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Using B2NOTE: The U.Porto Pilot


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EUDAT Conference Porto 2018

Published in: Technology
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Using B2NOTE: The U.Porto Pilot

  1. 1. Using B2NOTE: the U.Porto pilot Yulia Karimova, Jo�o Aguiar Castro, Jo�o Rocha da Silva, Nelson Pereira, Joana Rodrigues Cristina Ribeiro INESC TEC, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, DataPublication@U.Porto
  2. 2. Dendro platform
  3. 3.
  4. 4. RDM Workflow with Dendro platform and EUDAT (B2SHARE+B2NOTE)
  5. 5. Useful web links Thank you! 1. Dendro lightweight ontologies in EUDAT B2SHARE: faa7aeda7d7c22 2. Karimova Y., Castro J.A., da Silva J.R., Pereira N., Ribeiro C. (2017) Promoting semantic annotation of research data by their creators: A use case with B2NOTE at the end of the RDM workflows. In: Garoufallou E., Virkus S., Siatri R., Koutsomiha D. (eds) Metadata and Semantics Research. MTSR 2017. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol. 755, Springer, Cham, DOI: 3. Training instance of B2SHARE for testing the B2NOTE service 1. Annotated dataset used on use case https://trng- 0c9846c3 1. Demo version of the Dendro platform: http://dendro- 1. The Dendro platform code: infolab/dendro