise by Allah that you will bring him [back] to me, unless you should be surrounded by enemies." And when they had given their promise, he said, " Allah, over what we say, is Witness."
  28. 28. َ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬َ‫ج‬ ْ‫م‬‫ه‬‫از‬َ‫ه‬َ‫ج‬‫ب‬ ‫م‬ُ‫ه‬َ‫ز‬َّ‫ه‬َ‫ج‬ ‫ا‬َّ‫م‬َ‫ل‬َِ ْ‫ح‬َ‫ر‬ ‫ي‬ِ َ‫ة‬َ‫ي‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬‫الس‬َّ‫م‬ُ‫ث‬ ‫يه‬‫خ‬َ‫أ‬ ‫ل‬ َّ‫ي‬َ‫أ‬ ٌ‫ن‬‫ذ‬َ‫ؤ‬ُ‫م‬ َ‫ن‬َّ‫ذ‬َ‫أ‬َّ‫ن‬‫إ‬ ُ‫ير‬‫ع‬ْ‫ال‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ه‬ُ‫ت‬ْ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬ َ‫ون‬ُ‫ق‬‫ار‬َ‫س‬َ‫ل‬-12:70 • So when he had furnished them with their supplies, he put the [gold measuring] bowl into the bag of his brother. Then an announcer called out, "O caravan, indeed you are thieves."
  29. 29. ‫ي‬ِ‫م‬َ‫ج‬ ٌ‫ر‬ْ‫ب‬َ‫ص‬َ‫ف‬ ۖ ‫ا‬‫ر‬ْ‫م‬َ‫أ‬ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬ُ‫س‬ُ‫ف‬‫ن‬َ‫أ‬ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬َ‫ل‬ ْ‫ت‬َ‫ل‬َّ‫و‬َ‫س‬ ْ‫ل‬َ‫ب‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ُ َّ‫اَّلل‬ ‫ى‬َ‫س‬َ‫ع‬ ۖ ٌ‫ل‬َ‫و‬ُ‫ه‬ ُ‫ه‬َّ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ ۚ ‫ا‬‫يع‬ِ‫م‬َ‫ج‬ ْ‫م‬ِ‫ه‬ِ‫ب‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬َ‫ي‬ِ‫ت‬ْ‫أ‬َ‫ي‬ ‫ن‬َ‫أ‬َ‫ع‬ْ‫ال‬ُ‫م‬‫ي‬ِ‫ك‬َ‫ح‬ْ‫ال‬ ُ‫م‬‫ي‬ِ‫ل‬- 12:83 َ‫ي‬ْ‫ب‬‫ا‬َ‫و‬ َ‫ُف‬‫س‬‫ُو‬‫ي‬ ٰ‫ى‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ ٰ‫ى‬َ‫ف‬َ‫س‬َ‫أ‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ي‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬َ‫و‬ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ه‬ْ‫ن‬َ‫ع‬ ٰ‫ى‬َّ‫ل‬َ‫و‬َ‫ت‬َ‫و‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫ع‬ ْ‫ت‬َّ‫ض‬ٌ‫م‬‫ي‬ِ‫َظ‬‫ك‬ َ‫ُو‬‫ه‬َ‫ف‬ ِ‫ن‬ْ‫ُز‬‫ح‬ْ‫ال‬ َ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ ُُ‫ا‬َ‫ن‬-12:84 • [Jacob] said, "Rather, your souls have enticed you to something, so patience is most fitting. Perhaps Allah will bring them to me all together. Indeed it is He who is the Knowing, the Wise.“ • And he turned away from them and said, "Oh, my sorrow over Yusuf," and his eyes became white from grief, for he was [of that] a suppressor. Yaqub (AS) did not believe his sons story and expressed his deep sorrow at the loss of his sons
  30. 30. YAQUB (AS) TURNS TO ALLAH IN THE TIME OF EXTREME GRIEF AND DOES NOT LOOSE HOPE • ْ‫ع‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫و‬ ِ ‫ا‬‫اَّلل‬ ‫ى‬َ‫ل‬ِ‫إ‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬ ْ‫ز‬ُ‫ح‬ َ‫و‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ث‬َ‫ب‬ ‫و‬ُ‫ك‬ْ‫ش‬َ‫أ‬ ‫ا‬َ‫م‬‫ا‬‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬َ‫ون‬ُ‫م‬َ‫ل‬ْ‫ع‬َ‫ت‬ َ‫َل‬ ‫ا‬َ‫م‬ ِ ‫ا‬‫اَّلل‬ َ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ ُ‫م‬َ‫ل‬-12:86 • He said, "I only complain of my suffering and my grief to Allah, and I know from Allah that which you do not know. • ِ‫م‬ ُ‫س‬َ‫أ‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫ي‬ َ‫َّل‬ ُ‫ه‬َّ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ ۖ ِ َّ‫اّلِل‬ ِ‫ح‬ ْ‫و‬َّ‫ر‬ ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ ‫وا‬ُ‫س‬َ‫أ‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫ت‬ َ‫َّل‬َ‫و‬ِ‫ف‬‫ا‬َ‫ك‬ْ‫ل‬‫ا‬ ُ‫م‬ ْ‫و‬َ‫ق‬ْ‫ل‬‫ا‬ َّ‫َّل‬ِ‫إ‬ ِ َّ‫اّلِل‬ ِ‫ح‬ ْ‫و‬َّ‫ر‬ ‫ن‬َ‫ون‬ُ‫ر‬- 12:87 • and despair not of relief from Allah . Indeed, no one despairs of relief from Allah except the disbelieving people."
  31. 31. َ‫ع‬َِ ‫ا‬َّ‫م‬ ‫م‬ُ‫ت‬ْ‫م‬‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ ْ‫ل‬َ‫ه‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬َ‫ف‬ُ‫س‬‫و‬ُ‫ي‬‫ب‬ ‫م‬ُ‫ت‬ْ‫ل‬ ُ‫ل‬‫اه‬َ‫ج‬ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ت‬‫ن‬َ‫أ‬ ْ‫ذ‬‫إ‬ ‫يه‬‫خ‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫و‬َ‫ون‬-12:89 ‫وا‬ُ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬َ‫ك‬َّ‫ن‬‫إ‬َ‫أ‬ُ‫س‬‫و‬ُ‫ي‬ َ‫نت‬َ َ‫ِل‬ۖ ُ‫ف‬‫َا‬‫ن‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ ُ‫ف‬ُ‫س‬‫و‬ُ‫ي‬‫ا‬َ‫ذ‬َ‫ه‬ َ‫و‬ۖ ‫ي‬‫خ‬َ‫أ‬ْ‫د‬َ‫ق‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ ُ َّ‫اَّلل‬ َّ‫ن‬َ‫م‬ۖ ‫َا‬‫ن‬ ْ‫ص‬َ‫ي‬ َ‫و‬ ‫ق‬َّ‫ت‬َ‫ي‬ ‫ن‬َ‫م‬ ُ‫ه‬َّ‫ن‬‫إ‬َ َّ‫اَّلل‬ َّ‫ن‬‫إ‬َِ ْ‫ر‬‫ب‬َ‫ل‬ ‫ن‬‫س‬ْ‫ح‬ُ‫م‬ْ‫ال‬ َ‫ر‬ْ‫ج‬َ‫أ‬ ُ‫ع‬‫ي‬‫ض‬ُ‫ي‬َ‫ين‬-12:90 • He said, "Do you know what you did with Joseph and his brother when you were ignorant?" • They said, "Are you indeed Joseph?" He said "I am Joseph, and this is my brother. Allah has certainly favored us. Indeed, he who fears Allah and is patient, then indeed, Allah does not allow to be lost the reward of those who do good."
  32. 32. YUSUF (AS) SENDS HIS BROTHERS TO BRING HIS FATHER TO EGYPT• ‫ا‬ ‫ا‬‫ي‬ ِ‫يص‬ِ‫م‬َ‫ق‬ِ‫ب‬ ‫وا‬ُ‫ب‬َ‫ه‬ْ‫ذ‬‫ا‬َ‫ذ‬َ‫ه‬ُ‫ه‬‫و‬ُ‫ق‬ْ‫ل‬َ‫أ‬َ‫ف‬‫ى‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬َ‫أ‬ِ‫ب‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬‫و‬ُ‫ت‬ْ‫أ‬َ‫و‬ ‫ا‬‫ير‬ ِ‫ص‬َ‫ب‬ ِ‫ت‬ْ‫أ‬َ‫ي‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ب‬َ‫أ‬ ِ‫ه‬ْ‫ج‬َ‫و‬َ‫ين‬ِ‫ع‬َ‫م‬ْ‫ج‬َ‫أ‬ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬ِ‫ل‬ْ‫ه‬-12:93 Take this, my shirt, and cast it over the face of my father; he will become seeing. And bring me your family, all together.” ۖ َ‫ف‬ُ‫س‬‫و‬ُ‫ي‬ َ‫ح‬‫ي‬ ِ‫ر‬ ُ‫د‬ ِ‫ج‬َ َ‫َل‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ه‬‫و‬ُ‫ب‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ ُ‫ير‬ِ‫ع‬ْ‫ل‬‫ا‬ ِ‫ت‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ص‬َ‫ف‬ ‫ا‬َّ‫م‬َ‫ل‬َ‫و‬‫ن‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫َّل‬ ْ‫و‬َ‫ل‬ِ‫ُون‬‫د‬ِ‫ن‬َ‫ف‬ُ‫ت‬-12:94 • And when the caravan departed [from Egypt], their father said, "Indeed, I find the smell of Joseph [and would say that he was alive] if you did not think me weakened in mind.” • ُ‫ه‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ْ‫ل‬َ‫أ‬ ُ‫ير‬ََِ‫ب‬ْ‫ل‬‫ا‬ َ‫ء‬‫ا‬َ‫ج‬ ‫ن‬َ‫أ‬ ‫ا‬َّ‫م‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ف‬‫ى‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ۖ ‫ا‬‫ير‬ ِ‫ص‬َ‫ب‬ َّ‫د‬َ‫ت‬ْ‫ار‬َ‫ف‬ ِ‫ه‬َِْ‫ج‬َ‫و‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬َ‫ل‬ْ‫ع‬َ‫ت‬ َ‫َّل‬ ‫ا‬َ‫م‬ ِ َّ‫اّلِل‬ َ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ ُ‫م‬َ‫ل‬ْ‫ع‬َ‫أ‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬َّ‫ل‬ ‫ل‬ُ‫ق‬َ‫أ‬ ْ‫م‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ون‬ُ‫م‬- 12:96 • And when the bearer of good tidings arrived, he cast it over his face, and he returned [once again] seeing. He said, "Did I not tell you that I know from Allah that which you do not know?"
  33. 33. ٰ‫ى‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ ‫وا‬ُ‫ل‬َ‫خ‬َ‫د‬ ‫ا‬َّ‫م‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ف‬َ‫ُف‬‫س‬‫ُو‬‫ي‬َ‫آو‬َ‫و‬ ِ‫ه‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫و‬َ‫ب‬َ‫أ‬ ِ‫ه‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫ل‬ِ‫إ‬ ٰ‫ى‬َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ َ‫ين‬ِ‫ن‬ِ‫آم‬ ُ َّ‫اَّلل‬ َ‫ء‬‫َا‬‫ش‬ ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ َ‫ر‬ْ‫ص‬ِ‫م‬ ‫وا‬ُ‫ل‬ُ‫خ‬ْ‫د‬‫ا‬-12:99 • And when they entered upon Yusuf, he took his parents to himself and said, "Enter Egypt, Allah willing, safe [and secure]."
  34. 34. UPON MEETING HIS BROTHERS AND PARENTS YUFUS (AS) STATES: * ALLAH HAS DONE FAVOR UPON US * TAQWAH OF ALLAH AND SABAR ARE CONDITIONS * THEN ALLAH REWARDS THE RIGHTEOUS • ۖ ‫ي‬ ِ‫خ‬َ‫أ‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ذ‬َ‫ه‬َ‫و‬ ُ‫ف‬ُ‫س‬‫و‬ُ‫ي‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ن‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ ۖ ُ‫ف‬ُ‫س‬‫و‬ُ‫ي‬ َ‫نت‬َ َ‫َل‬ َ‫ك‬َّ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬َ‫أ‬ ‫وا‬ُ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬َّ‫ت‬َ‫ي‬ ‫ن‬َ‫م‬ ُ‫ه‬َّ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ ۖ ‫ا‬َ‫ن‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ ُ َّ‫اّلِل‬ َّ‫ن‬َ‫م‬ ْ‫د‬َ‫ق‬ِ‫ق‬ َ‫ين‬ِ‫ن‬ِ‫س‬ْ‫ح‬ُ‫م‬ْ‫ل‬‫ا‬ َ‫ر‬ْ‫ج‬َ‫أ‬ ُ‫ع‬‫ي‬ ِ‫ض‬ُ‫ي‬ َ‫َّل‬ َ َّ‫اّلِل‬ َّ‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬َ‫ف‬ ْ‫ر‬ِ‫ب‬ْ‫ص‬َ‫ي‬َ‫و‬-12:90 • They said, "Are you indeed Joseph?" He said "I am Yusuf, and this is my brother. Allah has certainly favored us. Indeed, he who fears Allah and is patient, then indeed, Allah does not allow to be lost the reward of those who do good."
  35. 35. YUSUF (AS) FORGIVES HIS BROTHERS • ُ َّ‫اّلِل‬ ُ‫ر‬ِ‫ف‬ََْ‫ي‬ ۖ َ‫م‬ ْ‫و‬َ‫ي‬ْ‫ل‬‫ا‬ ُ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ َ‫يب‬ ِ‫ر‬ْ‫ث‬َ‫ت‬ َ‫َّل‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ِ‫م‬ ِ‫اح‬َّ‫الر‬ ُ‫م‬َ‫ح‬ْ‫ر‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫و‬ُ‫ه‬َ‫و‬ ۖ ْ‫م‬ُ‫ك‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ين‬- 12:92 • He said, "No blame will there be upon you today. Allah will forgive you; and He is the most merciful of the merciful."
  36. 36. REUNITING WITH THE FAMILY AND INTERPRETATION OF FIRST DREAM • ۖ ‫ًا‬‫د‬‫ا‬‫ج‬ُ‫س‬ ُ‫ه‬َ‫ل‬ ‫وا‬ُّ‫َر‬‫خ‬ َ‫و‬ ِ‫ش‬ ْ‫ر‬َ‫ع‬ْ‫ال‬ ‫ى‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ ِ‫ه‬ْ‫ي‬ َ‫و‬َ‫ب‬َ‫أ‬ َ‫ع‬ََِ‫ر‬ َ‫و‬َ‫ي‬ْ‫ؤ‬ُ‫ر‬ ُ‫ل‬‫ي‬ِ‫و‬ْ‫أ‬َ‫ت‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ذ‬ََٰ‫ه‬ ِ‫ت‬َ‫ب‬َ‫أ‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ي‬ َ‫ل‬‫ا‬َ‫ق‬ َ‫و‬‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ َ‫اي‬ ِ‫إ‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ب‬ َ‫ن‬َ‫س‬ْ‫ح‬َ‫أ‬ ْ‫د‬َ‫ق‬ َ‫و‬ ۖ ‫ا‬ًّ‫ق‬َ‫ح‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ب‬َ‫ر‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ه‬َ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬َ‫ج‬ ْ‫د‬َ‫ق‬ ُ‫ل‬ْ‫ب‬َ‫ق‬‫م‬ُ‫ك‬ِ‫ب‬ َ‫ء‬‫ا‬َ‫ج‬ َ‫و‬ ِ‫ن‬ْ‫ج‬ِ‫الس‬ َ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬َ‫ج‬َ‫ر‬ْ‫خ‬َ‫أ‬ ْ‫ذ‬َ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ ْ‫ي‬َ‫ب‬ َ‫و‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫ب‬ ُ‫ان‬َ‫ط‬ْ‫ي‬‫ا‬‫ش‬‫ال‬ َ‫غ‬َ‫ز‬‫ا‬‫ن‬ ‫ن‬َ‫أ‬ ِ‫د‬ْ‫ع‬َ‫ب‬ ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ ِ‫و‬ْ‫د‬َ‫ب‬ْ‫ال‬َ‫م‬ِ‫ل‬ ٌ‫يف‬ِ‫ط‬َ‫ل‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ب‬َ‫ر‬ ‫ا‬‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬ ۚ ‫ي‬ِ‫ت‬ َ‫و‬ْ‫خ‬ِ‫إ‬ َ‫ن‬ۚ ُ‫ء‬‫َا‬‫ش‬َ‫ي‬ ‫ا‬ ُ‫م‬‫ي‬ِ‫ك‬َ‫ح‬ْ‫ال‬ ُ‫م‬‫ي‬ِ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬ْ‫ال‬ َ‫و‬ُ‫ه‬ ُ‫ه‬‫ا‬‫ن‬ِ‫إ‬-12:100 • And he raised his parents upon the throne, and they bowed to him in prostration. And he said, "O my father, this is the explanation of my vision of before. My Lord has made it reality. And He was certainly good to me when He took me out of prison and brought you [here] from Bedouin life after Satan had induced [estrangement] between me and my brothers. Indeed, my Lord is Subtle in what He wills. Indeed, it is He who is the Knowing, the Wise.
  37. 37. DUA OF YUSUF (AS) • ‫ي‬ِ‫و‬ْ‫أ‬َ‫ت‬ ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬َ‫ت‬ْ‫م‬َّ‫ل‬َ‫ع‬َ‫و‬ ِ‫ك‬ْ‫ل‬ُ‫م‬ْ‫ل‬‫ا‬ َ‫ن‬ِ‫م‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬َ‫ت‬ْ‫ي‬َ‫ت‬‫آ‬ ْ‫د‬َ‫ق‬ ِ‫ب‬َ‫ر‬َ ْ‫اَل‬َ‫و‬ ِ‫ت‬‫ا‬َ‫او‬َ‫م‬َّ‫س‬‫ال‬ َ‫ر‬ِ‫اط‬َ‫ف‬ ۚ ِ‫ث‬‫ي‬ِ‫د‬‫ا‬َ‫ح‬َ ْ‫اَل‬ ِ‫ل‬ِ‫ض‬ْ‫ر‬ ‫م‬ِ‫ل‬ْ‫س‬ُ‫م‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬َّ‫ف‬َ‫و‬َ‫ت‬ ۖ ِ‫ة‬َ‫ر‬ ِ‫خ‬ ْ‫ال‬َ‫و‬ ‫ا‬َ‫ي‬ْ‫ن‬ُّ‫د‬‫ال‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ف‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ي‬ِ‫ل‬َ‫و‬ َ‫نت‬َ‫أ‬َ‫ين‬ ِ‫ح‬ِ‫ل‬‫ا‬َّ‫ص‬‫ال‬ِ‫ب‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫ن‬ْ‫ق‬ ِ‫ح‬ْ‫ل‬َ‫أ‬َ‫و‬ ‫ا‬–12:101 • My Lord, You have given me [something] of sovereignty and taught me of the interpretation of dreams. Creator of the heavens and earth, You are my protector in this world and in the Hereafter. Cause me to die a Muslim and join me with the righteous."