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Social media marketing_EMC

Relationships build brands. It’s one of our founding beliefs, and social media is the epitome of consumer and brand matchmaking. We deliver on the full potential of social media through community building, content development, influence outreach, social listening, paid social, and more.
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Social media marketing_EMC

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Social Media Advantage Social Media Benefits:  Gives you an ever-growing pipeline of prospects in your long funnel  Low cost of acquisition, communication, engagement and nurturing pipeline  Creates strong brand positioning due to deeper engagement  Detailed social media analytics gives consumer insights  It’s a dialog, and hence a communication platform  Due to the connected nature, it becomes viral – hence wide reach  Trigger events can result in social traffic, and hence sales funnel or transactions
  3. 3. Social Media Funnel  Reach Out  Engage (Preference / Loyalty / Purchase)  Viral Primary Effect Through top of mind recall Social Media ROI Funnel Today Social Media is about being: Social Traffic Post acquisition engagement
  4. 4. What Social Media Love? You need collective expertise of Social + Media + Marketing & More ;) Reach Out to the audience and create an awareness of the services Increase the engagement with the brand , increase the loyalty and intent of purchase Word of mouth promotion & creation of buzz and increase the virility Reach Out Engagement Virality
  5. 5. Social Media is a dynamic process Social Media needs cross functional expertise and experience Indus Net Technologies has a cross functional team of experts with experience of several campaigns to deliver you success.
  6. 6. Our Process Analyze the Social Media Channels Study your Competition to identify best practices User acquisition and engagement strategy Reporting and Strategy Calls to discuss further strategy Benchmark – Create a baseline Understand company objective and branding Research SMM Activities Strategy Development Set Up Social Ads Contests/ campaigns Maintenance Creating brand advocacy
  7. 7. Reach What we do?  Develop an effective social media strategy for your business  Building a brand on social media to reach the mass  Word of mouth promotion and creating an awareness  Market your products or services in a personalized manner  Social Media campaign & Community Management to reach the targeted audience  Social ads helps in spreading awareness about the brand.  Optimizing the social presence  Promote Your Social Presence Everywhere  Sharing Useful & Valuable Content  Find, Follow, and Build Relationships With People In Your Industry
  8. 8. What we do?  Help to drive leads and customers to your calls to action and landing pages  Interact with your Fans and Followers.  Build an emotional connect with the people  Reaching out to prospective Customers with Cost effective and impactful solutions  Monetization of the fans resulting from qualified leads and sales generated through social pages (sales funnel)  Make the social media platforms a customer service desk  Interact with your Fans and Followers.  Build an emotional connect with the people  Make the social media platforms a customer service desk  Help to drive leads and customers to your calls to action and landing pages after engaging with them  Brand Equity, Visibility and engagement with customers  Extend the reach of your brand to proper target audience in a cost effective manner.  Post Customer Reviews to gain insight on desired products or services to establish brand awareness and customer satisfaction  Building and Promoting Brand Loyalty and Brand Advocacy program Engage ( Preference, Loyalty, Purchase)
  9. 9. Virality What we do?  Increase the mentions of your brand  Increase in the number of post reach.  Increase in the likes, comments and shares .  Increase in the number of photo views and stories generated.
  10. 10. Our Guarantee Improvement in a. Social Presence b. Customer advocacy c. Social mentions d. Word of moth promotions e. Virility We show monthly improvement on key metrics You get full Transparency. Our Report include detail of activities performed No forced long-term contract We love to keep clients with performance and not agreements.
  11. 11. Result Timeline Social Media ROI Graph Setup – Social Media Platforms, Analysis, Competitio n Study & Research, Brand protection MONTH 1 MONTH 3 MONTH 6 MONTH 9 MONTH 12 Start receiving queries , leads & referral traffic On-going improvement. Focus on brand persona and strategy Considerable improvement in referral traffic, virility & social mentions Random collection of leads through contests , increase in promotions of services and conversions
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