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Grant number: SMD700-14-GR107
Report on ETRC events in April 2015
All the vents planned were successfully organized. Regul...
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Report march 2015


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Report march 2015

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Report march 2015

  1. 1. Grant number: SMD700-14-GR107 Report on ETRC events in April 2015 All the vents planned were successfully organized. Regular weekly seminars were held every Thursday. Two of the sessions were also held via google+ hangout so it gave the chance to teachers from other regions and even countries to attend. On the 2nd of May Irina Pomazanovschi spoke about “Secrets of Collaboration in an EFL Class and Online”. At the session participants learnt 1) when a a task is truly collaborative; 2) benefits and obstacles to collaboration; 3) how to plan effectively collaborative activities; and also y practiced hands-on activities in small groups and online using StoryBird tool. On the 9th of April Tatiana Popa spoke about “E-twinning – a collaboration platform for teachers”. The session was joined online by teachers from Falesti, Comrat and a teacher from Bangladesh. On the 23rd of May Irina Pomazanovschi presented “Hit Youtube Videos to Enlarge Vocabulary and Teach Values”. During the seminar attendees discussed benefits and challenges associated with using video materials in teaching and learning; discovered phases of effective lesson plan with integrated video material; were provided with a list of trusted video resources for teachers; defined values – what are the most important things in life? and practiced narrative tenses and idiomatic expressions related to empathy and envy. The session included theoretical part, hands-on activities and work in a computer lab. On the 30th of May, Anna Gabur presented material on “Improving Students’ Grammar through Crearive Writing”. Weekly seminars in average were attended by 7 teachers. A special session was presented by Eve Smith, Senior ELF on the 17th of April, “Culture and Critical Thinking through Film.” Usual Friday discussion were regularly held and this month were facilitated entirely by student-volunteers: Valentine Serjant, Olga Slobodeniuc from IRIM; Elena Pusca, Cornelia Popusoi from I. Creanga lyceum; Marina Cojocaru from IRIM. The topics discussed during the meetings were the following:  Animals are our little friends; (03.04.2015)  General facts about English; (10.04.2015)  Super Heroes. (24.04.2015) From 13th till 16th of April ETRC was closed for Easter Vacation. On the 6th of April Advisory Board meeting was held. Photos from all the events are available online: